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Blasphemous in a sentence

He brings the blasphemous.
They say it’s blasphemous.
at the blasphemous directions.
blasphemous remark quoted above.
he did the blasphemous and foolish deed.
crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.
to say the least, heretical and blasphemous.

ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.
fulfill the purpose of a blasphemous emblem or image.
blasphemous after their blood-curdling efforts of the.
BLASPHEMOUS NAME: The name on the heads of the Beast is.
It seemed almost blasphemous to change the appearance of.
A long, blasphemous string of profanities raced through his mind.
Others are so blasphemous as to compare the scaffold of Louis XVI.
holy water and a crucifix, they waved and said very well blasphemous.
sees their actions as blasphemous against his Agape love for reaching the.
child) such a blasphemous doctrine is one of the worst crimes that anyone.
Maybe my role in the city was just as blasphemous as yours, just as ungodly.
changes his mind – and forgets?) I believe it blasphemous to call Allah the.
Does this sound sacrilegious or blasphemous? I hope not; I do not mean it to be so.
Israel has metamorphosed into the Body of Christ - blasphemy at its most blasphemous.
Instantly there followed a mad medley of yells, shrieks and cries of blasphemous agony.
10 And he, running up to the pans, said, 11 Impious tyrant, and most blasphemous man,.
The word was blasphemous, portraying God as something unliving, dead, withered and gone.
I’m quoting him now, a sham and a mockery, a blasphemous travesty of the real thing.
All it says is that Rowenna was severely disciplined for blasphemous claims and behaviour.
only to torment them in a devil's hell unendingly is both gross and vulgar, even blasphemous.
How any rational individual could conceive such a blasphemous creation was beyond my knowledge.
All the index referred to was ‘an evil and sinful deed perpetrated by a blasphemous Sister’.
She stamped a little foot and swore with a proficiency acquired by association with her blasphemous companions.

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Synonyms for blasphemous

blasphemous profane sacrilegious blue