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Impious in a sentence

1. We are ignorant and impious.
2. Good cannot have an impious servitor.
3. Vain toils! their impious folly dared to prey.
4. Though sordid minds with impious touch presume.
5. The seventh objection we have to offer to this impious.
6. The impious lover of sensual pleasures who does not follow the way of.
7. For they cannot endure forever who have been impious against the one God.

8. I perceive its utter impossibility; and I consider it impious to attempt that which the.
9. What does it all lead to? Should not an end be put to this impious wisdom once for all?
10. Numerous misconceptions also prevail in regard to what is virtuous and what is impious: the righteous.
11. They pleasured each other while I stood over them with an ineffective toy whip; a sort of impious umpire.
12. Malefactors of the human race, who ground down man to a mere machine of their impious and bloody ambition.
13. I say it only shows his foolish, impious pride, and abominable, devilish rebellion against the reverend clergy.
14. The murder of any priest was impious blasphemy, yet he’d discovered there were some priests he’d miss less than others.
15. I should slip into the sept and ask the Seven to make that knight my first opponent, Dunk thought, but that would have been impious.
16. He there condemned society, and felt that he was becoming wicked; he there condemned Providence, and was conscious that he was becoming impious.
17. The supporters of the maiden raised their ready tomahawks with the impious joy that fiends are thought to take in mischief, but Magua stayed the uplifted arms.
18. Even the invisible powers, he thought, were likely to be soothed by a bland parenthesis here and there—coming from a man of property, who might have been as impious as others.
19. The Koran gives its stamp of approval to hunting down the impious (4:91), but another verse concerning those who have strayed from God recommends leaving them alone: ”We have not sent you as a keeper over them” (4:80).
20. Some of the women were doubtful if the men would ever allow such a thing, and some were doubtful whether it was not impious to wish to alter the arrangements that had satisfied their mothers and their grandmothers before them.
21. Ill — fated, impious race! / That blasphemed the bright Lyrist to his face, / And did not know it, — no, they went about, / Holding a poor, decrepit standard out, / Mark'd with most flimsy mottoes, and in large / The name of one Boileaul.
22. My soul is more than matched; she's overmanned; and by a madman! Insufferable sting, that sanity should ground arms on such a field! But he drilled deep down, and blasted all my reason out of me! I think I see his impious end; but feel that I must help him to it.
23. And that he used their words in the commonly received sense, needs no other proof than this, that if he had not done so, instead of enlightening them in the knowledge of his will, he would have deceived and confounded them: than which, no hypothesis is more impious.
24. The soldiers against Alexander, the sailors against Christopher Columbus,—this is the same revolt; impious revolt; why? Because Alexander is doing for Asia with the sword that which Christopher Columbus is doing for America with the compass; Alexander like Columbus, is finding a world.
25. The most impious men, those who would disguise themselves as priests to say sacrilegious masses in Catarino’s store, would go to church with an aim to see, if only for an instant, the face of Remedios the Beauty, whose legendary good looks were spoken of with alarming excitement through-out the swamp.
26. What, perhaps, with other things, made Stubb such an easy-going, unfearing man, so cheerily trudging off with the burden of life in a world full of grave pedlars, all bowed to the ground with their packs; what helped to bring about that almost impious good-humor of his; that thing must have been his pipe.
27. Moreover, as we were saying before, he grows worse from having power: he becomes and is of necessity more jealous, more faithless, more unjust, more friendless, more impious, than he was at first; he is the purveyor and cherisher of every sort of vice, and the consequence is that he is supremely miserable, and that he makes everybody else as miserable as himself.
28. While no loyal son of Mother Church could question her legitimate right and responsibility to deal with those taken in impious and heretical rebellion against her, it would not be inappropriate for us to advise the vicarate about how best—and most effectively—the treatment of those prisoners might enhance rather than weaken our own Kingdom’s ability to support and sustain the Jihad.
29. Should any such evil-minded, worldly or unconverted persons happen to read these lines, it is a sufficient answer to their impious and malicious criticisms to say that no such thoughts ever entered the simple mind of Mrs White herself: on the contrary, this very afternoon as she knelt in the Chapel, wearing an old mantle that some years previously had adorned the obese person of the saintly Mrs Starvem, her heart was filled with gratitude towards her generous benefactors.
30. He said to himself with a sort of joy that—it was certainly the least he could do; that it was an expiation;—that, had it not been for that, he would have been punished in some other way and later on for his impious indifference towards his father, and such a father! that it would not have been just that his father should have all the suffering, and he none of it; and that, in any case, what were his toils and his destitution compared with the colonel's heroic life? that, in short, the only way for him to approach his father and resemble him, was to be brave in the face of indigence, as the other had been valiant before the enemy; and that that was, no doubt, what the colonel had meant to imply by the words: He will be worthy of it.

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