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  1. The only importance was Tom’s proficiency as an.
  2. This is the secret behind Virgo’s awesome technical proficiency.
  3. J T’s proficiency with the MMARV had come as a pleasant surprise.
  4. When he has acquired more proficiency he may approach drawing from the life.
  5. In the present situation in Afghanistan, shooting proficiency is unfortunately 115.

  6. You are aware that I have some proficiency in the good old British sport of boxing.
  7. Disney’s usual proficiency moved us quickly into the theme park and onto Main Street, U.
  8. The increase of percentages would be proportionate to the proficiency of the practitioner.
  9. Unfortunately, I have not much to show for it except for my love and proficiency of the 46.
  10. But to achieve a sufficient level of proficiency to do this full time takes time and effort.
  11. General Turenne eyed her in silence for a moment, stunned by the proficiency of her military reporting.
  12. Yeah so it is said Stu as he also recognised one who’d impressed him with his proficiency in shooting.
  13. Not only were it hard to be proficiency in it but when there were many people, it could even hurt the wielder.
  14. She stamped a little foot and swore with a proficiency acquired by association with her blasphemous companions.
  15. These are usually completed projects and they would give you an idea about your landscaper's proficiency at work.

  16. In these last two years she attended courses in French and her proficiency in that language improved considerably.
  17. Once John had given the word, with stealth and proficiency, Joe Islington and his team approached the Wilson’s home.
  18. There was no coaching and no prompting, but every student was put to a fair test of scholarship and proficiency.
  19. Strategies: As you progress in proficiency as a manager of TOMIC, you will have more and more strategies in your arsenal.
  20. This comme il faut-ness of mine lay, first and foremost, in proficiency in French, especially conversational French.
  21. Interesting, but of course superb hearing did nothing to increase proficiency with a pair of sharpened implements of death.
  22. It is a great tragedy that fifteen years later their astonishing creative and technical proficiency was no longer required.
  23. The two got back to the university speedily, on account of Lucas' incredible proficiency for driving at such extreme speeds.
  24. Even as the years have passed, it’d be foolishly optimistic to assume that they’ve lost any of their proficiency with age.
  25. The exercises by the Chinese converts indicated remarkable proficiency in the English language and in music, both in solos and choruses.

  26. You know that the license is only good in Hustle, you have to take a state test and show proficiency to practice elsewhere in the state.
  27. After that, through practice and determination, he went on to attain unrivalled proficiency in swimming, outdoing even the best of swimmers.
  28. He admired and respected Flint that is what little that even he knew about him, which said a lot to the man’s proficiency in keeping a low profile.
  29. She proceeded to wash Hugh’s equipment and surrounding area with some proficiency; pulling back his foreskin to ensure all parts received the attention they were due.
  30. It was quite a common occurrence for the apprentice - after he had attained proficiency in his work - to marry his master's daughter and succeed to his master's business.
  31. All of the association's activities will require the services of a professional accountant as the reckoning of the books will require diligence and proficiency in such matters.
  32. I want to vomit into Luke's trash can at the knowledge that she knows anything about Luke, much less his proficiency at birth control, but suddenly things start falling into place.
  33. His son’s drawings were apparently exceptionally good, and that’s not common at all at that age, not even with savants, and especially not in combination with proficiency in mathematics.
  34. The confusion with security analysis and valuation analysis comes from the idea that most investors complicate the proficiency to make exact estimates with the proficiency to make accurate ones.
  35. When one has attained proficiency, he should everyday fill two parts of his mind with Philosophy and supreme Renunciation, and the remaining two parts with Meditation and devoted Service to the Guru.
  36. I chopped a few more pieces, gaining proficiency until my hands began to hurt and blister, and then proceeded to stack the wood in with the rest, throwing the ball in between stacking to keep Nero busy.
  37. Morse (a graduate of the University of Atlanta) may justly congratulate himself upon the proficiency attained by his pupils, considering the great difficulties and discouragements under which he has necessarily had to labor.
  38. At the expiration of the girl's apprenticeship, if the parents complained of her want of proficiency, the pious Sweater would attribute it to idleness or incapacity, and as the people were generally poor he seldom or never had any trouble with them.
  39. Had he perhaps once been a bomber pilot, the sort of fellow I helped to shoot at only a few short years before? He looked like a perfectly normal human being oozing proficiency, so what had once been the big issue? He didn’t even furrow his brows when he detected my German accent.
  40. Beside the young man he looked also at the photo of the lady now his 1440 legal wife who, he intimated, was the accomplished daughter of Major Brian Tweedy and displayed at an early age remarkable proficiency as a singer having even made her bow to the public when her years numbered barely sweet sixteen.
  41. While she and Shanandar had been spending some significant time to learn each other’s language, both spoken and written, like many other humans and Koorivars had been doing in the last month, her level of proficiency in Koorivarese was still very rudimentary and limited to a few key words and expressions.
  42. Kenrick, the county-school commissioner, were called upon for speeches, and expressed their hearty gratification at the degree of proficiency and the evidence of faithful study on the part of the school, and their satisfaction at the marked improvement in order, manner, and the advance in education, as clearly shown by their present exhibition.
  43. When he was not asleep, or playing a complicated kind of Patience with a ragged pack of cards of his own,—a game that I never saw before or since, and in which he recorded his winnings by sticking his jackknife into the table,—when he was not engaged in either of these pursuits, he would ask me to read to him,—"Foreign language, dear boy!" While I complied, he, not comprehending a single word, would stand before the fire surveying me with the air of an Exhibitor, and I would see him, between the fingers of the hand with which I shaded my face, appealing in dumb show to the furniture to take notice of my proficiency.

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