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Fender in a sentence

Fender decided to poke around.
He leans up against the fender.
Fender took a look out the window.
His precious Fender had been stolen.
Natica Drayton was tapping her foot upon the fender.
The fender grinned idly, as if it too did not care.
All told, that little fender bender cost me four sols.

Then he heard a slight scrape of the fender downstairs.
Mitch turned his back and sank down on the front fender.
He picked up his old Fender Stratocaster and started to play.
He picked his Fender off the stand and plugged it into the amp.
Two years after buying it, Jenny’s red Echo had a fender bender.
His left front fender clipped the left rear fender of the other car.
As I pushed my hand from my head it touched the cork fender of an over-.
From bumper to fender, it was all about showing off and unwarranted mystique.
Heaving his enormous shoulder against its rusty back fender, he began to push.
It is, she said rather too loud, it’s a Fender Strat; an American one too.
The fender was of polished steel, with much lancet-shaped open-work and a sharp edge.
Carroll stared at the two American flags that flapped on either fender of the luxury car.
Clara went upstairs, returning with a sleeping-suit, which she spread on the fender to air.
Twice in my sea life I have had occasion to be impressed by the preserving effect of a fender.
If you used a large plastic fender filled with rope, would that plug the hole? asked Max.
It looked to be an old green car, with a fender missing, the trunk flapping wildly in the rear.
Now Vicki's fender and babies and busy happy life have vanished into the land of Never Will Be's.
But better judgment kept me from going to the barrio when Freddy Fender appeared on Cinco de Mayo.
When we entered the upstairs parlour Teef was sitting in front of the music stand, a Fender guitar.
A small, green sedan, with peeling paint and missing a front fender pulled up in front of the house.
He staggered back over to his car and leaned against it, placing his right hand on the rear fender.
Minutes later I was sitting in front of a music stand holding one of Teef ’s very own Fender guitars.
When Fender got into the bedroom, he noticed two more crucifixes on the wall, and then something strange.
He picked up the Fender instead and the rusty old strings gave him the deep blues sound he was looking for.
The table, oilcloth, fender, hearthrug, etc, had been obtained on the hire system and were not yet paid for.
It started because she passed so close to some workmen that our fender flicked a button on one man’s coat.
He glanced over at the fender of his car where his hand still rested, as though for an instant suspended in time.
Santiago showed him his driver‘s license, and Fender took note of his Date of Birth and Social Security number.
Threads of curly cotton, pulled out from between the lengths of lace, strewed over the fender and the fireplace.
CINDY STARED AT Rich as he rested his butt against the left front fender of her car, crossed his arms over his chest.
Zebra rolled up over the front bumper and down the right fender, taking the hood ornament along with him for good measure.
The massive water pressure was compacting the rope filling, and pressing the thick plastic coating of the fender into place.
Behind it were two Army sedans that quickly bracketed the Mercedes and forced it to a halt by driving into each front fender.

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