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Bosom in a sentence | bosom example sentences

  1. The very bosom of soul.
  2. She nestled in my bosom.
  3. To the safety of her bosom.
  4. In The bosom of The father.
  5. And carry them in His bosom.

  8. This bosom friend was Joe Harper.
  9. And sails upon the bosom of the air.
  10. The Abraham's bosom version would.
  11. That this poor aching bosom crushes?
  12. Abraham's bosom is not a division of.
  13. Never afterwards did it quit her bosom.
  14. Madame Defarge's hands were at her bosom.
  15. The soul of Nero enter this firm bosom:.

  16. My Heart heav’d in my Bosom with Passion.
  17. Then he folded her hands across her bosom.
  19. Chinedu raised his head from Zoleka's bosom.
  20. But the mother earth embraced it in her bosom.
  21. See The Intermediate Bosom in chapter.
  22. We could not be in "Abraham's bosom" and in.
  23. Your bosom is high, your movements are light.
  24. Notice for a moment the fullness of her bosom.
  25. She took his hand and pressed it to her bosom.

  26. The maidenly bosom bared to this, the pretty.
  27. Whereas, we, dear wife of my bosom, much alike.
  28. He thought the whole world was his bosom buddy.
  29. The belief that Abraham's bosom is a real place.
  30. And he said, Put thine hand into thy bosom again.
  31. When his wing is bruised and his bosom sore,—.
  32. Her bosom was hidden in a salad of fluffy linen.
  33. From her who lies in your bosom guard your lips.
  34. Lazarus dies and is carried to Abraham’s bosom.
  35. Abraham's bosom is not a division of hades, not.
  36. His existence, such as it was in the bosom of La.
  37. Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath.
  38. The scarlet letter burned on Hester Prynne's bosom.
  39. Uncle said is true; Rapture lives within her bosom.
  40. Now that the two of you have become bosom maddies.
  41. Then he bowed again, the hat clasped to his bosom.
  42. The other pistol she discharged into her own bosom.
  43. Abraham’s bosom is a place pictured as far off.
  44. It is not going to Abraham's bosom, which is where.
  46. They have souls that are not in Abraham's bosom, but.
  47. From out of her bosom Lady Hilda had drawn a small key.
  48. What happened to "Abraham's bosom" the second coming.
  49. Let it be carried by the angels into Abraham�s bosom.
  50. That time passed, and her little Lucie lay on her bosom.
  51. If Abraham's bosom is figurative, then Lazarus in his.
  52. What happened to "Abraham's bosom," the second coming.
  53. Let it be carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom.
  54. Here, replied Maxim, putting his hand in his bosom.
  55. I see Her with a child upon her bosom, who bears my name.
  56. If his bosom is used symbolical and is not his literal.
  57. If all the saved are alive in Abraham's bosom, who are.
  58. No, let no sigh break from that bosom, dear gentle Mina.
  59. He moved his hand towards my bosom, I gently pushed it.
  60. Suddenly, a bosom was pressed into his back as the lusty.
  62. If his bosom is used symbolical, and is not his literal.
  63. They were her husband's words, as he held her to his bosom.
  64. What happened to "Abraham's bosom," the second coming of.
  65. PART TWO: The intermediate bosom: The rich man and Lazarus.
  66. The Abraham's bosom version would also in conflict with it.
  67. Therefore, Abraham's bosom could only be symbolic language.
  68. She pulled his head against her bosom and bent to kiss his.
  70. Do both the Nether World and Abraham's bosom now exists at.
  71. Her large bosom projected firmly against her white body suit.
  72. Stephen is not now in "Abraham's bosom" unto the resurrection.
  73. We could not be (1) in "Abraham's bosom," and (2) in Heaven.
  74. We could not be in "Abraham's bosom" and in Heaven with the.
  75. Bentley laughed and put her withered claw to her small bosom.
  76. Her bosom touched his arm and Bahkmar saw Jaseem's pants move.
  77. This is just a roommate deal, right? Just two bosom friends.
  78. The chicken has a wing to shelter under; but I had no bosom to.
  79. You are the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father.
  80. Their child was here in her bosom, being fed for the first time.
  81. Maybe they think Stephen is asleep in Heaven or Abraham's bosom.
  82. But the pain and turmoil in his bosom were none the less fierce.
  83. Abraham's bosom is not literally the home of the saved after death.
  84. Abraham's bosom is NOT literally the home of the saved after death.
  85. It will not flee from me; for I wear nothing on my bosom yet!.
  86. Treasured ones, held fast in the bosom of The Father, The Holy One.
  87. The gloves I put on, the mask I tucked into the bosom of my dress.
  88. But on seeing his shirt collar unbuttoned, and bosom whiter than a.
  89. My bosom was now bare, and rising in the warmest throbs, presented.
  90. Elsing’s flat bosom, grinned suddenly and, bowing, made his exit.
  91. The platform of his snow white bosom, that was laid out in a manly.
  93. Some of my brothers in Christ, who believe in "Abraham's bosom," and.
  94. He wanted to die in the bosom of his family or die with his boots on.
  95. Abraham’s bosom; that David did ascend into the heavens [Acts 2:34].
  96. The anguish which was now pent up in my bosom, seemed to open a new.
  97. Heaven and some that are in Abraham's bosom simultaneously before The.
  98. See THE INTERMEDIATE BOSOM in chapter eight for notes on this parable.
  99. The woman stood with her hand buried in her bosom, and the same deadly.
  100. It almost seemed to him that unknown craters were forming in his bosom.

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  1. Oh, mocking-bird, that bosomed in the height.
  2. Also the place was packed and not just with soldiers there were sleek good looking women on the streets and large bosomed country women selling their produce.
  1. So then two bosoms and a single troth.
  2. Little beards on chins and bosoms and loins.
  3. The sprawl and fulness of babes, the bosoms and heads of women, the.
  4. The chaste spouse of Leopold is she: Marion of the bountiful bosoms.
  5. The ready bosoms existing there were impregnated by their surroundings.
  6. His mouth salivated over her bosoms like a hungry child at feeding time.
  7. Call her old-fashioned, but she preferred not to bare her bosoms to all and sundry.
  8. The disgust and abhorrence was felt by some of the best patriots and purest bosoms in the country.
  9. Her beautifully formed bosoms covered only by the shirt, rose and fell in goddesslike shamelessness.
  10. She tried to stick her bosoms out still further, but she had run out of raw material; she had nothing left to give.
  11. She does have one of the lovelier bosoms Loki has seen on this or any other world, and the bounce does rather nice things.
  12. Driven by the imbibed onamic urge to survive, the individual qunams in the plunamic bosoms could have begun to feed on their weaker cousins.
  13. The deeds of their ancestors would be before them; glory would animate their bosoms, and love of country would nerve the heart to deeds of mighty fame.
  14. They looked as if they had leaped, snapped upright in their graves, clutched hands over their shriveled bosoms and screamed, jaws wide, tongues out, nostrils flared.
  15. They looked as if they had leaped, snapped upright in their graves, clutched hands over their shrivelled bosoms and screamed, jaws wide, tongues out, nostrils flared.
  16. Thus, in a continuing process, the emerging qunams in the individual plunamic bosoms would have split in turn, to cause the cellular multiplication within the plunamic bodies.
  17. Oh! ye whose dead lie buried beneath the green grass; who standing among flowers can say—here, HERE lies my beloved; ye know not the desolation that broods in bosoms like these.
  18. We shall not attempt to describe the gratitude to the Almighty Disposer of Events which glowed in the bosoms of the sisters, who were thus unexpectedly restored to life and to each other.
  19. Just as the incessant yapping of a dog worries and enrages more constitutionally silent animals, so the clamorous voice of a man rouses fear in some bestial bosoms and insane rage in others.
  20. She looked hungrily at the frocks floating by, butter-yellow watered velvet ribbons; baby blue taffeta, ten yards in the skirt and foamy with cascading lace; exposed bosoms; seductive flowers.
  21. Annie Moffat's foolish lessons in coquetry came into her mind, and the love of power, which sleeps in the bosoms of the best of little women, woke up all of a sudden and took possession of her.
  22. So saying the honest but implacable scout made the circuit of the dead, into whose senseless bosoms he thrust his long knife, with as much coolness as though they had been so many brute carcasses.
  23. There arose a tremor in the bosoms of these peaceful old streets, pierced and built for the fertile circulation of interests and ideas, and which are not made for the horrible rumble of the wheels of war.
  24. Needless to say, with the relatively weak qunams having been consumed in time, the resistance against mutual qunamic poaching in the individual plunamic bosoms could have resulted in an eventual stalemate.
  25. Other lumbermen could only fume inwardly and Southern lady could lie about a gentleman but a Southern gentleman could not lie about state heatedly, in the bosoms of their families, that they wished to God Mrs.
  26. We all have our little plans for the future--dear rosy things that we dote on and hug to our bosoms with more tenderness even than we hug the babies of our bodies, and the very rosiest and best developed of Mrs.
  27. This could have been brought about by the more vulnerable weaker qunams in the plunamic bosoms by tending to acquire female attributes that in turn would have galvanized the stronger ones towards the male tendencies.
  28. Everything which had been part of her earliest memories, with bosoms half bared, hair piled high and nostrils cut so deeply as to give her face a everything bound up with the deepest roots in her: Good-by! Good-by, Scarlett O’Hara!.
  29. The virgins of his church grew pale around him, victims of a passion so imbued with religious sentiment that they imagined it to be all religion, and brought it openly, in their white bosoms, as their most acceptable sacrifice before the altar.
  30. So marry Lady Life, keep Lady Nature on the side, and never expect any other two to be so faithful or so perfect as these, for there simply are none who can maintain the perfect proportions of being that Life and Nature keep in their lovely bosoms.
  31. She saw the little Zouave, a split-oak basket over his unwounded arm, making the rounds of the crowd on her side of the hall and saw women, old and young, laughing, eager, tugging each other undo stiff necklace clasps, unpinning brooches from bosoms.
  32. Had any girl ever experienced such a kiss? She’d read about plenty of kisses between people in love, and had thought all the rapid breathing, racing hearts and heaving bosoms were nothing more than corny flourishes meant to add excitement and passion to a book.
  33. Where Conan beat down opposition by the sheer weight and power of his blows, breaking spears, splitting skulls and cleaving bosoms to the breast-bone, Valeria brought into action a finesse of sword-play that dazzled and bewildered her antagonists before it slew them.
  34. A bevy of tight perms, tweed costumes, well-aligned stockings, sensible shoes, silk blouses and modest strings of pearls, shared hostess duties with a few couturier clad bosoms swathed in yards of silk, stiletto-heels, smart hats, handbags, and demurely clasped gloves.
  35. I could almost smell the burning of wax candles at every section of his palatial home, the bright coloured clothes brought from India through trading adorning the women, their bosoms exposed, their hair plaited with diamonds embellishing their soft necks, their ears garnished with the vibrant stones of the East.
  36. Six Delaware girls, with their long, dark, flowing tresses falling loosely across their bosoms, stood apart, and only gave proof of their existence as they occasionally strewed sweet-scented herbs and forest flowers on a litter of fragrant plants that, under a pall of Indian robes, supported all that now remained of the ardent, high-souled, and generous Cora.
  37. Soft white hands that had caressed him, red lips that had been pressed to his, dainty white bosoms that had quivered to his hot fierce kisses, to be stripped of their delicate skin, white as ivory and pink as young petals—from Conan's lips burst a yell so frightful and inhuman in its mad fury that a listener would have stared in horror to know that it came from a human throat.
  38. The first person to enter the-field and the lists was the master of the ceremonies, who surveyed and paced the whole ground to see that there was nothing unfair and nothing concealed to make the combatants stumble or fall; then the duennas entered and seated themselves, enveloped in mantles covering their eyes, nay even their bosoms, and displaying no slight emotion as Don Quixote appeared in the lists.
  39. Moreo’er, I could scarce prevent my Eyes from seeing that all three of ’em lookt Goats and Monkies at me (as did their Mother) and they flirted quite shamelessly, leering o’er their painted Fans (which had shockingly lewd Pictures on ’em), thrusting forward their Bosoms as they pass’d the Cakes, as well as titt’ering, darting meaningful Looks at each other, and, in short, behaving more like Tarts than Ladies.
  40. It was full of girls, girls who floated in butterfly bright dresses, hooped out enormously, lace pantalets peeping from beneath; round little white lace shawls carelessly hanging from arms; fans spangled and painted, fans of swan’s-shoulders bare, and faintest traces of soft little bosoms showing above lace flounces; down and peacock feathers, dangling at wrists by tiny velvet ribbons; girls with masses of golden curls about their necks and fringed gold earbobs that tossed and danced with their dancing curls.
  41. Their enjoyment consists in this,—that the women and young girls, having bared their necks and arms, and applied bustles behind, place themselves in a situation in which no uncorrupted woman or maiden would care to display herself to a man, on any consideration in the world; and in this half-naked condition, with their uncovered bosoms exposed to view, with arms bare to the shoulder, with a bustle behind and tightly swathed hips, under the most brilliant light, women and maidens, whose chief virtue has always been modesty, exhibit themselves in the midst of strange men, who are also clad in improperly tight-fitting garments; and to the sound of maddening music, they embrace and whirl.
  42. But legislating as we are for a confederated Republic, it is worse than idle not to regard the character, situation, and interest of the people, in the several sections of the Union; and I ask gentlemen who are so ardent in the war, whose bosoms seem to glow with patriotic fire, is it just and fair to abandon the internal taxes and impose so much of the burden of the war upon the people of the Northern and Eastern States, the majority of whom are known to be opposed to it; whose hearts and souls are not in the business; who are driven, and dragged, and forced into a war, in which they will go with you no further, nor any longer, than a patriotic obedience to the constitution and laws of the country requires; a war which they consider unwise, impolitic, inexpedient, and ruinous; a war which must annihilate their commerce; that commerce to which they owe their rapid progress in population, in the arts of civilized life, in knowledge, in literature, in all that adorns and makes society valuable and interesting? From this people, in such a war, you have little to expect.
  43. Should lift their bosoms higher than the shores,.
  44. From the act-poems of eyes, hands, hips and bosoms,.

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