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Teeny in a sentence | teeny example sentences

  1. Both teeny boppers.
  2. A teeny little heart.
  3. Then, what do you get? A teeny glass with.
  4. As I was waiting for the elevator a teeny bopper with a.
  5. The teeny boppers followed me into IGA where I purchased.

  6. I knew where the teeny boppers lived; I knew their first.
  7. And as for those snotty little teeny boppers! You know what.
  8. This woman couldn’t have been more than a late teeny bopper.
  9. Jeff, do you guys want to have fun with a couple of teeny.
  10. In fact I’m pretty sure that it is a teeny, tiny part of the sun.
  11. Just a teeny, tiny little bit, while keeping all the rest for yourself.
  12. Been thinking about you, Teeny, Jeff told her, now directly behind her.
  13. This tiny, teeny incremental improvement in their humanity created and produced huge positive results.
  14. For the 30 years ended 2008, stocks listed as stocks to avoid made a teeny 19% gain for the entire 30 years.
  15. So be as good as you can inside yourself: without helping others… Help others a teeny bit: but don’t get passionate about it.

  16. When you sell deep out-of-the-money puts, you’re selling lottery tickets without taking in anything but that teeny bit of premium.
  17. It is so devious and so cowardly: it is done in secret: it is done incrementally; it is done a teeny bit at a time so it won’t be noticed.
  18. All any artist can do is wistfully try to capture a tiny general hint, or general feeling, or a teeny tiny bit of the actual beauty they see….
  19. It was that teeny bolt of lightning in the field's midst an hour ago, and him under the tree picking strawberries with his nineteen-year-old secretary lady.
  20. But over-all: there has only been a tiny, a teeny bit of a weensy bit of actual improvement… over the last two thousand years in the humanity of humans….
  21. Every professional option trader knows some option traders (that should be former option traders) who have regularly sold teeny puts and went broke doing it.
  22. And it has been only because of these teeny, tiny token ideas of invented, untrue, whitewashed Good: that any culture or religion has survived and triumphed longer than others.
  23. ALL of what they are inside is poisoning them… can humans finally understand that to change a system; you have to change ALL of it: not just one tiny incremental teeny bit of it.
  24. If their subjects even begin to set a tiny, teeny idea that their rulers are their actually their worst enemy; the rulers instantly present them with an outer enemy to hate and fear.
  25. Just a few notice a teeny tiny bit of the negative effects of this Frankenstein monster called industrialized civilization; created by 7 billion humans systematically destroying the earth they live on and depend on for Life.

  26. Since options started trading, even before there were options exchanges, some traders have sold deep out-of-the-money puts, sometimes called “teeny” puts, have done so uncovered, and have been happy to collect a “teeny” amount of premium because they think there’s no chance that the market can drop far enough and fast enough to cause them a loss.

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bitty teensy teeny wee weensy weeny

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