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Clipping in a sentence | clipping example sentences

  1. It was a newspaper clipping.
  2. He was already un clipping her bra.
  3. Thanks for the clipping – it was nice.
  4. There are clipping services dedicated to.
  5. He smoothed out an old newspaper clipping.

  6. Bent down double with his shears clipping.
  7. The van jumped the curb, clipping her legs.
  8. It’s in a clipping from the Liverpool Echo.
  9. I grabbed another clipping, the Ottumwa Courier.
  10. As he held up the clipping, he cleared his throat.
  11. Connie runs out, clipping them and wheezing for air.
  12. Then, somehow or another, Marilyn saw the clipping.
  13. The girl from the newspaper clipping was in his cab.
  14. Here's a clipping that totally agrees with my thinking.
  15. Clipping the radio back to his belt, he turns to Jackie.

  16. Harry swerved the car, almost clipping a truck beside him.
  17. He reflexively brought his elbow down, clipping her shoulder.
  18. Beth stepped close and scanned a two-column newspaper clipping.
  19. The last person they passed was a sturdy old gaffer clipping a hedge.
  20. He took it out and it was the old, yellow, laminated newspaper clipping.
  21. Lighting a match, she held it against the clipping as it started to burn.
  22. She was lying on her bed clasping the old newspaper clipping in her hands.
  23. Opening her drawer, she stared at the old newspaper clipping sighing softly.
  24. He pulled the clipping from his pocket and pressed it to the weathered wood.
  25. The toilet flushed and the bathroom door opened, clipping the frame of my bed.

  26. Pon, Stu and Spocks heads had been circled by a red marker pen on the clipping.
  27. This event was the great debasement of the silver coin, by clipping and wearing.
  28. The shuttle passed through the lower end of the moon, clipping the point of the.
  29. A few weeks later, after yet more red ink, a newspaper clipping about Maxs death.
  30. Keep hair you are not working on out of the way by clipping it back with hairpins.
  31. Clipping his heels, Nole pushed out from between the protective trees and bush of.
  32. Sage took out the newspaper clipping, staring at it before tucking it inside her dress.
  33. Alex continued his roll, one of the bottles clipping his shoulder as it flashed passed.
  34. This was the hard and skinny, tiny yellow-line kind, the size of a fingernail clipping.
  35. It was a newspaper clipping from the first press conference after the Tasha Catchings murder.
  36. But I am careful always to note the source of every clipping and the date of its appearance.
  37. In the olden days, all of five to ten years ago, you would phone a clipping service and ask for.
  38. He heard her high heels clipping the marble floor as she stalked towards him with fire in her eyes.
  39. Clipping Images is an image editing company, which has mainly targeted keywords that are associated.
  40. She also ups the rate of attack should you try to defend yourself by clipping her with an open hand.
  41. Sage sat at the window staring at the yellow newspaper clipping when she heard a soft rap at the door.
  42. She heard Lester shout her name in surprise, heard a grunt as he started after her, clipping the car.
  43. The next clipping was a Wall Street Journal story on November 8 headed Foreign Stocks Get New Push.
  44. She pulled a clipping of the foxgloves from behind her ear, and started matching it to paint samples.
  45. Is it really worth the time and effort you put into things like homemade cleaners and clipping coupons?
  46. Carey yelped and pulled his legs back in, narrowly avoiding clipping a bright green Prius’s side mirror.
  47. This clipping was in Louie’s wallet throughout his raft journey, and was stained purple by the wallet dye.
  48. I snatched the newspaper clipping from the table, and hurriedly folded it, ripping it a little more in the process.
  49. Elsewhere, gold and silver coinage is preferred over paper money, which is more susceptible to clipping than forgery.
  50. Crews Win All Three Races: California Crushed, PI (an undated clipping in John White’s collection of materials).
  51. The clipping of our horse’s hooves echoed loudly within the confines of the tunnel which was carved out of solid rock.
  52. A newspaper clipping, jagged edges, still with tape attached to all four corners, as if she removed it from something:.
  53. One clipping intrigued me; it bore no date, but was a story in the society page of the Salem Patriot, a local newspaper.
  54. The news clipping with the catchy headline, NEWBORN ABANDONED AT POLICE STATION, which tells most of the story right there.
  55. He stored all of these items, along with a newspaper clipping, in a small bag that he kept carefully hidden from the guards.
  56. The Don Blessing quote is from a newspaper clipping, Ebright: Friend, Tough Coach, Daily Californian, November 3, 1999.
  57. If that baby was abandoned at the police station, he would have been turned over to Child Protective Services, like the news clipping said.
  58. As she spoke, Nancy undid her pearl necklace and matching earrings before clipping them on Ann Morton, who was too moved to protest at first.
  59. Brubaker pinned the clipping to the wall above his drawing table, along with all the others he’d saved since beginning to track this story.
  60. An undated news clipping indicates that Rose was voted the most beautiful girl graduate by the male graduates of Dorchester High School.
  61. Clipping her seat belt in place, she pulled the car back out into the stream of traffic and made her way back to the Ambulance Station in Ryde.
  62. This nominal sum, therefore, is necessarily higher when the coin is much debased by clipping and wearing, than when near to its standard value.
  63. Use a pair of small clipping scissors designed for pets (available through your veterinarian or a pet store) or a small set of human nail clippers.
  64. No stupid it wasn’t a bloody soapy, it was bloody agony said Spock spitting on his clipping hand, to prime it ready to meet the drivers head.
  65. She touched the letters with her fingers, touched them lightly, and she smoothed a newspaper clipping on which there was an account of Tom’s trial.
  66. You have to find a way to carry out all my orders he tapped his finger on a printed newspaper clipping to reaffirm Grimes was paying attention.
  67. Gather all your coupons-you have been clipping them, haven't you?-now check your weekly sales ads and see what items are on sale that you have coupons for.
  68. The boys’ tears on the podium are documented in Gail Wood, Olympians to Be Honored, an undated clipping from the Olympian in Joe Rantz’s scrapbook.
  69. Once you have the pleasant good fortune of clipping coupons and adding up the ever-increasing net worth of your investment portfolio without lifting a finger.
  70. Justice has certainly changed since 1690 when Thomas Rogers was hanged, drawn and quartered, and Anne Rogers was burned alive for clipping 40 pieces of silver.
  71. When I pulled on the pocket’s zipper, Monster toppled over onto my boots, clipping the left one in such a way that it leapt into the air as if I’d thrown it.
  72. Pulling it out, relieved, she stared at the old newspaper clipping before placing it back in her drawer and grabbing a change of clothes after she finished bathing.
  73. Joe kept the Senior Men Face Life with Debts clipping in his scrapbook and still recalled near the end of his life the feelings that reading it had provoked in him.
  74. It was an old newspaper clipping showing the frontage of Hatton Garden Jewellers with a guy wearing a pair of jeans and a very familiar leather jacket who was casually passing the shop.
  75. The earliest clipping, and probably his favorite, had yellowed and turned up at the edges, but the photo of what remained of the child’s pram was as clear as the day it had been taken.
  76. Emily ducked, pulling Whimly down with her as the deer charged toward them, then, an instant before crushing them, the creature leapt, its hooves clipping several curls from Emily's head.
  77. The next morning Pon woke them early and, after the morning ear clipping had been dished out, he told them about his meeting with Lee and that they must leave immediately and drive to Siem Reap.
  78. I couldn’t go out and buy a new car just because I wanted to, but I never had to think about the day-to-day stuff, coupon clipping and buying generic and knowing how much milk costs off the top of my head.
  79. Along with it, he sent several other scrapbooks (fortunately smaller), hundreds of photographs and letters, his diaries, and items as precious as the stained newspaper clipping that was in his wallet on the raft.
  80. He went to Harris’s cell, ransacked it, and found, by his account, a trove of hand-drawn maps—some showing air defenses of mainland Japan—as well as the stolen newspaper clipping and the dictionary of military terms.
  81. On his fiftieth birthday he owned an architect-designed canvas house (newspaper clipping) in the hills, a block of flats in Noosa that were only tenanted half the year, a Porsche, and an unquenched desire for the „high life.
  82. A year later, after buying, selling, investing, speculating, a great deal of travel, entertaining and living the life of a playboy – affirmed by the occasional newspaper clipping, his fortune at the age of forty-four amounted to five-thousand dollars.
  83. I called back later to ask my mom if Hailey was strapping poultry together in bird clumps and just chucking them in the air like inefficient boomerangs, but Mom dismissed the idea and thought it was more likely that Hailey and my dad were clipping messages to the carrier pigeons my dad was training* and then letting them go.
  84. Every year they found themselves under the necessity of coining nearly the same quantity of gold as they had coined the year before ; and from the continual rise in the price of gold bullion, in consequence of the continual wearing and clipping of the coin, the expense of this great annual coinage became, every year, greater and greater.
  85. In particular I remember how in one of the hundred or so novels which I read that summer there was a very strenuous hero with heavy eyebrows, and that I so greatly wished to resemble him (I felt that I did so already from a moral point of view) that one day, when looking at my eyebrows in the glass, I conceived the idea of clipping them, in order to make them grow bushier.
  86. My account of the races on the Oakland Estuary is based on Bill Leiser, “Who Won?” San Francisco Chronicle, April 14, 1935; “Husky Crews Make Clean Sweep,” ST, April 14, 1935; Bruce Helberg, “Second Guesses,” WD (no date, clipping from Bob Moch’s scrapbook); “Husky Crews Win Three Races,” ST, April 14, 1935; and “Washington Sweeps Regatta with Bears: Husky Varsity Crew Spurts to Turn Back U.
  87. When we had sufficiently graduated our advances towards the main point, by toying, kissing, clipping, feeling my breasts, now round and plump, feeling that part of me I might call a furnace mouth, from the prodigious intense heat his fiery touches had rekindled there, my young sportsman, emboldened by the very freedom he could wish, wontonly takes my hand, and carries it to that enormous machine of his, that stood with a stiffness! a hardness! an upward bend of erection! and which, together with it bottom dependence, the inestimable bulse of ladies jewels, formed a grand showout of goods indeed! Then its dimensions, mocking either grasp or span, almost renewed my terrors.
  1. He clipped it back on.
  2. It clipped her rear panel.
  3. My wings have been clipped.
  4. He clipped the final cover on.
  5. I got Bubba out and clipped.
  6. It had become clipped and short.
  7. They hadn’t clipped her wings.
  8. She clipped a sample of his hair.
  9. As if clipped from the same cloth.
  10. Until Tommit had her wings clipped.
  11. At the top his toes clipped the sky.
  12. I clipped on as we drove out of there.
  13. Her voice was thick and her words clipped.
  14. I grabbed Bubba and clipped on his leash.
  15. I’m sorry, is her clipped response.
  16. What did he want? Luke's voice is clipped.
  17. The dolphins and the cousins were clipped.
  18. The Colonel’s voice was clipped and urgent.
  19. Skeets spoke in a clipped but deliberate tone.
  20. Stu clipped him around his blood-caked head.
  21. Their claws were clipped so they didn't click.
  22. He clipped it out and tucked it in his wallet.
  23. I clipped and saved every dumb, stillborn item.
  24. Carlisle glared at Felton as he clipped his in.
  25. His tickets were clipped by the same ticket man.
  26. Then one voice, a clipped, thin, English accent.
  27. It was fine, delivered in a clipped voice.
  28. Be right! she prayed as she clipped it on.
  29. He clipped onto the rope, and started descending.
  30. She kicked out and clipped an enforcer in the jaw.
  31. He’d noticed some clipped to a stand by the door.
  32. But Charley was in a kennel preparing to be clipped.
  33. Then he clipped the central strap to the neck strap.
  34. My cell phone was turned on and clipped to my shirt.
  35. Forget this one, said Martin in a clipped voice.
  36. Nicholas answered in clipped tones, on the first beep.
  37. The conversation is done, is clipped and flipped shut.
  38. Pierre clipped his son about the ear and hissed through.
  39. That same day I clipped a Wall Street Journal story by E.
  40. He un clipped her bra and began sucking her left nipple.
  41. Joseph took it and clipped it on his shirt, Thank you.
  42. He clipped her leash to her collar and we headed outside.
  43. He heard a woman’s voice, with a clipped English accent.
  44. Daniel carefully closed the box and clipped the catch down.
  45. He clipped it around where the ears would be if it had any.
  46. Alvin's radio clipped to his belt chirped rather loudly and.
  47. He clipped a patch of her hair off and hurried out the room.
  48. His voice patterns were coming more rapid, and very clipped.
  49. He wrung out his collar and clipped it back on to his jacket.
  50. The short sword had a twin blade, which clipped together as.
  51. Mark took back the pass from the guard and clipped it to his.
  52. Paul asked, Can you get it back? His words were clipped.
  53. She asked in clipped tones if there was something he wished.
  54. Hey, yo! he hollered as another car almost clipped them.
  55. Inside was a stack of documents with a picture clipped to it.
  56. My father had a prayer clipped to his computer desk with the.
  57. My favorite was the pen I had clipped to my short sleeve Polo.
  58. A smaller piece clipped Onidas's shoulder, shattering the bone.
  59. Especially after Evver was captured and her wings were clipped.
  60. It sounds clipped and formal, not his usual witty, pithy style.
  61. A bullet clipped Hanim in her foot and took her out of the tree.
  62. Trisha clipped her bra back on, They hung up? Who was it?
  63. But then a man’s voice answered, his vowels clipped, familiar.
  64. Her voice is clipped, direct, and strong, just like these lines.
  65. The eaves of the Forest behind were clipped, and trim as a hedge.
  66. In a clipped, frustrated tone, she said, I just hope you are.
  67. The stone that clipped his head sent him reeling and plunging back.
  68. He was tallish, trim, with dark hair and a well clipped moustache.
  69. Arnie took the proffered letter and clipped it to his board, then.
  70. The land had been clipped off the edge of a defunct mental hospital.
  71. He reached around…and there it was, right where he had clipped it.
  72. His left front fender clipped the left rear fender of the other car.
  73. He removed the bracelet from the case and clipped it around my wrist.
  74. Samara pulled on his new coat and clipped his name tag on the collar.
  75. Withdrawing several sheets of paper clipped together, she read them.
  76. Pulling it out I clipped it in like hers was and the ringing stopped.
  77. Marri glanced at a list clipped to the shelf in front of him and froze.
  78. The clipped vowels of the English lord faltered for a moment and then.
  79. As I clipped it onto my shirt, the corporal handed another badge to Ray.
  80. The following communication is clipped from the San Francisco Chronicle.
  81. Dog worked the rope back into a coil and clipped the slack onto his belt.
  82. His questions were short, clipped, not catering for long-winded answers.
  83. The white man clipped his expensive cigar and the Tiger sipped his cognac.
  84. As he clipped it he read the writing on the name tag again and this time.
  85. I reached down and felt the knife that was clipped to my left hip pocket.
  86. He clipped the canvas sheet, which formed the bed's mattress, to the frame.
  87. One summer when his fur grew matted and mildewed I clipped him to the skin.
  88. Pure math, cadet, adds Werner, mimicking Hauptmann’s clipped accent.
  89. The fat waiter clipped him over the back of the head and said.
  90. Zeke clipped into his strange hang glider, with Adam holding his front wires.
  91. He took the copper bracelet from the box, slipped it on, and clipped it shut.
  92. Then, speaking in clipped tones he ordered, On my signal, break and run.
  93. I think she may have the same problem you do, I said in a clipped voice.
  94. They clipped a car that was swerving out of the way and careened into a truck.
  95. Quickly he plugged in the sides to the floor holes, and clipped them together.
  96. The lawyer snapped his briefcase and clipped across the linoleum out the door.
  97. He even had a communicator and a phaser from the same era clipped to his belt.
  98. Beyond the plains were mountains with snowcapped peaks that clipped the clouds.
  99. Miriam when you clipped off your backgate hairs and lay swooning in the thing.
  100. We clipped a few pieces and then waited for a bit before we brought them back.
  1. Eight clips in the chain.
  2. Its clips held seven rounds.
  3. The mech clips him in the leg.
  4. Then I grabbed my guns and clips.
  5. To that end edited clips of the.
  6. I handed her all the clips to the.
  7. I think we have about three clips.
  8. The Intervention only had four clips.
  9. I saved more clips on my P99 and my MP5.
  10. All, with extra clips, and boxes of ammo.
  11. Secondly there are already clips on the.
  12. On the same side of it were clips for it.
  13. You'll see your clips in the Collections.
  14. A sphere clips the wall where his face was.
  15. On the other side, were clips for her AK-47.
  16. Rogers video that I had taken the clips from.
  17. Storm and clips I ran out the door with Bubba.
  18. Plus, we only had a total of six clips for it.
  19. Here’s several extra clips and an ammo belt.
  20. These clips could hold up to fifty rounds of 7.
  21. After that we returned home and loaded our clips.
  22. I put my clips and shells in a small bag I found.
  23. The sound of empty clips echoed in Lezura’s ears.
  24. They gathered their guns and loaded all their clips.
  25. I could insert these clips into classroom materials.
  26. Their clips empty, they gazed at me with a look of.
  27. In his coat pocket, he placed four full clips and a.
  28. The feet slide into bands or clips called a reel seat.
  29. Badde's helicopter comes into view and nearly clips the.
  30. Rogers that I had been using as a source for video clips.
  31. I grabbed a M4A1 that was full auto! I grabbed some clips.
  32. I grabbed clips for my Desert Eagle and loaded it with one.
  33. He had bicycle clips and tatting shuttles and Mah Jong sets.
  34. Littlesock's home after they had shelled out numerous clips.
  35. A great advantage of yoga videos is you can watch the clips.
  36. I know who the fuck you are, he clips the words out coldly.
  37. Use metal clips to hold back hair that is not to be worked on yet.
  38. Martin and Warlock put the cuffs on and snapped the clips shut.
  39. They played clips from Sponge It! repeatedly, speaking to experts.
  40. Once the gun ran empty they slid out the clips and kicked them away.
  41. We cleared out the empty guns and clips from the bed for extra room.
  42. These clips and this instruction booklet will show you how to do it.
  43. Now let’s say you have £50,000, you could go one, two, three clips.
  44. Likewise if you love an opportunity you could dive in with two clips.
  45. I gave him the three clips that it came with it and the rounds it held.
  46. To separate the video into smaller clips, select the Create clips when.
  47. Next to the box sat a pile of hair clips and a tray for burning incense.
  48. Now you have £1,000 and £2,000 clips to play with, or one or two units.
  49. When you create short video clips, you can then use them to build traffic.
  50. Josh grabbed an ACR with four thirty round clips and a LCR (Light Compact.
  51. He apparently had six extra clips, and extra bullets to reload those clips.
  52. Some clips of limp hair frame the still remaining exposed, pink-red brains.
  53. You can view Anna's resume and watch clips from her films here: http://www.
  54. Idris took out two extra clips so that she would be ready to quickly reload.
  55. Sam, will you trust me with these pictures and news clips for a few days?
  56. There were two grenades, a machete, an AK-12 with five thirty round clips, a.
  57. Rosie kept the M4 which had three thirty round clips and an M9 with two fifteen.
  58. The bullets were loaded properly into the clips while I was wearing rubber gloves.
  59. It seemed that, of late, Paul had only used the Hofner as a prop in video clips.
  60. ITN, Sky, CNN… Even Al Jazeera was showing clips from the show in heavy rotation.
  61. Cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are among the things that can be added to an.
  62. An Iotian weapon on the tray caught his attention, along with several clips of ammo.
  63. Jess stared into my eyes as she snapped the clips on my bag together across my chest.
  64. I think these clips largely helped to create ‘curiosity’ in viewers that watched.
  65. The projector's film shows a montage of animations, illustrations and film clips as.
  66. M16A3 with four thirty round clips it also had a grenade launcher attachment that had.
  67. The sound clips have pre and post-listening exercises, and comprehension questions too.
  68. I’m going to have to get more clips in a minute, he yelled to Seth, who nodded.
  69. He clips, brisk and businesslike, She was reckless, convinced of her own invincibility.
  70. The police held a press conference last night, they’re showing clips from it on Sky News.
  71. Nowadays, real cyclists use shoes with a cleat on the sole that clips into a special pedal.
  72. Sparks explode as a hail of hot bullets rain down on the car-of-tomorrow till clips are empty.
  73. Mom clips out the photo and adds it to the other five incriminating pictures in the photo album.
  74. Mayer was insufferable, the Warner Brothers shooting powdered film clips up their veins all night.
  75. Like the quills of a porcupine, extra magazine clips stuck out from the special belt at her waist.
  76. Dusty thought she held the place together with rubber bands and paper clips, but she didn’t mind.
  77. Cindy was wearing a butter-yellow pullover and jeans and had glittery clips in her curly blond hair.
  78. But he was rethreading the film clips in the projector, fascinated by a thousand and one nights past.
  79. There were noteboards with full clips hanging on the walls and a few framed photographs beneath them.
  80. A reporter spoke in Italian while video clips depicted the ongoing hunt for her through Western Europe.
  81. Because toe clips are no longer necessary, these new pedals with clips are called clipless pedals.
  82. The jewelry, hair clips and nails were the perfect finishing touches to complete the picture that was me.
  83. We will attach to these copies duplicates of this news clips and of the crime statistics dug up by Harry.
  84. He picked up the Sig Sauer, pulled back the clip and checked that it was fully loaded with two extra clips.
  85. It contained a beautifully made, black, leather holster with matching belt that held two clips of ammunition.
  86. A sudden knock on the driver’s side window of the houpte startled the both of us and made me drop the clips.
  87. Initially he could not get them to move but he soon discovered that they were held tight by small metal clips.
  88. Copy, Beck said as he hastily latched the front of his suit to the front of Watney’s with tether clips.
  89. The two men were identified as Lawrence Weeks, street name Clips, and Anthony Childs, street name Tony Childs.
  90. I can't even watch those YouTube clips where American police officers abuse people and kill them over nothing.
  91. Two empty clips were also inside, prompting her in sniffing the UZI: it had been fired recently, probably today.
  92. You will find that the clips are too wide for your nose, showing that the lady's nose was very broad at the base.
  93. I had replaced my clips with fresh ones while I watched the carnage of twisting metal and shattered glass unfold.
  94. He peered down at the pair of black spring-metal bicycle clips that bound his thin pants cuffs to his bony ankles.
  95. Perhaps that was because, when I did look at online porn, I tended to seek out clips in the 'humiliation' category.
  96. If we couldn’t make it onto some television pop show, they might show one of our cheaply produced video clips.
  97. We’ve kept it alive with bubble gum and paper clips, and now it’s gone, completely broke, and I can’t fix it.
  98. If the shit hit the fan, he'd brought two nine millimeters and seven clips of ammunition to level the playing field.
  99. He undid the clips and folded up the bike, stowing it in his newly installed clamps at the back wall of the airlock.
  100. There were video clips of him rap-dancing with the twins, blowing out candles, skiing with the boys between his legs.

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1. I use a veggie clip.
2. I am, I clip stiffly.
3. Sunday pointed at one clip.
4. First EBC replayed a clip.
5. It has a fifty bullet clip.
6. The object was a paper clip.
7. I put a clip in each pocket.
8. In the darkmans clip and kiss.
9. I have bought a clip of Cobham.
10. I stood up and checked my clip.
11. I checked the clip and safety.
12. Nick checked the clip in his.
13. A short clip of the interview.
14. I put the clip on next? Or ….
15. He snapped in a twenty-round clip.
16. He emptied the clip as fast as the.
17. You will now have your trimmed clip.
18. Thy motion stop, and clip thy wings!.
19. He slid in the clip and chambered it.
20. And with the clip of sailors’ lines.
21. I loaded my next clip and chambered it.
22. I put in my last clip and chambered it.
23. I slid in another clip and chambered it.
24. He handed her the clip for her seat belt.
25. Heather ran at a good clip in front of me.
26. I gave him the one extra clip I had and.
27. The video clip behind me will show you Mr.
28. I slid the clip out and put in the new one.
29. It was a video clip on the Fame TV website.
30. I believe they clip the nails and the hair.
31. The clip was thrown down immediately after.
32. She ran up to me and handed me the extra clip.
33. He even found a new clip for his Vector and.
34. None of this would make it into the final clip.
35. Her dirty blond hair was swept up with a clip.
36. P99 is a pistol that has a sixteen bullet clip.
37. She motioned for him to clip it to his collar.
38. The clip 12 is engaged with the V-shaped cuts.
39. I chambered out the shell and slid out the clip.
40. I slid out the clip and loaded in the last clip.
41. Straighten out a paper clip with the intention.
42. In seconds he had the scope mounted and a clip.
43. She hit a button and the clip fell to the ground.
44. She already had the Vector’s first clip loaded.
45. Podge emptied a clip in another one coming at him.
46. Murphy had his next clip in and a round chambered.
47. She completely missed and wasted her entire clip.
48. Clip and collect information as you browse the web.
49. Bruce had emptied a whole clip and started running.
50. Stop at the point where you want to trim the clip.
51. First they had been surprised to see a clip of Dr.
52. Clip the short ends close and the knot is complete.
53. It had one extra clip left so I switched to my P90.
54. John says the dying man should clip his fingernails.
55. Across the belfry, I heard him shove in a fresh clip.
56. He catches my hair clip before it drops on the ground.
57. The guards kept the basket men moving at a rapid clip.
58. Sampson came down a moment later, two stairs at a clip.
59. It was a smooth process: clip, Codex, desk, pop, gone.
60. He scrambled along with his gun up to change the clip.
61. He stands back up and looks at his clip board once more.
62. She reloaded the M4 and out the empty clip on the floor.
63. She pulled the clip out of her hair and tossed her mane.
64. There was a tiny silver bell on a large alligator clip.
65. I moved politely out of the way so he could clip it in.
66. It had a full clip and hadn’t even been chambered yet.
67. It was a twin-engine bomber, moving west at a brisk clip.
68. The USP is a pistol that holds twelve rounds in its clip.
69. I said, Shut up, and threw a paper clip at his head.
70. Well, I have a clip on my Desert Eagle, I told them.
71. I was down to three bullets on my M9’s clip that was in.
72. Scotty reversed the clip, then forwarded it in slow motion.
73. Are you, he flipped through the papers on his clip board.
74. Wasting no motion he placed in a new clip and began firing.
75. So that's why you were so keen to clip the hedge yesterday.
76. He then proceeded to empty the entire clip into the General.
77. If he could pass it on the right side, maybe he could clip.
78. This is a beeper-sized device that you clip to your waistband.
79. Instruct the patient to open the leash clip with their thumb.
80. Start with the sides or the back and clip close to the scalp.
81. They're running that clip over and over, Sanderson said.
82. Check out this video clip showing how this project type works.
83. He had fifteen shots left in the clip and another full clip.
84. I looked to see Frank huffing and reloading her Tacitus clip.
85. Sam took the 9mm pistol and clip of bullets from Gary’s hand.
86. She was pretty sure there was only one bullet left in the clip.
87. Rani unclipped her crocodile hair clip and shook her hair free.
88. Now we all know you can't build a rocket ship with a paper clip.
89. The next clip is him bowling in a Big Brother meet in Green Bay.
90. The clip was locked into place with a snap as Aquarius took off.
91. He found the extra ammo clip on the floor of the passenger cabin.
92. The first thing about the video clip Michael noticed was the room.
93. I would remove a clip that held the gun to the mounting quadrant.
94. And if you need to change a clip, simply shove the clip forward.
95. The HK416 is an assault rifle that holds thirty rounds in one clip.
96. He took a clip and put it beside the book, but his mind went blank.
97. Place one end of the tube into the veggie clip and then place the.
98. Unlatching the clip from his rifle, Aquarius counted three unspent.
99. A press clip was in the folder but the photographs weren’t clear.
100. Double click on each clip to see how it looks in the preview window.

Synonyms for clipping