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Chest in a sentence

My chest rises with fury.
Excuse me, in HIS chest.
It hit him in the chest.
His chest is moving now.
My chest swells with fury.
Open arms to open chest.
And you shave your chest.

Hope surged in his chest.
With chest to your knees.
Her chest rose in and out.
A weight in my chest lifts.
The point pierced my chest.
All the dead man's chest.
Most of them hit my chest.
My heart leapt in my chest.
I felt a pang in my chest.
I move his hand to my chest.
Blood curled down his chest.
Her knees are to her chest.
He looks down at his chest.
I pushed against his chest.
I felt the tug in my chest.
The air easy in your chest.
There was an old chest of.
Her boobs hung on my chest.
He ate through her chest.
My hands move to his chest.
Damn chest is too secure.
He crushed me to his chest.
Rod elbowed him in the chest.
Panic tightened in his chest.
My heart pounds in my chest.
This chest is heavy, though.
Corey rested on Jeff's chest.
His jaw dropped to his chest.
His chest heaved in and out.
She leaned against his chest.
An older man grabs his chest.
His chest was heaving as he.
Raise her hand to your chest.

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