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Bleak in a sentence

All was bleak and dry.
This hour is bleak, so.
And then he saw the bleak.
This ending is rather bleak.
His eyes were bleak as flint.
It was a bleak and gusty day.
It was gusty, bleak, and wet.

That was a very bleak thought.
I have heard life can be bleak.
He couldn’t stop a bleak laugh.
Bleak House, Old Curiosity Shop.
It had been a very bleak Christmas.
He gave me a piece of cake, Bleak.
The third day broke, bleak and windy.
Old Jingleballicks’ eyes were bleak.
Most of his options were pretty bleak.
Her life was a bleak expanse of sorrow.
The surroundings were dismal and bleak.
The realization is bleak and depressing.
His eyes were bleak when he turned to her.
His eyes are wide and bleak and tortured.
Of a sudden, it was no longer bleak winter.
The blind leading the sick, said Bleak.
At last he looked away, his expression bleak.
She’s looking at Sean, her expression bleak.
That year did not pass without more bleak news.
The house seems so empty, so bleak and so bare.
Do you know what time it is? Bleak cried.
As they looked at the bleak old house, Marcus.
He had never seen such a bleak depiction before.
It blew bleak as winter—all round was solitary.
It was because he knew that his future was bleak.
It blew bleak as winter---all round was solitary.
A few minutes later we were in the bleak Sonora.
Bleak, the region’s sorry state was getting worse.
Curled up in the middle of a bleak and hooded cell.
Conditions were bleak, so they gave him up for dead.
But all is not as bleak as it seems at first glance.
John looks about at the barren and bleak countryside.
It was Hahlynd’s turn to nod in bleak understanding.

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