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Fender in a sentence

1. Fender decided to poke around.
2. He leans up against the fender.
3. Fender took a look out the window.
4. His precious Fender had been stolen.
5. Natica Drayton was tapping her foot upon the fender.
6. The fender grinned idly, as if it too did not care.
7. All told, that little fender bender cost me four sols.

8. Mitch turned his back and sank down on the front fender.
9. Then he heard a slight scrape of the fender downstairs.
10. He picked up his old Fender Stratocaster and started to play.
11. He picked his Fender off the stand and plugged it into the amp.
12. Two years after buying it, Jenny’s red Echo had a fender bender.
13. His left front fender clipped the left rear fender of the other car.
14. As I pushed my hand from my head it touched the cork fender of an over-.
15. From bumper to fender, it was all about showing off and unwarranted mystique.
16. Heaving his enormous shoulder against its rusty back fender, he began to push.
17. It is, she said rather too loud, it’s a Fender Strat; an American one too.
18. The fender was of polished steel, with much lancet-shaped open-work and a sharp edge.
19. Carroll stared at the two American flags that flapped on either fender of the luxury car.
20. Clara went upstairs, returning with a sleeping-suit, which she spread on the fender to air.
21. Twice in my sea life I have had occasion to be impressed by the preserving effect of a fender.
22. If you used a large plastic fender filled with rope, would that plug the hole? asked Max.
23. It looked to be an old green car, with a fender missing, the trunk flapping wildly in the rear.
24. Now Vicki's fender and babies and busy happy life have vanished into the land of Never Will Be's.
25. But better judgment kept me from going to the barrio when Freddy Fender appeared on Cinco de Mayo.
26. A small, green sedan, with peeling paint and missing a front fender pulled up in front of the house.
27. When we entered the upstairs parlour Teef was sitting in front of the music stand, a Fender guitar.
28. He staggered back over to his car and leaned against it, placing his right hand on the rear fender.
29. Minutes later I was sitting in front of a music stand holding one of Teef ’s very own Fender guitars.
30. When Fender got into the bedroom, he noticed two more crucifixes on the wall, and then something strange.
31. He picked up the Fender instead and the rusty old strings gave him the deep blues sound he was looking for.
32. It started because she passed so close to some workmen that our fender flicked a button on one man’s coat.
33. The table, oilcloth, fender, hearthrug, etc, had been obtained on the hire system and were not yet paid for.
34. Santiago showed him his driver‘s license, and Fender took note of his Date of Birth and Social Security number.
35. He glanced over at the fender of his car where his hand still rested, as though for an instant suspended in time.
36. Threads of curly cotton, pulled out from between the lengths of lace, strewed over the fender and the fireplace.
37. CINDY STARED AT Rich as he rested his butt against the left front fender of her car, crossed his arms over his chest.
38. Zebra rolled up over the front bumper and down the right fender, taking the hood ornament along with him for good measure.
39. The massive water pressure was compacting the rope filling, and pressing the thick plastic coating of the fender into place.
40. Behind it were two Army sedans that quickly bracketed the Mercedes and forced it to a halt by driving into each front fender.
41. The man who had ruined his life and taken his wife was no more and the front fender of Greg’s car was no longer under threat.
42. As to the so-called cork- fender, it is a sort of soft balloon made from a net of thick rope rather more than a foot in diameter.
43. I did, sir, and at the sight of me he looked as I have never seen a man look before, and over he went with his head on the fender.
44. Its lunch time mate, Smith said, I need to fetch the Fender and I think I might have dropped something in here last night.
45. The box was found at last under a chiffonier, and Miss Noble grasped it with delight, saying, it was under a fender the last time.
46. In a room without a window, there burnt a fire guarded by a high and strong fender, and a lamp suspended from the ceiling by a chain.
47. Hail the blue taxi directly across the street, the one where the small boy is shining the left fender for the driver in a white shirt.
48. So much for the imaginative view of the sad occurrence which caused me to speak of the fender, and be chided for it in unmeasured terms.
49. The craft is encased in a rigid foam collar that serves as a protective fender that makes the vessel practically unsinkable (Beard, 2004, p.
50. Deena’s complexion flushed a lively pink, or else it was the reflection from the wood fire, leaping in tongues of flame behind the tall brass fender.
51. This professor, when he was a young man, had one day seen a chambermaid's gown catch on a fender; he had fallen in love in consequence of this accident.
52. The guitar now supports a wide variety of features, and it looks quite grand –and the fact that Fender designed some of these Guitars certainly factors in.
53. The only thing you have to worry about is to make sure that the rear fender mounting bolt on the lower right side doesn’t interfere with the chain and gears.
54. Digital forensics was getting so refined that even a partial shot of the vehicle’s fender could yield enough information to identify the make and type of car.
55. Then back up to meet the sirens, leaning against a police cruiser, trying to explain to whoever wanted to know, the fender cold against his thighs, salt caked onto it.
56. I set his plate to keep warm on the fender; and after an hour or two he re-entered, when the room was clear, in no degree calmer: the same unnatural---it was unnatural---.
57. There was a small iron fender with fire-irons to match, and on the mantelshelf stood a clock in a polished wood case, a pair of blue glass vases, and some photographs in frames.
58. Here is a fender which at any other sale would hardly be offered with out reserve, being, as I may say, for quality of steel and quaintness of design, a kind of thing— here Mr.
59. Seeing those shots and hearing the shrill, piercing cries that I’d assumed came from that guitar was the whole reason that I’d finally traded in my Les Paul copy for a brand-new Fender.
60. He checked for nearby traffic, then slammed on his brakes and let the other car drift past; then, when they were just a little past him, he turned into them, smashing his left front fender into their right rear.
61. It was a fresh clean cut and the hand was perfect, nearly wax-like in its ghostly appearance and then, like rain off a glossy leaf, it slid down the curve of the fender, dropping like a wet glove onto the ground.
62. He had himself bought every article of furniture in the room: a black iron bedstead, an iron washstand, four cane chairs, a clothes- rack, a coal-scuttle, a fender and irons and a square table on which lay a double desk.
63. It was impossible to tell anymore which cord led to his Danelectro and which to Nastanovich’s Jazzmaster bass and which to Venus’s Farfisa and which to the knockoff Fender Mustang Nicky wore like a talisman but never touched.
64. Trumbull, quickly, and most uncommonly useful to have a fender at hand that will cut, if you have a leather shoetie or a bit of string that wants cutting and no knife at hand: many a man has been left hanging because there was no knife to cut him down.
65. When Will Ladislaw had come in, a second fender, said to have been forgotten in its right place, suddenly claimed the auctioneer's enthusiasm, which he distributed on the equitable principle of praising those things most which were most in need of praise.
66. But poor Madame Joubert! I see her yet in her raging passions, when we had driven her to extremities—spilt our tea, crumbled our bread and butter, tossed our books up to the ceiling, and played a charivari with the ruler and desk, the fender and fireirons.
67. By the time the cork- fender had been squeezed between the liner's side and the bluff of the Storstad's bow, the effect of the latter's reversed propeller would have been produced, and the ships would have come apart with no more damage than bulged and started plates.
68. Allow me to tell you that by-and-by this style of workmanship will be the only one in vogue—half-a-crown, you said? thank you—going at half-a-crown, this characteristic fender; and I have particular information that the antique style is very much sought after in high quarters.
69. I know exactly what song I was playing, as I’m seen holding a wretched, hired Fender twelve-string that would not stay in tune and that I tolerated just long enough to overdub a part on No Action, which would be the opening song of our second record, once we had time to finish it.
70. But by-and-by, when the teething worry was over and the idols went to sleep at proper hours, leaving Mamma time to rest, she began to miss John, and find her workbasket dull company, when he was not sitting opposite in his old dressing gown, comfortably scorching his slippers on the fender.
71. Then again, what was good, anyway? She would have liked to volunteer for the second-guitar slot herself—the Fender around Nicky’s neck seemed purely decorative—but he’d already appointed her Ministrix of Information, which mostly involved taking pictures of him striking Iggy Pop poses with his shirt off.
72. I set his plate to keep warm on the fender; and after an hour or two he re-entered, when the room was clear, in no degree calmer: the same unnatural—it was unnatural—appearance of joy under his black brows; the same bloodless hue, and his teeth visible, now and then, in a kind of smile; his frame shivering, not as.
73. Nature, carving her out, moulding her body and her mind, putting in a dimple here and giving an eyelash an extra curl there, had a pleasant eye on a firelit future for Vicki, a cosy, sheltered future with a fender for her feet, a baby for each arm, and an adored husband coming in at the end of the day to be fed and kissed.
74. Gentlemen, here's a fender that if you had the misfortune to hang yourselves would cut you down in no time—with astonishing celerity— four-and-sixpence—five—five-and-sixpence—an appropriate thing for a spare bedroom where there was a four-poster and a guest a little out of his mind—six shillings—thank you, Mr.
75. The smell of that buttered toast simply talked to Toad, and with no uncertain voice; talked of warm kitchens, of breakfasts on bright frosty mornings, of cosy parlour firesides on winter evenings, when one's ramble was over and slippered feet were propped on the fender; of the purring of contented cats, and the twitter of sleepy canaries.
76. The entire body had been littered with dents and dings, the quarter panels cratered with rusted-out holes, right front fender bashed in by a stubborn tree or telephone pole, engine caked with grease and grime, interior drenched in the rancid aroma of old cigarette smoke and stale cologne and Josh didn’t even want to think about what else.
77. She no longer grumbled as formerly at taking a turn in the garden; what he proposed was always done, although she did not understand the wishes to which she submitted without a murmur; and when Leon saw him by his fireside after dinner, his two hands on his stomach, his two feet on the fender, his two cheeks red with feeding, his eyes moist with happiness, the child crawling along the carpet, and this woman with the slender waist who came behind his arm-chair to kiss his.
78. Then she snatched up a woollen coverlet that lay folded on the end of the sofa, rolled her tightly round in it, sat her in a chair right up close to the fender, and still talking like one girl to another said, 'Now sit there and don't move while I fetch dry things--I won't be above a minute--now you promise, don't you----' and hurrying to the door never remembered her manners at all till she was through it, whereupon she put in her head again and hastily said, 'Mum,' and disappeared.
79. She no longer grumbled as formerly at taking a turn in the garden; what he proposed was always done, although she did not understand the wishes to which she submitted without a murmur; and when Leon saw him by his fireside after dinner, his two hands on his stomach, his two feet on the fender, his two cheeks red with feeding, his eyes moist with happiness, the child crawling along the carpet, and this woman with the slender waist who came behind his armchair to kiss his forehead: "What madness!" he said to himself.

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