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    1. Many carried torches that shone with a brightness that still hurt Sons’

    2. eclipsed in the brightness of morning,

    3. A glare of sunlight catches my attention and I watch puzzled as we draw nearer to the cause of this brightness … astonished, I see a vast greenhouse complex

    4. It was only with the greatest reluctance that Burberry allowed herself to become accustomed to the brightness of this early hour

    5. become accustomed to the brightness of this early hour

    6. Leona has an innate ability to find the brightness even when the sun is obscured by clouds

    7. One of the curtains is drawn to keep the brightness of the late morning sun off the television screen

    8. conscripts, unused to the brightness, squinted

    9. The first thing Andy saw when his eyes had adjusted from the brightness in the hall, was Chrissie

    10. This was a brightness which outshone the gathering clouds of the eastern sky---now aflame at sunrise

    11. The overhead lights slowly started their ascension to brightness and the

    12. the brightness of the heavens, and

    13. nor will the brightness of the moon

    14. Tender mercies are shown in the brightness of the Father’s Son

    15. The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars

    16. The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,

    17. The lighting could be adjusted for flow, color and swirl as well as brightness

    18. Didn't his cowardice deserve this? Shouldn't he be erased for what he had done? The dark throbbed too quickly and too painfully, then a last brightness and he was inside a lightning flash

    19. Indeed, the intense brightness upon waking was the sun’s rays reflecting off of the glittering snow

    20. That image, which was large and the brightness of which was extraordinary, was standing in front of you and its appearance was dreadful

    21. The lights were off until he entered, illuminating the room in clinical brightness

    22. The overhead lights snapped on and brightness flooded the cinema, illuminating the cavernous space in a stark dazzling glow

    23. Staring at it hurt his eyes and he turned away to discover that he was in a meandering tunnel, floating freely, pulled along by a brightness that lay ahead—

    24. They shimmered back at him with a comforting brightness that cut to his innermost core

    25. Darkburst smiled at Brightness again, then cocked his head to one side in a friendly gesture

    26. Brightness listened to Darkburst's story with rapt attention, her pink eyes following his every move as he paced back and forth across the chamber, lost in his description of the bright ball of light that had emerged from the Sacred Roots and the wonderful image it had contained

    27. As she listened to this strange badger, Brightness slowly overcame her fear of him, and while he continued with his tale, she uncovered a store of worms at which Darkburst took quick impulsive bites, swallowing rapidly so that he could continue his narration

    28. "Brightness," he asked quietly, "do you think that I could stay here for the winter-cycle?"

    29. During the long moon-cycles that followed, Darkburst and Brightness lay snug within their cosy chamber, serenaded by the sounds of the ash tree's roots as the winds swayed its slender trunk back and forth

    30. Brightness soon became used to being left on her own but always looked forward to her mother's visits with anticipation

    31. Brightness began to worry about what had happened to her mother, her mind full of pictures of her lying injured somewhere, or worse still, dead

    32. So after four moons with no sign of her mother's coming, Brightness set out in search of her

    33. Having convinced herself that her mother had only told her these things to stop her wandering off and getting lost, Brightness pushed the warnings to the back of her mind and set out for the sett

    34. Calling out to them, Brightness laughed when they shrieked their surprise at her sudden appearance

    35. Brightness was dumbfounded with shock

    36. Hearing a low growl, Brightness turned to find herself confronted by a large boar, top lip curled back over his teeth in a threatening gesture

    37. Without warning, he swiped Brightness across the snout, raking her from eye to nose

    38. Not waiting for their arrival Brightness fled

    39. Brightness was convinced that she was dying, but she had slowly recovered, regaining a little strength with the passing of each moon

    40. But it wasn't to be and finally Brightness left the hillside for the last time, turning her back on her burrow with a heavy heart

    41. From time to time Brightness tried approaching other setts she discovered during her lonely wanderings, but these attempts always ended in her being driven away

    42. Brightness ran from the encounter, tears stinging her eyes, determined never again to allow any badger the opportunity of hurting her that way again

    43. Then one moon, stumbling upon a slender ash tree on the edge of a large meadow, Brightness decided to dig herself a small comfortable sett beneath its protective roots

    44. Brightness had spent many seasons living out a quiet existence on the edge of the meadow, snug in her sett during the winters, roaming the nearby copse during the summers

    45. It had alarmed Brightness deeply therefore, when late one moon she heard a badger's footsteps approaching her sett

    46. Brightness had learnt her lessons the hard way

    47. Rushing back to her sett, Brightness hurriedly dug a short tunnel into the side of the sleeping chamber

    48. Laying close to the floor and breathing slowly to preserve the air, Brightness tried to ignore the stuffiness that quickly built up, forcing her mind to be calm

    49. When Brightness finally emerged from her hiding place, trembling and scared, it had been Darkburst waiting for her, not the monster she'd expected

    50. Brightness had finally met a badger who could accept her for what she was, a badger able to look beyond the colour of her fur

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    Synonyms for "brightness"

    brightness brightness level light luminance luminosity luminousness cleverness smartness gaiety glare brilliancy glory effulgence polish gleam

    "brightness" definitions

    the location of a visual perception along a continuum from black to white

    intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty

    the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light