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Bitty in a sentence | bitty example sentences

  1. For more then itty, bitty.
  2. Rose was a bitty baby.
  3. Tear little the clouds to bitty gray shreds.
  4. Life is like a ball of twine, it starts out itty bitty.
  5. Even with that little bitty voice she had, she could sort of scare you a little bit.

  6. This bitty book lets me check on the carrying capacity according to type of insulation and how it's run.
  7. Here and there, flocks of sheep scour the ground, they look undernourished and thin, their fleeces bitty.
  8. Just a little itty bitty flesh wound Miss Katie, wouldn’t be a problem, if you didn’t have such an itty-bitty little leg to start out with.

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Synonyms for bitty

bitty teensy teeny wee weensy weeny

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