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Chair in a sentence | chair example sentences

  1. I sink in my chair.
  2. I sat on the chair.
  3. He pulls out a chair.
  4. The chair I did 47.
  5. Donna sat in the chair.

  6. He slumped in a chair.
  7. Jimmy sat on the chair.
  8. He sat on a chair of.
  9. He rose from the chair.
  10. While it hits my chair.
  11. I saw a man in a chair.
  12. She fell into her chair.
  13. He sat up in the chair.
  14. Garcia sunk in his chair.
  15. He settled in his chair.

  16. Donna gave him her chair.
  17. Gary turned in his chair.
  18. Donna turned in her chair.
  19. She sat on the arm chair.
  20. Mike twirled in the chair.
  21. Jesse wilted in her chair.
  22. She slumped into a chair.
  23. The man indicated a chair.
  24. Saul slumped in his chair.
  25. Chair knocked on the door.

  26. He moved his chair back.
  27. He returned to his chair.
  28. He rotated his chair to.
  29. The chair she put there.
  30. Pull your chair up close.
  31. A chair would have been.
  32. Her feet are on the chair.
  33. The Dog ran under a chair.
  34. There was a single chair.
  35. Lyil sat back in her chair.
  36. There was one extra chair.
  37. Dunn fidgeted in his chair.
  38. Thorne rose from the chair.
  39. I sat frozen in the chair.
  40. Look for a computer chair.
  41. Jesse slumped in her chair.
  42. Aaron returns to the chair.
  43. She sank back on the chair.
  44. He stood up from his chair.
  45. Settling into his chair, Dr.
  46. He leaned back in his chair.
  47. Downing sank into his chair.
  48. Midge helped her to a chair.
  49. De Camp Chair of Bioethics.
  50. In the first chair, which.
  51. Penn sat on the other chair.
  52. Jeremy fetched her a chair.
  53. Bernard points to the chair.
  54. Tyrus sat back in his chair.
  55. Gordon sank into his chair.
  56. Jason gets up from his chair.
  57. Picard came out of his chair.
  58. I sat in my chair and waited.
  59. Philip wriggled in the chair.
  60. That is a comfortable chair.
  61. Maggie sat back in her chair.
  62. And the cushion in the chair.
  63. Bonnie sat down in the chair.
  64. He pulled up a chair for me.
  65. Stokes fidgeted in his chair.
  66. I jump up from my chair too.
  67. He leaned back in the chair.
  68. He then slides off the chair.
  69. Leaning back in his chair, Dr.
  70. Luis right there in his chair.
  71. Bellack shuffled in his chair.
  72. Gary leaned back in his chair.
  73. The chair faced away from me.
  74. She walked over to the chair.
  75. None of the chair lifts are.
  76. She rose from her chair and.
  77. Roman stood up from his chair.
  78. Fetch that chair over here.
  79. Ivanka sat down in her chair.
  80. Sespian sank low in his chair.
  81. Albert slumped into his chair.
  82. He settled back in his chair.
  83. One chair is missing a leg.
  84. He pulled a chair out and sat.
  85. Tom nearly fell off the chair.
  86. Leesa popped out of her chair.
  87. She had moved the big chair.
  88. Rosemary bolted off the chair.
  89. Houston fidgeted in his chair.
  90. She edged forward on her chair.
  91. She shifted on the hard chair.
  92. Thomas was sitting in a chair.
  93. She took the chair he vacated.
  94. He indicated a chair and left.
  95. Rosemary! The chair was empty.
  96. Hey, kid, that’s my chair.
  97. He sat back in his chair and.
  98. He came and stood by my chair.
  99. Dahms leaned back in her chair.
  100. Milo collapsed in to the chair.
  1. There are a number of benefits in chairing meetings as fol ows:.
  2. This principle doesn’t only relate to the chairing of meetings.
  3. He sat down in the big leather armchair that Harry usually resided in when chairing meetings.
  4. I finally went over the brink in CT from traveling constantly, second and third chairing litigation my first seven years, and padding my expense account.
  1. Rudolph chaired the meeting.
  2. McCain chaired at the time of Cablevision’s contribution.
  3. What does this organization do? In 1978, Hillary chaired the organization.
  4. The biggest news was, an informant in Cairo had pin-pointed a big meeting chaired, and.
  5. The meetings were chaired by the Vice-President, and the President made a brief appearance.
  6. Kennedy chaired a committee in March 1959 that voted La Follette along with John Calhoun, Henry Clay, Robert A.
  7. This is King Goodwill Zwelithini’s neck of the woods and the home of the Ingonyama Trust, chaired by the good Zulu king.
  8. She chaired the Commission on Immigration Reform for a short time, favoring penalties on employers who hired illegal aliens.
  9. Once, I chaired a panel at a gathering of money managers at which one of the presenters had nearly a billion dollars in his fund.
  10. It was, in fact, one of my father’s staffers on the Senate Labor Committee, which he chaired, who had tracked down Thomas’s former employee Anita Hill.
  11. Dazed and confused by the ordeal, they were relieved when the woman who chaired the panel looked at her peers and asked them to vote using their workstations.
  12. This was an EX01 position and included a seat on the board of directors of the Government Printing Bureau, Chaired by the Director General and Queen’s Printer.
  13. But he admired the skill with which Air Commodore Bridges had chaired the meeting and steered it to a conclusion that there was no immediate emergency requiring further action by his COBR organisation.
  14. The going had been rough at times and more than a few tempers had exploded but a lot had been accomplished, thanks mostly to the firm, some would say dictatorial, manner Nancy had chaired the conference.
  15. Severa did not like his comment very much since she never lost opportunity to offer her delicacies and accept the praise, and frowning, turned around and returned to the stove where she was handing out her culinary delights which we expected with passion around the table chaired by Mr.
  16. Some four and a half years later President Zuma may be forced to answer opposition parties’ call to have him impeached over improper conduct on the R246 million building of his personal residence, Nkandla, with public funds and with a beneficial lease from the Ingonyama Trust chaired by King Goodwill Zwelithini.
  17. McCarthy chaired the Senate Permanent Investigations Sub-Committee (not the House Un-American Activities Committee – that piece of information might win you a bet one day), where he bullied and shouted at witnesses, not caring (well, actually quite pleased) that he was destroying their reputations and careers along the way.
  1. Here are the two chairs.
  2. We rolled in our chairs.
  3. Ridin' the chairs over you.
  4. There were two chairs set.
  5. Chairs had been turned over.
  6. We sat in the chairs where L.
  7. The boys sank in their chairs.
  8. Cam and Norah slid into chairs.
  9. They sat on the striped chairs.
  10. She waved at one of the chairs.
  11. Junior moved behind the chairs.
  12. The chairs were impressive too.
  13. He led Eva back to the chairs.
  14. The chairs danced on the floor.
  15. She showed him two stick chairs.
  16. I'm ridin' the chairs over you;.
  17. They found chairs, and sat down.
  18. A heel-kicked against the chairs.
  19. On the chairs next to each other.
  20. Wendy sank into one of the chairs.
  21. The chairs for the congregation.
  22. He would shove chairs aside and.
  23. We settled into our gazebo chairs.
  24. Giant bows tied around the chairs.
  25. The men in the chairs ducked down.
  26. These chairs are not ours, but hers.
  27. There were comfortable chairs and.
  28. The harder slopes had bench chairs.
  29. They settled back into their chairs.
  30. Thanks to you, I ride these chairs.
  31. Tables and chairs were pulled out.
  32. Rugs, wicker chairs, wicker tables.
  33. Zem moved their chairs back as Bev.
  34. You could hear the sound of chairs.
  35. I plonked down in one of the chairs.
  36. I pull out one of the chairs and sit.
  37. You get a bit stiff on those chairs.
  38. How many chairs are in the room?
  39. Over there we had a table and chairs.
  40. The two men quickened in their chairs.
  41. There were no tables, chairs or beds.
  42. I sat down on one of the easy chairs.
  43. I reflected, and led her to the chairs.
  44. We sat in dilapidated chairs in what.
  45. They backed their chairs out of range.
  46. The same lace also covered the chairs.
  47. Why did you pass these other chairs?
  48. Relatives came around and sat on chairs.
  49. I realized I'd never used these chairs.
  50. There were no chairs or stools in here.
  51. The son moved away to bring more chairs.
  52. Chairs scraped and something fell over.
  53. Each of the big leather chairs in the.
  54. In the room lay white chairs and blue.
  55. They had to hold on to chairs and each.
  56. We pulled our chairs and sat in a circle.
  57. We entered limps, wheel chairs, and all.
  58. Mousavi pointed one of the chairs to her.
  59. It even had tables and chairs at one end.
  60. A couple lawn chairs were overturned as.
  61. Dining room chairs tilted on broken legs.
  62. His folding table and chairs were set up.
  63. The other chairs held Victoria and Evans.
  64. Couches, chairs, and pillows slashed open.
  65. Four chairs stood behind a trestle table.
  66. Not a man stirred in their hardback chairs.
  67. From chairs, we went to a secondhand sofa.
  68. A table and some chairs were still intact.
  69. Axes, and staffs, and chairs were in hand.
  70. My students find their chairs in a circle.
  71. Two rush-bottom chairs stood by the table.
  72. Our desks and chairs were covered with it.
  73. Each table had twelve chairs made of the.
  74. Let them regather into the chairs exactly.
  75. We sat in dilapidated chairs in what was.
  76. Rows of empty folding chairs face a casket.
  77. I slump into one of the chairs at the island.
  78. Two rush‐bottom chairs stood by the table.
  79. The chairs hit the ceiling and stayed there.
  80. I could envision the men placing the chairs.
  81. He nodded toward the semi-intelligent chairs.
  82. She showed me how to make one out of chairs.
  83. Andrew additionally chairs the Aids Charity.
  84. There was a bar with several chairs around it.
  85. We sat down on a couple of old chairs.
  86. Chairs are knocked over in the rush to leave.
  87. Old men sat in chairs, nodding in half sleep.
  88. Those tents offered many chairs laid out in.
  89. I WENT 'round, placing camp chairs by the pool.
  90. He thought he really should unplug the chairs.
  91. It was a small room, a table and four chairs.
  92. We entered, took our chairs, and I hoped the.
  93. A line of people sit in chairs in front of it.
  94. Caramarin slumped into one of the deck chairs.
  95. Aiken, Case of Chairs for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.
  96. They sat down in the rocking chairs and waited.
  97. He motions me to one of the chairs in the room.
  98. All four pushed their chairs back and stood up.
  99. We each took one and stood up from our chairs.
  100. A great stone table stood there, but no chairs.

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