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Capability in a sentence

We now have the capability of.
This is beyond human capability.
We have the capability to do much more.
This is beyond our capability, at present.
Only Necros have that capability, he says.
The Pink Dawn doesn't have that capability.
Depends on their technological capability.

It didn‘t have the capability of checking.
But not everyone has the capability to accept.
But imagine a being that has no such capability.
They never had a sabotage capability as far as we know.
We need to have the vision of their ultimate capability.
They owned four ships, all with intergalactic capability.
That last capability had however never been needed before.
Since that time I have been building our military capability.
He wondered about invisibility, a magical capability usually.
These boats had a sail and the capability of traveling great.
It provides the capability to track clicks, actions and sales.
The two friends decided they had the product and the capability.
The body also has the capability of improving how the skin looks.
While it is not within my professional capability to address the.
They used sonar-tripped cameras, with passive infrared capability.
Once you have the capability to track the vital statistics of your.
The iPhone’s cameras have automatic focus and exposure capability.
We all have profound capacity and capability to liberate ourselves.
The process capability can be calculated using the relevant formula.
In some cases the buyer will have a capability which will replace an.
These sacrifices have the capability to nullify the natural sanskars.
It's clear that these girls have the capability to fabricate all this.
Full-duplex capability for Ethernet networks was standardized in the 802.
What we need to arrive at are those corporations who have the capability.
The only explanation is that they’ve the capability of tracking a ship.
Since strategic value is coupled to an asset or capability, enhancing the.
The seller may provide the capability for the corporation to reduce costs.
Another possibility is that the venture has a development capability which.
As a comprehensive measure of the wealth creation capability of a business.
In many strategic acquisitions, the asset or capability being acquired will.
The future will show the capability of how far smart clothes can and will go.
This additional capability may need to be built and staffed in advance of the.

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