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    1. There was a definite odour of polish though for the life of her Kara couldn’t see why, it certainly hadn’t been applied to the staircase

    2. Her red nail polish was the same colour as

    3. That would also give you a chance to clear the contents with whoever and to polish it generally, Sarah

    4. He decided to polish all of the brass keyholes on the classroom doors with a new

    5. of the glass and hardened with nail polish

    6. Fizzicist carried in a can of his own polish for the parquet floor

    7. You’ve more faces than town hall clock Arnold Wright and if you say another word I will stick my boot so far up your arse you will be able to give it a spit polish

    8. “Sorry Sir it could be us you see here water is in very short supply and the usual spit and polish and ablutions go out the window

    9. It would always be the smell of cabbage mixed with floor polish for him

    10. very muted pair of peaks on the Polish church at the far end of Devonia Road, the one with an

    11. steeple, but the lines of tall trees on either side of it, close to the tunnel mouth, were clearly visible beyond the Polish church

    12. It was also used as an ingredient of margarine, shoe polish, and soap

    13. I was in the region of the polish town of Plock,

    14. “Fifty years old, Polish

    15. ! With a lick of dark brown polish he would soon fix that! And they were already 'broken-in'

    16. Very unfortunate application of Communist theory in action, thus: The massacre of 15,000 Polish Officers in the spring of 1940, who had already surrendered to the advancing Soviet army

    17. I showed him how the Thunderbird would polish his image

    18. The Dutch were pushing on, saying sorry in Dutch which was understood as German and they were then met with some of the choicest insults that only Austrian, Polish and German Jews could give each other in a synagogue

    19. One was that it should never be polished, as the polish would remove the anti-corrosion protection thus causing to box to rust for those lucky enough to be stationed at the coast

    20. I don’t know if that was true but we were indeed ordered not to polish it, but by time a few cadets already had theirs shining like a mirror and earned the sergeants wrath for being “commies and f longhaired liberals who is trying to improperly influence him, Sergeant van der Merwe by the grace of General Coetzee blah blah blah

    21. It was called a general amnesty, by which the Polish government in exile in England, led by General Władysław Sikorski reached an agreement with Stalin

    22. The agreement read that any Polish citizen, who is in Russia, will be permitted to travel anywhere in Russia and settle in any small town but not close to the border

    23. I informed the Polish military headquarters that I was taking my family to Uzbekistan and received my travel documents

    24. In April 1943, another wave of rumors began circulating over the German radio that in the Katyn forest the Russians murdered over twenty thousand Polish officers and soldiers

    25. It was just about the time when the Polish army was being organized by Generals Anders and Sikorski, and according to them, a long list of personnel who were to have joined the organization had suddenly “disappeared

    26. Polish units were being organized, however not under a common leadership or in coordination with any Russian leadership

    27. England has also joined the war effort against those criminals and our Polish brothers who are in our country are fighting side by side with us against the occupiers of their land

    28. I established a Polish theatre for our unit in Namangan, which performed once a week

    29. I taught Nechama some Polish songs, which she quickly learned and pronounced the words with the correct accent

    30. When she began to sing the Polish national hymn Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, póki my żyjemy,13 hundreds of soldiers and officers clenched their right fist on their hearts, stood to attention and joined in the song

    31. The theatre remained in existence until I left Uzbekistan with the other Polish soldiers and officers

    32. That was when Russia attacked Germany and merged the Polish units into its own army

    33. We met from time to time, although he spent more time with some new Polish friends that he had met

    34. The Russians repelled the German attacks and advanced towards the Polish borders

    35. Our Polish brigade was extremely well organized, as the officers and men were true patriots who wanted to enter into battle with the Germans in an attempt to save their country

    36. The Polish brigade, with its high percentage of Jewish soldiers, volunteered for all kinds of missions

    37. The soldiers sang the Polish national hymn and other war songs, as morale was at its height

    38. The driver was sitting next to an officer and listening to one of the Polish residents who was talking very excitedly

    39. I stood there with the Polish officer, looking but not believing

    40. The Polish soldiers advanced together with the Russian forces

    41. As a captain in the Polish army, my uniform consisted of high black boots that reached to my knees and a hat with the emblem of the division on its front

    42. Now the Germans had fled, leaving the earth scorched and soaked with blood, Jewish blood mixed with Polish blood, six million Poles; half of them Jews

    43. They did not know my ethnic origin when I approached them, because I was wearing a Polish officer’s uniform

    44. Many soldiers and some Polish civilians were loitering around and were there primarily to loot

    45. The city was relatively undamaged, and there were entire sections of the city that were being inhabited by Polish peasants from the surrounding villages

    46. An elderly Polish lady was standing in the hallway

    47. The nurses were mainly Polish, who volunteered their services

    48. They spoke Polish to us but amongst themselves, they spoke in Hebrew

    49. It was a building with small apartments on a narrow street in the Praga district, populated mainly by Polish Christians

    50. The German Polish doctor, who lived alone, gave Izio a place to sleep

    1. The marble was carved in sensuous designs, the grillwork was well polished

    2. At the far end of the room, across an acre of highly polished oak, there was a

    3. To finish the demonic effect, a stuffed raven mounted on a piece of polished mahogany was nailed to the rear parcel shelf

    4. They've got course lists chiseled on polished stone tablets in the upper plaza

    5. The sun is shining in through one of the portholes and glinting on the polished wood, stretching as I go, I pad barefooted across the floor to look out at the day

    6. on the hard, polished surfaces

    7. From her walls hung decorative plates scattered at random around the panelled and polished saloon

    8. What is devitalized food and why are the Yogis so against it? Dead and devitalized foods include everything that has been preserved, bottled, bleached, refined, canned, pickled, or polished

    9. When I say avoid eating white flour products, white sugar products, and polished rice you will ask why

    10. They were not the wooden barrels with bung taps that he knew from the parts of Alan's universe he had seen lately, they were plumbed fittings behind a polished bar with fine woodwork around it and glowing symbols on the tap handles, more like the place where he used to play the Herndon Cherub for her

    11. Tarak watched Rayne’s movements as she polished the sword

    12. They weren’t bloody from battle but were young and fit with stylish kilts, polished figure-eight shields with artwork on them, plumed half-helmets of heavy tapestry and sheathed rapiers with ornate hilts at their belts

    13. Cut stone was polished, ceramic oil lamps lit the inner reaches, but many rooms were lit with light wells

    14. highly polished hardwood floor

    15. Koruki turned out to be the woman Ava had called ‘Mother Superior’ and she was staying in some very nice rooms with the ubiquitous built-in wall benches, here in polished and carved wood

    16. There was only one mirror on the floor, and it was a piece of polished bronze with a handle and lavish decoration

    17. A rank of men with polished bronze axes completed the honor guard

    18. It was a beautiful ivory carving; polished to a high sheen

    19. There is a countertop of polished wood that extends about the entire room; it is manned by many servers, so mead will be flowing freely

    20. It was palatial, with polished marble floors, fine carpets and hangings, ornate wall sconces, soft music, live blooms ringing the ceilings and a large fish tank dividing the front room from the dining area

    21. setting still held a flat trapezoidal stone, polished on both sides and

    22. He handed them a very nice bottle, grown over with polished and varnished dried vines

    23. Happiness is a great meal, a good cigar and a polished crooner belting out the old favourites

    24. The windows on either side of the reassuringly immovable cast iron franklin stove were dressed in expertly woven curtains of traditional Shoshone patterns and colors, augmented by the appealing designs in the hanging blankets and spacious area rug over the polished hardwood floor

    25. The humble items of furniture were likewise adorned and though of un-dimensioned fir and cedar were none-the-less alluring for the expert craftsmanship of their construction and polished finish

    26. It was smooth in detail, rough in bulk, but the floor was smooth and polished, the walls were deeply carved with heroic scenes from Elven history and the ceiling was fitted with good bioluminescent lighting, bright enough to keep Gnome’s hoods up

    27. that the old boy probably polished the machine every day

    28. caught a flash of polished metal in the trees at the side of the road

    29. The polished crystal was

    30. Velvet drapes over the windows let in the morning light which reflected brightly from polished brass fittings on the lacquered wooden poles and ceiling ribs, from which hung ornate lamps and tasseled bell cords

    31. The row of polished granite pillars that ran down the middle of this space were six feet in diameter and fifty high

    32. old house, with Bram’s cape sweeping over the polished wooden

    33. color, dusted and polished to the point of being able to see my reflection

    34. She didn’t need to tell her the monuments were polished once a century

    35. Chrissie, apparently asleep, looking young and vulnerable; Mary, an older, less polished version of the same features to some extent, looking older than her years

    36. The remainder of the apartment was styled in the stark and polished wood and stone of the the western outlanders who grew onions indoors far above air that those from Valindor could breath

    37. you could no longer see the polished hardwood floors

    38. Edge curled snapshots, photographs that have been bent back and forth so much that the polished gloss of the paper has cracked right across a face

    39. A monstrous piece of hand-carved solid oak, with a surface polished to the point of

    40. Brightly colored letters adorned the highly polished floor

    41. There were some square tables and benches, solid polished stone

    42. attire and polished shoes, walking through a forest he wasn’t familiar with, and

    43. His hand shoot out, running over the polished metal wall

    44. From one end of the hall to the other -- well over five hundred feet -- the multicolored windows filled the northern wall, their panes of color and pictures of heroes only briefly interrupted by pillars of polished marble stretching from the floor to the ceiling

    45. The wood was now sanded smooth, varnished and polished

    46. "A plain three and three, an oldish Vilbark I think, maybe a Lorovin with the striping long polished off

    47. Brice had thought the object was solid, for it shone like polished steel, but suddenly it moved like fluid, becoming misshapen as it followed Rafe's fingers along the shield of mage-fire

    48. It was dark now and the Prof illuminated the way with a gas lantern, its small white flame remarkably powerful due to a polished reflector at the back and a large magnifying lens attached to the front

    49. "Well he polished his lamp and a genie appeared, gave him three wishes or some such

    50. They trudged over to Fizzicist who, having polished off a dozen sandwiches and washed his stubbled face in the stream, was now clambering into his bag

    1. earth material which cleans the water, or polishes the water

    2. Amy was gratified, but of course didn't show it, and demurely answered, "Foreign life polishes one in spite of one's self

    3. Shiny peels: polishes them up with a rag or a handkerchief

    4. Someone facets it, someone polishes it

    5. I cracked an egg and cupped out the yolk and dropped white and shells into the pot, for I know nothing that polishes coffee and makes it shine like that

    1. I was never allowed to watch when he was varnishing though or doing the last coat of French polishing – I remember that quite clearly

    2. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education

    3. exterior while polishing the naivety within her into a

    4. And sitting on the floor of the 'closet' were a pair of new black dress boots with polishing kit

    5. George set him to hand rubbing and polishing as soon as he was big enough to hold the rags, and he spent hours sanding the glued and cured rod blanks, reel seats, and grips until his handshake was near as firm as any grown man

    6. It was unoccupied, so he set himself to brushing his dinner suit, polishing his boot tops, and airing his best linen shirt

    7. I’m sure several schools have put up new course monuments by polishing the old one since then

    8. The drying rooms, the polishing area, the bundling, tubing, and packaging areas were each a model of efficiency and order

    9. He stopped the polishing expecting to see one of the other janitors

    10. received this surname: gilded, polishing with

    11. In her boredom amid attempts to sleep, she had taken to dusting off and polishing the bowl as best as she could and the antique rims shone brilliantly once again

    12. Their journey through the Palace was one of mixed feelings of nervousness and awe at the wonders that lay sprawled wall to wall – paintings of battles and ceremonies of kings, queens, heroes, and legends; tapestries; polished armour standing with spears or swords resting at an angle; mirrors as tall as the thirty-feet-high plaster ceilings worked with golden cornices of grapes and vines or paintings of angels flying through blue skies with white clouds; large chests bound in brass or steel or gold; polished furniture of oak, pine, or redwood; tables; stands; dressers and cabinets; ornaments; artefacts; statues of red-and-blue marble or white stone or gold-and-silver, including dragons and other mythical beasts – all arranged in perfect order and all glistening and gleaming as a result of meticulous dusting and polishing from the hundreds of servants in black livery slashed with red and gold or red and blue who walked busily about the hallways amongst the guards, soldiers, and Guardians who stood at every corner and staircase

    13. Soldiers stood guard around the hallways and servants scurried by busily with tasks of dusting and polishing, bearing trays of bread and cheese, tea, or goats’ milk

    14. And could you believe it? No more polishing! One Instructor actually wept reminiscing about the good old days when he was still a god

    15. Felicity had been polishing the

    16. As I was polishing it up, I had a disquieting thought

    17. polishing knives all alone in the kitchen

    18. The old Dog School had a tradition regarding the copper dogs which I am not repeating here; but it had to do with polishing certain parts, and not caught doing so because it upset the commanding officer quite badly

    19. Byronville are home?” William had walked over to the young lady polishing the car

    20. "It isn't the dog that I don't trust," I mumbled under my breath, polishing off the last of my cheese and onion toastie

    21. The mechanics were setting up their benches, polishing tools, and beginning to assemble planes in the big hangar tents

    22. He could see the pike-men polishing their halberds in an almost ceremonious fashion

    23. Now, this is where most authors thank all those who were instrumental in bringing his work to the point of publishing, with the editing, polishing the text, etc

    24. We hastily made camp and spent much of the evening polishing up all metal and oiling up all leather

    25. than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire: 8 Their visage is blacker than a coal; they are

    26. After that Taisei had to spend the rest of the afternoon polishing the wooden floors so things got pretty boring

    27. And Day has been polishing that

    28. The thought ‘I am’ is the polishing cloth

    29. All that cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and polishing! It's not

    30. "Shooting tequila? Polishing belt buckles? An angry lynch mob? Cowboys brawling in the streets? Screw Dallas, honey

    31. A shift change eased into the successive realm, polishing things at home and what have you

    32. Had he eaten on the way home, she wondered? She noticed him glancing at Frankie's plate, where the girl was polishing off her potatoes and gobbling a hot dog

    33. Today she would be rid of me for most of the day, and I could imagine her oiling and polishing to her heart’s content

    34. Kendy took them from me, her polishing cloth in hand

    35. Soon it took nearly two hours to eat his peas because, on top of everything else, he had taken to polishing each pea carefully with a napkin and trying it on each prong of his fork to see where it fitted best

    36. He took great pride in it, always cleaning and polishing it

    37. One day she was polishing a set of two sterling-silver tankards that she prided having in her possession and realized that apart from her wedding ring they were the only two valuable material things that she possessed

    38. It had been neglected and needed tuning and polishing

    39. He has been supporting my career, the Koky Prik movement and polishing up his style for the last two years

    40. “I have been cleaning and polishing, but I did get some bad news this morning when I opened the door

    41. Several days have passed since Darren's visit and she had been keeping herself busy cleaning and polishing until she thought she would go mad

    42. stone through it's polishing and mounting

    43. She disposed the cigarette end and took a seat on the gold, curvy sofa where Bilo was polishing her nails

    44. Jags watched her polishing away with such precision

    45. So they wanted me to go to Harvard for two years, get a polishing job, and become more sophisticated

    46. The others were polishing their weapons

    47. ‘Yeah, but who? The butler was polishing silverware in the pantry

    48. ‘I was polishing some silverware in the pantry,’ said Bosworth

    49. Aye there are even parts of me that delight at my recoiling! 'Tis not right to have so many facets; I am not a stone, no amount of polishing will make me sparkle

    50. They would arrive earlier than the others and spend the morning shaving him, giving him massages with hot towels, cutting and polishing the nails on his hands and feet, and perfuming him with toilet water

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    Synonyms for "polish"

    burnish gloss glossiness polish cultivation culture finish refinement brush up polish up round round off down fine-tune refine shine smooth smoothen elegance grace poise brightness buff brilliance glance lustre brighten perfect sleek civilise civilize

    "polish" definitions

    the property of being smooth and shiny

    a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality

    a preparation used in polishing

    the Slavic language of Poland

    make (a surface) shine

    improve or perfect by pruning or polishing

    bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state

    of or relating to Poland or its people or culture