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Blowup in a sentence

1. Across the way she saw a giant blowup maze.
2. My mother was in the blowup of London back in ’57.
3. This is a blowup of the blood smear we took from you.
4. It caused a huge blowup on the front lawn, but eventually Evelyn won.
5. Sharp wheeled around in his chair, pointing to a blowup of the museum layout.
6. The second half of Part A started with a blowup of a microscopic picture of an asbestos fiber.
7. In jargon, this is a mean-preserving tradeoff between frequent small gains and rare blowup losses.

8. There was a rope line leading to a table with a blowup of her picture on an easel behind it, and another easel holding a poster of her book jacket.
9. It is true that leverage can increase blowup risk for a given investor and it can also amplify systemic risks overall; moreover, the need for forced de-levering is greater during financial crises and liquidity droughts if one has explicit leverage.
10. Less scrupulous managers may also prefer a high probability of positive returns so that they can accumulate large fees before a rare disaster materializes, especially since overstated smoothness of returns can boost the Sharpe ratio and attract larger AUM until the blowup occurs.

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