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    1. Herndon was actually the bumpkin, but glorious in his ignorance of that

    2. She clearly enjoyed the luxurious surroundings but didn’t gush like a bumpkin about them

    3. “After twenty decades?” What was this bumpkin thinking? Ava didn’t find a wisp of a trail a few years after the event, neither did Internal Investigations

    4. All the time he chewed himself up over how he allowed himself to be distracted like that, like a bumpkin, by something as simple as a bigger pair of tits

    5. Why did that hurt so much? Was it just her ego being bruised? She couldn’t really care for such a low-life bumpkin as he, could she?

    6. Perhaps he should pay more attention to Jorma, the bumpkin from the north might have more to do with this

    7. This was interesting, Jorma might not be the clueless bumpkin he appeared

    8. “What’s the we business you bumpkin, there’s only one of you and three of us

    9. “What? What did you say, you bumpkin?” barked the Mayor in return

    10. You are a bumpkin

    11. Was this truly the act of a murderer or was this merely his clever plan to foil what he considered a country bumpkin of a detective by being so completely honest and self-incriminating that no one could reasonably expect him of committing the crime? Such a bold strategy would be reckless and daring, though Feltus knew that if Terence had indeed murdered Faye, he would be willing to take whatever chances necessary to avoid the penalty of death

    12. incoherence – supercharged weapon of mass hysterical country bumpkin negative

    13. She felt every inch the ignorant, country bumpkin

    14. Nevertheless, when Ulysses descends into Hades and speaks with Achilles, the most glorious hero of those times, Homer tells us that Achilles prefers even the most humble life of a country bumpkin over the glory given by dying in battle:

    15. I would rather be a country bumpkin, serve a master,

    16. It seemed unreal and I didn’t want to be a country bumpkin, Warsaw was rural enough in most aspects

    17. For a new horizon was opening up for the little bumpkin from Cairo: the panorama, heady and thrilling, of sex

    18. Teaching intelligently, guessing my inexperience, leading me on as if I was the initiator and she the seduced, reluctant but giving in, hinting the next step, telling me no and acquiescing until I, the little bumpkin, finally understood that she was no virgin

    19. Bad enough they had to allow the locals to tag along on their case, but it had taken almost a full minute to convince Backhills Bob and his Country Bumpkin Band that their place in this little parade was in the back

    20. He used to delight in his “uneducated bumpkin” image and would

    21. He used to delight in his uneducated bumpkin

    22. But she suspected him of being a mere bumpkin

    23. The moment he said this the governor started to his feet, and seizing the chair he had been sitting on exclaimed, "By all that's good, you ill-bred, boorish Don Bumpkin, if you don't get out of this at once and hide yourself from my sight, I'll lay your head open with this chair

    24. I am not sure that the greatest man of his age, if ever that solitary superlative existed, could escape these unfavorable reflections of himself in various small mirrors; and even Milton, looking for his portrait in a spoon, must submit to have the facial angle of a bumpkin

    25. But her Accusation alerted the rough Country Bumpkin who was her Escort, and he turn’d on me, making the same Accusation

    26. "Capting! Capting!" yelled the bumpkin, running towards that officer; "Capting, Capting, here's the devil

    27. The poor bumpkin was restored

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    bumpkin chawbacon hayseed hick rube yahoo yokel

    "bumpkin" definitions

    a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture