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Dismal in a sentence

like a dismal character.
Did send a dismal sheen;.
Did send a dismal sheen:.
Annie sat looking dismal.
being dismal, and I knew that.
It won't do to be dismal now.
It was cold and rather dismal.

Upon the dismal shore of Acheron.
The Sharpe ratio is a dismal −.
SUMMARY: We averaged a dismal 5.
The dismal noise came from upstairs.
What dismal things are closed houses.
Dismal, but true, said Whitehead.
What a dismal place, said Cyberia.
Puerto Viejo’s was in a dismal state.
All this dismal silence was terrifying.
The sea was grey and shaggy and dismal.
The surroundings were dismal and bleak.
With heraldry more dismal; head to foot.
It was a real sad time, dismal, in fact.
What a dismal failure I turned out to be.
It was a dismal welcome for the strangers.
What a dismal mystery knight I proved to be.
myself, had come into this dismal place alive.
actor, but as a writer he is a dismal failure.
For the record here is our dismal performance.
He remembered his dismal disaster with Cecilia.
Justin’s eyes surveyed the dismal city streets.
He wondered what point on this dismal path these.

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Synonyms for dismal

blue dark dingy disconsolate dismal drab drear dreary gloomy grim sorry