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Seat in a sentence

Have a seat my love.
I shifted in my seat.
The two took a seat.
For the seat of God:.
Come and have a seat.
He gestures to a seat.
Have a seat and relax.

He had to take a seat.
Please pull up a seat.
They both took a seat.
I returned to my seat.
Alex froze in his seat.
Please do take a seat.
I fidgeted on my seat.
Ben shifted in his seat.
John turned in his seat.
Jake rushed to his seat.
Get in the back seat.
He returned to his seat.
Please, do have a seat.
Was the seat too long?
You all can have a seat.
Jason sat up in his seat.
Come in and have a seat.
It is the seat of power.
Mat squirmed in his seat.
I stood behind his seat.
Put on your seat belt.
He put them in his seat.
Have a seat young lady.
I took a seat, as did he.
Able squirmed in his seat.
Rhone shifted in his seat.
Have a seat, she said.
Kain returned to his seat.
Please have a seat, Mr.
Locke jumped in his seat.
Lucia shifted in her seat.
Just kidding! Have a seat.
Data returned to his seat.
Abby was already seating herself.
Ali chose the middle seating area.
Seating himself he asked for the king.
The seating for thirty was comfortable.
There was no assigned seating, of course.
Seating the knot means to tie it tightly.
The order of seating was going to start.
There’s a seating plan over that way.
Rows of theater seating are separated by.
Seating ascended from floor to ceiling on.
Also available was a large counter seating.
Seating is on a first come first serve basis.
I took the liberty of bringing some seating.
Seating himself at the desk, he began to look.
Carrington, Hastings went on, seating himself.
I arranged your seating, Jaromer, through Nemia.
Seating himself, he rested his hands on the table.
Special elevated seating was arranged for the nobles.
Your seating request should be listed on the cruise.
We scaled it at the same time reaching the seating.
Today's Greyhound offers reserved seating, on-board.
I entered a seating area below which youngsters were.
High-lady step over to the ornate seating to sit down.
They are seating you at around 6:15 instead of 7:15.
His Aunt grabbed one of the only comfortable seating.
After seating myself on one of the swings I went at it.
The stadium had seating for more than 7,000 spectators.
You have a choice of seating, Stone said to Hedy.
He just hoped he could get over the seating long enough.
We took a semi-private room with seating on the clay floor.
They had all changed their seating arrangements following.
She directed Beth to change the seating cards accordingly.
Charlie trying to find ways to ignore the cramped seating.
They looked around for seating and found some that would.
Mick checked the foyer and the seating area, not noticing.
There’s a seating area therein where people admire the.
What other animals sit in ordered groups on rowed seating.
Clambering over the seating, the others prepared themselves.
The children were seating themselves around the kitchen bar.
Adequate seating in the lobby – you will be spending time.
I seated on the bed.
All may now be seated.
I was now seated on.
I 65 was seated at the.
Once seated, Red went on.
I seated on his small bed.
They enter and are seated.
Until he seated them and.
I was seated behind Rhona.
Louise was seated in the.
They are seated to my right.
Sylvia, seated behind a desk.
She remains calm and seated.
She was seated next to him.
Many Elves were seated there.
But I couldn’t stay seated.
Its driver seated on the rim.
Mama and Chinedu were seated.
Eve was already seated when.
Upon the stage were seated Rev.
Rick was seated ahead of Malik.
And he seated with the driver.
A woman is seated in my office.
Theodule seated himself, and M.
Ryan, Cal and Paul were seated.
Stay seated, she tells you.
Hall where they had been seated.
You were seated with two girls.
We were seated to the left of.
I'd remained seated on the bed.
In 1927 he painted the Seated.
Each were seated in their own.
Fanning? You may remain seated.
Some were standing; some seated.
Marius seated himself on his bed.
She found him seated on the bed.
I was seated on my camp-bedstead.
And please be seated as well.
After getting seated Samara was.
Another man was seated there also.
We took our seats in.
It had only two seats.
They both took their seats.
All of us went to our seats.
Reserved seats are also a.
He ordered two of our seats.
They returned to their seats.
He moved past the seats and.
Two metal seats of the same.
The white wooden seats were.
Rows of seats mostly occupied.
It’s even got leather seats.
Everyone turned in their seats.
We have to remove the seats.
They are both seats of wisdom.
Then Zem and I took our seats.
Please stay in your seats and.
Though the seats seemed to be.
The seats and table were white.
I only have two seats in my car.
We had our own seats in a warm.
I fell across the seats in back.
The two butties had cooler seats.
He seats me on the end of the bed.
There are two seats at the bar.
The seats were quickly filling up.
The four seats, however, filled up.
These stools had padded seats and.
Orcher pushes two seats to the desk.
None of them rose from their seats.
These refurbished seats lasted 3-5.
Blackie’s seats are black leather.
They all took seats around him and.
The children went back to their seats.
I stood up and slid out of the seats.
The force pushed me back in my seats.
What do we do with the seats?
It is packed and all seats are taken.
The class was out of their seats, now.

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