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Buffer in a sentence

It acts as a buffer.
Alex is the perfect buffer.
She is buffer, comforter, and cook.
A buffer epidermal state, a cellular wall.
Ow, the buffer space it was going to take.
Then he asked Julie if she had a car buffer.
His life had consisted of being the buffer.

The buffer time is taken for the unforeseen.
If she was using him as a buffer well, fine.
If you can see a buffer in action, then it no.
He could serve as a buffer with the local cops.
Carrie knew Sally was trying to act as a buffer.
Comanche wealth served as a massive buffer within.
They also helped to provide a buffer around the yurt.
Though these service beams do not have a buffer matrix.
Thus, high equity, which usually acts as a buffer against.
Connie was the school’s buffer between expectations and.
You can thank the recoil buffer in the butt of your weapon.
Having that amount of cash tied up as a buffer doesn't make sense.
It is your finger that acts as the buffer between the two half-notes.
Space is used as the 13th in-between buffer in countless energy dynamics.
A spell of protection, I need a buffer to keep my fellow species at bay.
Buffer - : A temporary location to store or group information in hardware or.
The Ethertype specifies the memory buffer in which the frame should be stored.
Encourage a healthy shine by buffing the nails with a soft chamois leather buffer.
Because the 13th factor is a buffer in-between two dynamically balanced totalities.
Perhaps with Steele he could buffer the losses he'd taken during the chase of the boy.
However, the truth is that fat provides a buffer against harmful chemicals and toxins.
Some of these products are useful (buffer, calcium additives, plant foods, etc) but be.
The same would happen at the substations below the hubs (signal buffer full to the hub).
Bruce and Juliet were invited, perhaps as a buffer to a potentially challenging evening.
Because these 13th gateway atomic weights in-between 12 totalities are used as buffer zones.
Americans and Asians, for instance, generally need a buffer of two feet between themselves in.
At least he can be the buffer between you and Zoe if it comes to that but I don’t think it will.
I would start by giving myself a buffer for potential fees56, and work my scenario out with $3490.
Therefore for optimal recovery and growth it is only prudent to keep a 48 hour buffer between them.
They had no direct contact with the Hyborians, since the Bossonians acted as a buffer between them.
The buffer of 5 percent also results in better results than just buying and holding for the S&P 500.
Persia acted as a buffer between Russia in the north and British India and Afghanistan in the south.
Poor old Buffer she looked into its eyes great saucers of purple and orange and felt its pulse.
These buffering agents usually consist of.
After maybe five seconds of buffering, he launched into his speech.
Data buffering The rate at which the PC processes data is different from the transmission rate of the network.
We implement that plan by buffering the negativism hurled at us through the soft, moist, tender qualities of our inner being.
The days were ending earlier, and in softened light he could see through the buffering trees into homes unlike any he’d known.
Status graphs; power input and reserve levels, and maximum data buffering told that the system was operating within acceptable parameters.
The design of the seabed pontoons is such that if methane cannot be harvested, perhaps due to storms or a mass breakdown of shipping, or some other unimagined catastrophe, the upper chambers of the pontoons can store fourteen times more gas than in the lower chambers, which provides several weeks of buffering.
A buffered form of.
It’s okay, it’s buffered.
But it is buffered by a balance point.
Gzip Page Compression – Select yes to compress buffered output.
Buffered memory - : Memory modules that have extra chips on them to support.
Because he donned a reptilian leather cape that buffered him from wind and frost.
Furthermore, I have buffered shoulder, chest, and triceps sets with other body parts.
In this way: literally all of the Energy in the Universe is buffered, and kept separate.
Dave still had a bit of a headache from the massive upload of information, but this time, it was buffered by the implant.
When you split a musical note in half on a stringed instrument: the harmonic note called an octave is not apparently buffered.
Each 12, or 14, or 36, or 48 cycle remains basically unchanged as a dynamic process of buffered totalities interact with each other as little as possible.
APs buffer packets for stations operating in power-save mode until they change to active mode or explicitly request that the buffered packets be transmitted.
It also needs to be noted that very small doses are needed, as it is very fast acting and more effective than regular vitamin C supplements (as HYDRATION COMPLEX is buffered).
Is a balanced, buffered dynamic balance that is insulated from other dynamic balances because there is an invisible balance point that is imperceptible to scientific instruments.
Obey, obey, it did not matter, happiness was a bitter drug in my mouth, a warm and wonderful ocean in which I floated, buffered a thousand times over from the shocks and horrors of the world.
I had watched the unbelievable, and somewhat hypnotic, sweep of the Sahara from the plane; the savannas that buffered it from the coast; and the equally vast Gulf of Guinea just beyond the city.
This enables the tape drive to run continuously, drawing the tape across the heads, writing the buffered data to the tape, and then emptying the buffer for the next incoming frame’s worth of data.
He began to think of how that could be avoided when he asked Carl, What if the Alit’aren only used the Power to block frontal attacks during combat? Air requires less of the Power, so the risk of the taint would be lowered, and the Alit’aren could increase their skills with the sword to become a legion of blades, buffered by shields formed from teron.
It is buffers that.
The most obvious buffers are the.
That is draining, so buffers can be.
And these buffers are not predictable.
Buffers can only function in mental darkness.
Jock’s train of thought is heading for the buffers.
Her detailed diagnostic recording buffers had overflowed.
When the buffers are seen and reduced, then fragmentation.
But you need to look for the correct hidden in-between buffers.
To a clanking of iron buffers and a clinking of chain, the train.
Buffers are very good tricksters except that they often only trick.
A jolt was felt as the engine’s buffers met those of their wagon.
Buffers are used whenever data is received in sizes that may be different.
Of course that can be a very destructive effect of buffers since it allows us to.
If you have a negative or confrontational nature, buffers wil always find ways to.
Buffers wil not stop until they are clearly seen and you refuse to listen to their.
To reduce buffers, enlist the aid of anyone close to you who can point out when you.
If there are no buffers: then smaller totalities are absorbed into larger totalities.
Fat stores are buffers for those toxins, but when your body gets rid of them, it also.
All Energy in the Universe is trying to balance itself harmonically by the use of buffers.
The NIC includes memory buffers that it uses to store data so it can process an entire frame at once.
In cases where data can’t be forwarded immediately, the switch buffers it until the output port is unblocked.
Thus central would keep the code buffers at each hub stocked with usable voting codes as needed, but not overstocked.
Wow, said Milt as he noticed it had brushes, scrubbers and buffers where there should have been arms, legs and feet.
Fortunately, however, it fell short, and the buffers of the engine struck the other lip of the shaft with a tremendous crash.
We can assess that the divine inner presence buffers us from undesirable circumstances through the blossoming of spiritual fruit.
In addition, it buffers us with a soft cushion in our thoughts, emotions, and behavior when we are ridiculed, humiliated, and mocked.
We can interrupt that cycle of negativism in the same way that the Earth’s atmosphere buffers us from the fiery speed and strength of meteors.
All stringed instruments with frets use metal bars as buffers to separate one particular wavelength from the rest of the wavelengths on the string.
The application then connects to that computer, uses its NIC to capture network traffic, and transmits it to the buffers in the system running the analyzer.
The destination service access point (DSAP) field identifies a location in the memory buffers on the destination system where the data in the packet should be stored.
Project managers avoid unnecessary changes in priority by relying on buffers to absorb most of the normal, expected variability in the execution of tasks and projects.
If the destination port is in use, however, the switch buffers incoming data in memory, incurring a latency delay anyway, without the added benefit of error checking.
Not only is he being headhunted by two separate countries to work for them, but also his own research has unexpectedly hit the buffers, although probably only temporarily.
Simply because there are no buffers, no fingers, no gateway in-between factors that could and can instantly create new harmonics, new dynamics of energy if they were there.
On receipt of this final sequence, the receiver-SMTP responds with a 250 reply and proceeds to process the mail message by storing it in the proper mailbox and clearing its buffers.
With the clashing together of the couplings and buffers and a couple of jerks that rattled the trucks then a loud hiss of escaping steam as an accompaniment we set off for the front.
Under normal conditions, the A and C indicators are set together; a frame in which the A indicator is set and C is not indicates that the frame could not be copied to the system’s buffers.
With the lubricating invisible oil of 13th, or 25th, or 49th balance-point factors that act as hidden, unseen buffers, or oil, or bearings… that lie hidden in-between the infinitely complex dynamics.
Resource managers find clear direction and priority for assignment of tasks in the status of the buffers, which indicate the best use for available resources to support the promises made by the organisation.

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