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    1. Jordo was the last to get there and when he did, Paladin, Dirty, Holdout and Gush stood in front of the window next to the airlock, shaking their heads

    2. The other captor saw the blood gush out,

    3. Alex hits the button on the kettle again and waits for the gush of boiling water

    4. She clearly enjoyed the luxurious surroundings but didn’t gush like a bumpkin about them

    5. "And these be yon flowers for just prettiness," she finished with a gush

    6. Followed by a gush of wind that lifted her ponytail -- and nearly her whole body -- into the air, one of the demons in front of her was crushed, compacted flatter than the breadth of her blades by a monstrous war pick

    7. “When you have held a dying friend in your arms and had his life blood gush all over you then you might have a right to complain about the trenches but until then just keep bloody quite

    8. She let out the breath in a gush of air

    9. when she did, and when the long expected gush of stuffing issued forth,

    10. There was a sudden gush of adrenaline, but he was okay with it

    11. When she came, it was a sudden gush of feeling, clenching around him

    12. sank, then was smacked in the face with a gush of chilly air

    13. power sent a gush of wind across the roof

    14. sudden gush of tears

    15. However, if you gush a river of pure golden nuggets that will build their

    16. I did not gush over her gorgeous photos or tell her I thought she looked hot

    17. Wincing, I could hear the gush of blood and muscle give way

    18. line for anyone in Geneva, but in the future? A gush of acid

    19. his hand, a gush of temptations shivered in him

    20. was rewarded by a small gush of water, detergent and carbon which soaked his

    21. When the cord hanging from it was pulled it released a high pressure gush of ice cold water

    22. The warning came too late and on the downward stroke, a large gush of milky vomit splattered the top of Norms head

    23. He crushed a narrow skull with the pommel of his hilt, feeling the bone splinter and blood and brains gush over his hand; then, dropping the sword, useless at such deadly close quarters, he caught at the throats of the two horrors which were ripping and tearing at him in silent fury

    24. “I,” Buuton answered with a gush of pride

    25. Hank sucked in a large gush of air right before Kato picked him up like a sack of potatoes

    26. rivers gush forth within them in force (and abundance)

    27. Wilsons felt a gush of relief

    28. “I still can’t believe you would gush over Robbie

    29. I leaped out of the gush of water then ran towards the

    30. A gush of fresh air was blowing inside the A/C chamber, when the curtains of windows opened

    31. With every gush of icy water that splashed over Mark’s cuts, he let out a squeal that had the whole crowd convulsed with laughter

    32. Along with consciousness came a gush of pain

    33. blanket because blood started to gush out of his mouth – miraculously his rotten

    34. It was a sullen anger waiting for an outlet to gush out

    35. In 2009, I would hear the chattering classes gush over how the Congress had come out looking so strong in the Indo-US nuclear debate on TV

    36. I stepped into this world in gush of waves,Water is my need till I reach my tomb

    37. “Who knows,” Sensei said indifferently, continuing to quote Goethe, “’Parchment, is that the sacred fount whence roll / Waters, he thirsteth not who once hath quaffed? / Oh, if it gush not from thine inmost soul, /

    38. gush and my face was hot in the spot where he hit me

    39. * And We caused the earth to gush forth with springs

    40. A gush of warm air filled the room followed my the aroma for fresh flowers

    41. Tears filled her eyes as each gut-wrenching spasm sent gush after gush into his warm mouth and face

    42. She certainly had no idea it existed until Diego’s magic hands made her gush and explode all over his smiling, sun-drenched face

    43. The sluice gates gush white foam into the river

    44. Mitch watched the water rise in the bowl, then swirl down through the porcelain throat and gush down four stories of pipes

    45. Eugene is only mildly looking forward to the ridiculous amount of fried food that will be available, but he's having fun watching Rapunzel gush about how great it will be

    46. springs that gush forth from the mountainside

    47. The gush of blood subsided as Tramell looped the belt around once again, and then pushed the belt end under the tight tourniquet to retain it in place

    48. A button was pushed and a gush of fire spit shot out and onto the metal

    49. "A spring by which the slaves of Allah will drink, (He didn't say from which) causing it to gush forth abundantly

    50. Jumping to her feet, she swallowed back a gush of

    1. She changed the subject to his camp and gushed about that a bit, the whole point being to find out where he got the money

    2. “Especially that Daniel, he’s a fox!” Andrea, a sixteen year old gushed, “and did you see the hair on Kate and Lady Ashley, man they are too much!”

    3. Blood gushed from his nose and showed on his gums above his teeth

    4. Only a few strokes of the handle and water gushed forth onto the ground

    5. In the distance the tar ladling lorries with their battery of rollers chugged, idling back and forth as a black steaming liquid gushed behind each one

    6. The blood that gushed out of her stump

    7. The rapids below them gushed and sprayed

    8. ” I watched as he walked off to carry out his tasks I stood where I was, drinking the water was fine although it gushed out of you like turning on as tap but it also made you want to piss which I did now over the edge of the roof and down to the ground where Ted had just been standing

    9. Pamela had answered the RSVP and Janice gushed

    10. Psa 105:41 He opened the rock, and the waters gushed out; they ran in the dry places like a river

    11. His words were like a sharp object puncturing a water balloon, and her words gushed out in a wave of uninhibited emotion

    12. “You really did all that?” gushed Bosco, yearning to be part of such a mission

    13. “Wow!” I gushed, when it was all laid out

    14. Thus the single surgeon apportioned to each regiment not only found before him the work of six, but he had nothing save the first-aid packages intended for application on the firing-line, to stay the life-blood that gushed from the rows of men awaiting attention

    15. As the blood gushed across Terry’s hand, the deer’s eyes glazed over and it stopped breathing

    16. He smiled and Patty gushed, still so madly in love with her husband

    17. The story gushed out

    18. Sunlight flooded his eyes, and he had to feel his way forward, blinking back the warm tears that gushed from his eyes

    19. My story, Jerry’s story, gushed out of me like a torrent of guilt and shame and agony

    20. “How wonderful to have you here in San José, Gordy!” she gushed and offered her hand and cheek for Edward to peck at

    21. She positively gushed over that tidbit saying, “I"ll feel so much safer now that I know that I have a policeman living with me

    22. I cut at my neck and blood gushed from me and I fell, dizzy and weak, I fell, and I dragged myself towards her, I could not stop, the taste of blood and iron in my mouth

    23. He looked deeply serious, but the rest of them hurried to look in all other directions than at Laino to hide and fight the laughter that gushed up in them

    24. You did an outstanding job up there today!” Quan gushed while smothering Mia with kisses to her little face

    25. The blood gushed to her cheeks when she remembered everything she had shouted at him last

    26. Therefore, they leverage the economy because the upper class and middle class doesn’t obtain to consume the immensity of products that day-by-day is gushed at the market for consumption in mass in order to guarantee survival of the companies with its formal employees and the revenue of the State

    27. She stood up as the feelings gushed forward

    28. 28 And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out on them

    29. It gushed out like a

    30. millisecond, then gushed out across the unit

    31. 20 look, he struck the rock, that the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed; can he give bread alsoe can he provide flesh for

    32. 41 He opened the rock, and the waters gushed out; they ran in the dry places like a river

    33. waters to flow out of the rock for them: he clave the rock also, and the waters gushed out

    34. “Oh, yeah?” he gushed mischievously, beginning towards the

    35. gushed down the street, smashing into houses and shops, ripping them to pieces and

    36. The water gushed further up the river and began to spill over the levee,

    37. thirty meters into the air and then gushed over the dock, destroying all the reactor intake

    38. concrete were strewn along the harbor, and water gushed from the turbine buildings,

    39. Tomo’s temper flared and blood gushed into his face

    40. gushed from her throat

    41. with anger, he rose up; and though his blood gushed out like spouts of water, and his wounds were grievous, yet he ran through the

    42. 63 And Abraham heard the words of Isaac, and he lifted up his voice and wept when Isaac spoke these words; and Abraham's tears gushed down on Isaac his son, and Isaac wept bitterly, and he said to his father, Hasten you, O my father, and do with me the will of the Lord our God as He has commanded you

    43. “Oh baby, why you didn't told me,” My mom gushed

    44. to attend Nyla as blood gushed out of the flesh wound

    45. 63 And Abraham heard the words of Isaac and he lifted up his voice and wept when Isaac spoke these words; and Abraham's tears gushed down on Isaac his son and Isaac wept bitterly and he said to his father Hasten you O my father and do with me the will of the Lord our God as He has commanded you

    46. Dark liquid gushed from the wound, and the scribe felt the sticky wetness spray against his face

    47. suddenly gushed from a hole in his chest

    48. 45 Nevertheless while there was yet breath within him being inflamed with anger he rose up; and though his blood gushed out like spouts of water and his wounds were grievous yet he ran through the midst of the throng; and standing on a steep rock 46 When as his blood was now quite gone he plucked out his bowels and taking them in both his hands he throw them on the throng and calling on the Lord of life and spirit to restore him those again he so died

    49. He held a bowl to my chin as half-digested cheesy bread and ravioli gushed from my throat

    50. Stepping from her car, she gushed, "Oh, great! The house looks new! That tint is perfect—it goes great with the rest

    1. The drops turn into a stream of water, and soon water gushes out of the tank, splattering all over the slab, soaking the bottom of Reggie’s pants

    2. The flow of semen gushes so fast and with such great force that

    3. As a consequence of the construction of a new highway, the fountain no longer gushes out any kind of water… Nevertheless, what that local mount reminds Roger most vividly is a race to which he challenged the parish priest, Don Leovegildo, while he was still a Marist student

    4. Blood gushes out and he hears the tall man’s scream echoing in his head

    5. When we’re done--in about four hours--she gushes, “Oh,

    6. The river gushes through barred arches in the ancient encircling walls, watering very old trees in parks and gardens

    7. upon sitting there under the mild gushes of cold air

    8. "He was wearing vampire teeth and last night he broke in here and beat the shit out of me!" Toby realized his eyes were exposing the extent of his pain by shedding massive blinding tears in quick gushes

    9. Gushes of the mist poured out, drowning the garden as a tide swallows the shore

    10. Hot blood spurted out in strong pulsed gushes, but he seemed not to notice

    11. Sara takes my hand and gushes excitedly, “Oh my gosh! There is the most amazing guy in the lab with this girl

    12. She could not see it but the blood was burbling out in pumped gushes, running down the trough in her belly and over the sides onto the sheet and the mattress beneath her

    13. Then the blood began flowing in gushes as the man paled

    14. "Erick!" Her quick exclamation gushes with relief as her cousin plops into the seat across from her

    15. Abdou"s bicycle and cycled to the other end of Helwan where there is a natural fountain that gushes warm water with a foul smell of rotten eggs and tastes about as revolting

    16. The smell of food faded and the warm gushes of

    17. Rowena explained between gushes that his name was Benjamin--Benji for short

    18. Gushes from the throats of birds hid in the foliage of trees as the

    19. It kept him down, on a level with the lowest; him, the man of ethereal attributes, whose voice the angels might else have listened to and answered! But this very burden it was, that gave him sympathies so intimate with the sinful brotherhood of mankind; so that his heart vibrated in unison with theirs, and received their pain into itself, and sent its own throb of pain through a thousand other hearts, in gushes of sad, persuasive eloquence

    20. When wildcatters drill a hole in the ground and no oil comes out, it’s known as a dry hole, the unfortunate opposite of a gusher, a well that literally gushes oil

    21. The most lay silent, but some muttered to themselves, and others talked together in a strange, low, monotonous voice, their conversation coming in gushes, and then suddenly tailing off into silence, each mumbling out his own thoughts and paying little heed to the words of his neighbour

    22. But this water which has flowed, and which still flows unceasingly, and nourishes all mankind, not only is not the result of the activity of the men who, standing at its source, turn it aside, but this water flows and gushes out, in spite of the efforts of these men to obstruct its flow

    1. bands, no ticker tape parades, no gushing fountains of love

    2. And what music! He swaggered through the tunes, stamping his boots on the ground to keep time; from the simple, delicate knees-up beginnings through mad gushing flashes of brilliance before returning to the nursery-rhyme tempo of the start

    3. But it‘s also a beautiful mountainous land with over 120 rivers and springs, limestone cave labyrinths, gushing waterfal s and mineral springs

    4. The recent cut on his face had reopened and was gushing with blood

    5. He could feel the blood gushing to his manhood

    6. ” She was gushing with admiration and envy

    7. The other guard, with blood now gushing from his nose, got the same treatment, falling on

    8. “It was still gushing!”

    9. Two seats along, the man whose blood still dripped from McKee’s face collapsed across the row in front of him, hands fluttering at his neck, trying to staunch the blood gushing from a torn artery

    10. I immediately saw that his leg had been blown off and a stream of blood was gushing from his exposed arteries

    11. We were both taking ragged breaths, and there were tears on the verge of gushing out

    12. A few minutes later, he came to a great gushing river that he crossed before heading down a small path and onto a wood, where he was welcomed with a sign telling him it was the start of the West Highland way

    13. Hussein watched as one of his explosions erupted and exploding debris ripped apart one of the protesters left arm sending blood gushing everywhere

    14. Father Likembe was vainly trying to plug his gushing wound with bare hands

    15. Gushing water strikes the wall beneath me and sprays upward

    16. Alert but relaxed, she watches the sculpture where Reggie stands under the gushing water

    17. with only the sound of gushing water around them

    18. gushing out into the atmosphere

    19. It is not easy to stop a gushing river

    20. gushing into the penis causing the start of an erection

    21. complete sexual pleasure with this gushing out of sex energy

    22. The sperms, once released, will move like a gushing river

    23. of semen after emission, when the energy is gushing out, may be very

    24. When the power is gushing out, stopping it and

    25. When the energy is not gushing out,

    26. Ally and Mandy also flew to New York to go spend Christmas with Ben; they couldn’t stop gushing about the winter fashion shows they will attend there

    27. “Its more of what you didn’t tell me!” she said “Oh she on the other hand couldn’t stop gushing about you and her in the good old days

    28. sending millions of gallons of superheated water gushing thousands

    29. Blood was gushing from her ears and nose and her eyes were

    30. gushing out of her onto the sheet

    31. The water is gushing in

    32. 26 Come now and number the tears gushing from my eyes down my cheeks and bring them up before the Lord so that his anger may turn from me

    33. Alex let go of his hands and let Adele fall into the gushing water at the height of the storm

    34. Floodwater gushing toward every church at high speed

    35. My stomach felt queasy watching the blood gushing out of the boy’s neck

    36. Life took leave in a gushing red fountain of death

    37. It was gushing flame with blowtorch intensity

    38. Ugh, it almost sounded like she was gushing all over her

    39. The hole had been oozing red, but something ripped inside her and the blood started gushing

    40. money gushing in, clients that are raving fans and you're going to have a waiting list

    41. Within minutes the car park was flooded, drains failed to cope and, at the edge of the road, a street-lamp illuminated a fountain of storm-water gushing metres into the air as overloaded drains from higher up forced their burden out the first available exit

    42. Smorge explained that jolly bombs were mouth gushing, great tasting apple cherry flavored juice candies that turned a child's entire mouth different colors

    43. Lightning hit the water a dozen fins in front of the boat—before they sailed directly through the geyser of sparks the children saw that the river was flowing straight for the edge of a ravine, gushing over the side to disappear

    44. “You’re right,” he said bleakly, “wait here,” and before she could react he popped to his feet and sprinted to the stove, leaping over a gushing torrent of white-hot lava that cut Ceder off from following him

    45. Yet enclosed, Syn drew on the full power of the sunlight that shone through the waveglass walls of its prison—the core of all fires flared and burned white-hot, gushing out blinding plasma like an overflowing wheelbarrow

    46. Gushing tears as the

    47. The flames outside had died down but smoke was gushing from under the rafters

    48. His words didn’t matter, because Angela’s mouth was buried in a mountain of powdered sugar, surrounded by gushing blobs of red jelly

    49. One, blood gushing from its torn jugular, lunged at him in a last spasm of ferocity, and fastened its fangs on his throat—to fall back dead, even as Conan felt the tearing agony of its grip

    50. A snarl of bloodthirsty gratification hummed in his bull-throat as he leaped, and the first attacker, his short sword overreached by the whistling saber, went down with his brains gushing from his split skull

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    Synonyms for "gush"

    blowup ebullition effusion gush outburst flush outpouring rave jet spirt spout spurt prate babble slobber vapour stream surge flood spew pour

    "gush" definitions

    a sudden rapid flow (as of water)

    an unrestrained expression of emotion

    gush forth in a sudden stream or jet

    praise enthusiastically

    issue in a jet; come out in a jet; stream or spring forth