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    1. She pulled a clipping of the foxgloves from behind her ear, and started matching it to paint samples

    2. This was the hard and skinny, tiny yellow-line kind, the size of a fingernail clipping

    3. Here's a clipping that totally agrees with my thinking

    4. Thanks for the clipping – it was nice

    5. Emily ducked, pulling Whimly down with her as the deer charged toward them, then, an instant before crushing them, the creature leapt, its hooves clipping several curls from Emily's head

    6. This event was the great debasement of the silver coin, by clipping and wearing

    7. This nominal sum, therefore, is necessarily higher when the coin is much debased by clipping and wearing, than when near to its standard value

    8. Every year they found themselves under the necessity of coining nearly the same quantity of gold as they had coined the year before ; and from the continual rise in the price of gold bullion, in consequence of the continual wearing and clipping of the coin, the expense of this great annual coinage became, every year, greater and greater

    9. There are clipping services dedicated to

    10. As he held up the clipping, he cleared his throat

    11. the newspaper clipping down

    12. He heard her high heels clipping the marble floor as she stalked towards him with fire in her eyes

    13. It was an old newspaper clipping showing the frontage of Hatton Garden Jewellers with a guy wearing a pair of jeans and a very familiar leather jacket who was casually passing the shop

    14. Elsewhere, gold and silver coinage is preferred over paper money, which is more susceptible to clipping than forgery

    15. He reflexively brought his elbow down, clipping her shoulder

    16. Clipping her seat belt in place, she pulled the car back out into the stream of traffic and made her way back to the Ambulance Station in Ryde

    17. Alex continued his roll, one of the bottles clipping his shoulder as it flashed passed

    18. Brubaker pinned the clipping to the wall above his drawing table, along with all the others he’d saved since beginning to track this story

    19. Beth stepped close and scanned a two-column newspaper clipping

    20. still carries with her a news clipping containing the earlier blaming,

    21. news clipping with her

    22. ” Ijyu showed him a newspaper clipping that talked about the truck driver and reported that the police had ignored his leads

    23. any clipping of ears and tails for purposes of appearance modification;

    24. identification number tattooed on one ear and V-shaped clipping of the other ear, or

    25. Harry swerved the car, almost clipping a truck beside him

    26. In the olden days, all of five to ten years ago, you would phone a clipping service and ask for

    27. ” Avery folds the clipping and puts it into his jacket pocket

    28. Connie runs out, clipping them and wheezing for air

    29. He was already un clipping her bra

    30. I grabbed another clipping, the Ottumwa Courier

    31. carried there, she pulled the clipping out and handed it to Michael

    32. A year later, after buying, selling, investing, speculating, a great deal of travel, entertaining and living the life of a playboy – affirmed by the occasional newspaper clipping, his fortune at the age of forty-four amounted to five-thousand dollars

    33. On his fiftieth birthday he owned an architect-designed canvas house (newspaper clipping) in the hills, a block of flats in Noosa that were only tenanted half the year, a Porsche, and an unquenched desire for the „high life"

    34. A few weeks later, after yet more red ink, a newspaper clipping about Max"s death

    35. ‘Before we forsake business for pleasure there’s one other thing,’ Stephen said, producing a newspaper clipping

    36. The next morning Pon woke them early and, after the morning ear clipping had been dished out, he told them about his meeting with Lee and that they must leave immediately and drive to Siem Reap

    37. Use a pair of small clipping scissors designed for pets (available through your veterinarian or a pet store) or a small set of human nail clippers

    38. includes a lot more work than just stuffing envelopes or clipping coupons

    39. Clipping Images is an image editing company, which has mainly targeted keywords that are associated

    40. with the term clipping and has succeeded in securing top ranking in both high competitive and average

    41. whispered back, “She has an old newspaper clipping she’s

    42. She also ups the rate of attack should you try to defend yourself by clipping her with an open hand

    43. Justice has certainly changed since 1690 when Thomas Rogers was hanged, drawn and quartered, and Anne Rogers was burned alive for clipping 40 pieces of silver

    44. As she spoke, Nancy undid her pearl necklace and matching earrings before clipping them on Ann Morton, who was too moved to protest at first

    45. Gather all your coupons-you have been clipping them, haven't you?-now check your weekly sales ads and see what items are on sale that you have coupons for

    46. Is it really worth the time and effort you put into things like homemade cleaners and clipping coupons?

    47. The shuttle passed through the lower end of the moon, clipping the point of the

    48. I snatched the newspaper clipping from the table, and hurriedly folded it, ripping it a little more in the process

    49. He took it out and it was the old, yellow, laminated newspaper clipping

    50. She was lying on her bed clasping the old newspaper clipping in her hands

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    Synonyms for "clipping"

    clip clipping snip trim trimming cutting newspaper clipping press clipping press cutting

    "clipping" definitions

    an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

    cutting down to the desired size or shape

    the act of clipping or snipping