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Chest in a sentence

His chest was.
His chest aches.
him on his chest.
His chest moved.
hit in the chest.
out of his chest.
was on the chest.

Her chest burned.
bird in his chest.
His chest was a.
that off my chest.
hand on his chest.
Bring your chest.
dive into my chest.
woman to his chest.
Look at the chest.
knife to his chest.
his chest and arms.
I pounded my chest.
knife in his chest.
bullet in the chest.
Puffing his chest.
Toucan to his chest.
closer to the chest.
chest one last time.
He felt his chest.
Beating in my chest.
clothes, to my chest.
of his chest and arm.
5 inches on chest, 1.

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Synonyms for chest

chest thorax breast bureau dresser