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Seat in a sentence

Have a seat.
And the seat.
a seat of pain.
I took a seat.
to take a seat.
on the car seat.
and took a seat.

Take a seat.
But this seat.
back in the seat.
seat of the limo.
I took my seat.
edge of his seat.
Take a seat man.
on the back seat.
in the back seat.
He took a seat.
'Have a seat, Mr.
Just have a seat.
And the late seating.
to a nearby seating area.
Is the seating comfortable?.
that provided a seating area.
· Review seating with ushers.
my dad was seating up obstacles.
Abby was already seating herself.
have assigned to the main seating.
Ali chose the middle seating area.
low place in the seating protocol.
seating is somewhere around 6:00 p.
preference as to your seating?.
it was an argument over a seating,.
Seating himself he asked for the king.
The seating for thirty was comfortable.
Seating the knot means to tie it tightly.
the seating area of the entire cafeteria.
There was no assigned seating, of course.
The order of seating was going to start.
in the trunk and began working on seating.
addition to the fixed time seating options.
Rows of theater seating are separated by.
There’s a seating plan over that way.
- Seating – how I found my theater seats.
Seating ascended from floor to ceiling on.
Also available was a large counter seating.
Seating is on a first come first serve basis.
I took the liberty of bringing some seating.
Seating himself at the desk, he began to look.
the seating were installed several hollo-emitters.
Seated on the.
Pray, be seated.
of the seated men.
I was seated in.
Please be seated.
seated on his left.
And he seated.
Please, be seated.
You may be seated.
Pray be seated, Mr.
seated on the steps.
seated at the table.
I seated on the bed.
waiting to be seated.
Charlie was seated.
than a seated Tamlyn.
After having seated.
I was now seated on.
Jean seated himself.
‘Be seated, please.
All may now be seated.
They were seated in.
He remained seated,.
seated across the hall.
seated behind the desk.
Come, be seated, both.
was seated at his desk.
5th Seated Cable Rows.
9th Seated Cable Rows.
6th Seated Cable Rows.
The seats moved.
The stone seats.
Behind the seats.
seats in the stern.
The seats at the.
Let’s find seats.
They all took seats.
the hard bench seats.
the back seats, even.
They took their seats.
The only seats left.
It had only two seats.
no seats and no lights.
We took our seats in.
the seats and sat down.
led her to their seats.
Half-filled seats and.
arranged in their seats.
to their assigned seats.
for the cheap seats!.
the best spectator seats.
we went back to our seats.
between the seats and bed.
our seats by seven thirty.
one the side of the seats.
They both took their seats.
both empty seats beside him.
Reserved seats are also a.
All of us went to our seats.
He ordered two of our seats.
the two seats in front of me.