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Polish in a sentence

polish on her toes.
I don’t speak Polish.
Your mother was not Polish.
My Polish is also on a par.
Could be Andrzej in Polish.
Fifty years old, Polish.
hiding and a cut and polish.

The polish was too perfect.
The great man of Polish letters.
I am Polish, first and foremost.
, The origins of Polish socialism.
another wiped off her nail polish.
Scoured means to scrub, or polish.
He sold shoe polish on the street.
He began to speak in fluent Polish.
Sponsoring is a very Polish thing.
But the polish workers were ignorant.
English and only answered me in Polish.
His shoe has never tasted shoe polish.
You speak Polish well for an American.
She continued to polish the windshield.
"Grandmother was Polish," Travis replied.
The nails and crimson polish were intact.
The next day they talked of Polish culture.
of the glass and hardened with nail polish.
That woman and the little girls are Polish.
Polish up your grammar and literary skills.
It was sandwiched in between a lot of Polish.
Her red nail polish was the same colour as.
The same would hold in the Polish countryside.
The boy finished polishing.
And Day has been polishing that.
Felicity had been polishing the.
The others were polishing their weapons.
polishing knives all alone in the kitchen.
stone through it's polishing and mounting.
remained unmoved; kept polishing her nails.
Noelene was in the stable, polishing a saddle.
received this surname: gilded, polishing with.
The thought ‘I am’ is the polishing cloth.
was used to fill mahogany before French polishing.
Kendy took them from me, her polishing cloth in hand.
Jags watched her polishing away with such precision.
As I was polishing it up, I had a disquieting thought.
It had been neglected and needed tuning and polishing.
exterior while polishing the naivety within her into a.
‘Sorry, was I taking your turn polishing his apples?’.
He took great pride in it, always cleaning and polishing it.
Nathan was polishing up his Mustang when I found him outside.
But for all of her polishing, she was not a buttoned-up girl.
She hurried past the secretary who was now polishing his nails.
All that cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and polishing! It's not.
‘I was polishing some silverware in the pantry,’ said Bosworth.
He stopped the polishing expecting to see one of the other janitors.
‘Yeah, but who? The butler was polishing silverware in the pantry.
Miller lumbered towards them, polishing a large apple in her apron.
John was nursing his goblet and Harald was polishing his eyeglasses.
As you can probably guess, this method is best used for polishing or.
textures may be added to improve the quality of polishing and stropping.
Aarav turned back towards him, only to find him polishing his gun with.
it was just polished.
to him in polished Thai.
The polished crystal was.
His polished and debonair.
It’s been polished clean.
She is polished by the sun,.
clearly polished blue stones.
highly polished hardwood floor.
They are both nicely polished.
on the hard, polished surfaces.
He had a shiny coat, polished.
This 5-inch polished specimen of.
They were a mixture of polished.
He polished and brushed the limo.
polished steal and mother of pearl.
echoing off of the polished marble.
between concrete and polished steal.
polished you will be when it counts.
polished oak and matched the chairs.
the more polished became his manners.
A highly polished burnisher creates.
floors, polished to mirror perfection.
masterfully carved of polished marble.
A polished shield would be better.
finely woven polished silver wire.
The finely polished upper portion of.
off the polished wood of the hall floor.
on the typewriter in a polished version.
Someone facets it, someone polishes it.
Shiny peels: polishes them up with a rag or a handkerchief.
earth material which cleans the water, or polishes the water.
Amy was gratified, but of course didn't show it, and demurely answered, Foreign life polishes one in spite of one's self.
I cracked an egg and cupped out the yolk and dropped white and shells into the pot, for I know nothing that polishes coffee and makes it shine like that.

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burnish gloss glossiness polish cultivation culture finish refinement round down refine shine smooth smoothen

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