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Trim in a sentence | trim example sentences

  1. Trim off fats on all.
  2. Remove or trim any brush, etc.
  3. Mocha colored with white trim.
  4. It was done in red trim cards.
  5. Her body was trim but feminine.

  6. It had navy trim around the edges.
  7. Trim your cake so it will sit flat.
  8. Clean the brussels sprouts and trim.
  9. The white trim was freshly painted.
  10. You will also need to trim the ends neatly.
  11. Pale blue trim edged the windows and doors.
  12. The shirt he wore was purple with red trim.
  13. You have to carefully trim the branches that.
  14. Trim the fat and skin from chicken and turkey.
  15. Her trim figure gave her much more confidence.

  16. The walls were an ivory color with black trim.
  17. Let’s go and trim that unruly bush of yours.
  18. Trim the outside leaves of the cabbage and quarter.
  19. Stop at the point where you want to trim the clip.
  20. He also appeared to have a manicure, neat and trim.
  21. Our team was white with red trim, the red letters on.
  22. Trim and anxious to be of use she was disapproved of.
  23. Once the chicken breast is washed trim the fat from it.
  24. And very neat he keeps it too: trim grass and edgings.
  25. Trim tabs would have made it easier to fly the machine.

  26. I mean, we could be fit, trim, and then have a baby too.
  27. It was a trim little craft, complete with a small cabin.
  28. He had to trim it a bit, but it’s still an improvement.
  29. Middle aged but trim and of no interest to me in any way.
  30. Thursday afternoon Frankie receiver her trim and shaping.
  31. They were small and trim and the nails painted a dark red.
  32. The painters will be back tomorrow to finish the trim work.
  33. After his bath and a quick trim, Alvin walked down there and.
  34. To prepare the beef, trim off excess fat using a sharp knife.
  35. His first name is Billy, by the way, mid fifties, pretty trim.
  36. Jezzie had always been trim, but she was leaner and tighter now.
  37. How much time will they trim off that leaving the liners?
  38. The niche was professionally built out, including a trim detail.
  39. The eaves of the Forest behind were clipped, and trim as a hedge.
  40. Maybelle Bullock was a pretty lady of about fifty, trim and blond.
  41. Trim, sculpted, pushing herself hard and barely breaking a sweat.
  42. He was tallish, trim, with dark hair and a well clipped moustache.
  43. He was in good trim, full of his subject, and effective in speech.
  44. Inside it her shape was trim and smooth and perfectly proportioned.
  45. Trim lattice ends at edge of pan, seal with water, and crimp with.
  46. She may loudly profess her devotion to ‘the carpet knight so trim.
  47. They trim their houses with mistletoe and holly so that everything.
  48. This year Santa has a red fluffy towel with white trim over his lap.
  49. The walls were painted a shade of deep burgundy, with lavender trim.
  50. Underneath it all, lay a beautiful tablecloth with gold and red trim.
  51. You look like you could use a trim, too, she said to her grandson.
  52. The suit was powder blue with navy trim and tuxedo pant side stripes.
  53. When a trim parlour-maid opened the door, I could hardly find my voice.
  54. He’d hoped but failed to boil them down to fighting trim by now.
  55. There were big, trim barns behind it, and everything bespoke prosperity.
  56. She was a very pretty redhead with a trim figure which even the security.
  57. Then you can trim the branches off with the vesuri when the tree is down.
  58. The room was painted beige with blue trim and was very clean and well lit.
  59. At seventy-two years old, he was a trim and muscular six foot two inches.
  60. The person she’s struck is tall, trim, slender in an open-collared shirt.
  61. Trim houses lined up behind unnatural green rectangles, bounded by fences.
  62. Roll the pin over the rim of the pan, pressing down hard to trim off excess.
  63. The ride was shaped like a capsule and was cherry red in color with gold trim.
  64. A short flight of steps led up to a pair of red doors decorated with gold trim.
  65. Andrew Sharp was a trim, wiry man with a square chin and narrow, colorless lips.
  66. There are about 20 trim shops in Jacksonville, and the economy is rather stable.
  67. Martinez and the ascent software kept it trim, though it was a constant battle.
  68. Matthew Macleod was trim, handsome and broad-shouldered on a five-foot-ten frame.
  69. As with the other port, everything was painted a high gloss white with blue trim.
  70. Thank goodness our house in Mississippi was brick; I only painted the trim once.
  71. Nicky’s very high heels accentuated her tall, trim figure, with long, long legs.
  72. The trim required scrubbing and sanding, but close inspection revealed other flaws.
  73. As per her habit, she ate moderately, always conscious about keeping trim and fit.
  74. He felt like an asshole with his trim new moustache, his department-store clothes.
  75. Short blonde hair, trim petite figure, a bit like a model, so I’ve been told.
  76. Sort and trim the collard greens to remove any browned parts and tough stems; wash.
  77. Use the rolling pin to trim off the excess dough drooping over the sides of the pan.
  78. The long v-neck collar with the inserted bodice was decorated in ivory braided trim.
  79. A squad of security officers wearing white uniforms with blue trim stood behind him.
  80. A very tiny gold-tone trim accented his pockets, front closure, neckline and hemline.
  81. The door slams shut with barely a sound and I'm surrounded in luxury leather and trim.
  82. And the Valentine candy tongue moved small behind those trim white candy-kernel teeth.
  83. A dark cream paint they chose for the trim, and selected the needed tools and supplies.
  84. Still, I had to trim the downed trees, cut up and split the wood, which I didn’t mind.
  85. The workers wore uniforms that were either white with blue trim or blue with white trim.
  86. But he was trim and didn't have much trouble with the ladies when he put his mind to it.
  87. Drag toward the middle from either end until the frames you want to trim have become dim.
  88. Are you or aren't you coming over to help me trim the tree Christmas Eve? I have to know.
  89. Its plastered interior walls were set off by dark wood trim around the doors and windows.
  90. National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the.
  91. It’s a good, solid trim and it looks the same as it usually does when I have it done.
  92. Yakov was looking into the intense jade-green eyes of a trim, broad shouldered man in his.
  93. The first full flush of youth may have passed, but she works hard to keep herself in trim.
  94. It was painted white with blue trim and it was tied up to a dock that had seen better days.
  95. Trim the cauliflower and place into a medium saucepan, cover with water and bring to a boil.
  96. She had on a white polo shirt with green trim on the collar, white ducks, and tennis shoes.
  97. She was trim and lithe in form, but he could not see her face because of the helmet she wore.
  98. As mentioned earlier, the decision to trim the wing feathers of a budgie is a personal one.
  99. I liked the old guy, who was in maybe, his early sixties, white hair, but always neat and trim, a.
  100. If a position appreciates above those limits, it is a signal to trim back by selling into strength.
  1. Are you trimming the bushes with a lawnmower?
  2. He was dressed informally in black with gold trimming.
  3. Trimming these circuits to track properly was a nightmare.
  4. Are you trimming the bushes with a lawnmower?
  5. Merrel was trimming some jasmine that had gone a little out of.
  6. Trimming is a grooming chore you'll want to be able to do yourself.
  7. Louise Hollis (USA) gave up trimming her toenails back in 1982.
  8. Where are you taking me? she asked, exhaustion trimming her voice.
  9. At 100 percent of estimated value, we are actively trimming the position.
  10. There was a lady trimming some plants in the courtyard, four flights below.
  11. The young man commenced by wiping his bloodstained hands on the red trimming.
  12. It took us a month to repaint the whole house yellow with brown trimming, and to.
  13. We also may begin trimming, particularly if the position is large or less liquid.
  14. Verse 1 and 2, the trimming of a Jews hair and beard was forbidden by the Law of.
  15. Prepare the Swiss chard: After trimming off al the stems, washing and chopping, wilt the.
  16. We have to look at the big picture, we have to demonstrate that we’re trimming the fat.
  17. Fur trimming will prevent moisture in the breath freezing on the face and injuring the skin.
  18. She mumbled something in reply and looked down to where I was trimming her talon sharp nails.
  19. These stitches are the cleanest I’ve ever seen, she remarked, trimming and re-closing the gash.
  20. After trimming away the rotten flesh and administering a course of penicillin his recovery was amazing.
  21. You’re welcome, I said, staring up into his eyes that were as green as the grass he was trimming.
  22. It seemed to Paul his mother looked lonely, in her new black silk blouse with its bit of white trimming.
  23. Trimming means that you cut only about a quarter to a half of an inch of your hair every six weeks or so.
  24. I hate the idea of constantly trimming and pruning something to keep it from reaching its full potential.
  25. The section of calf liver that she had been trimming with a butcher knife struck him square in the forehead.
  26. Your veterinarian can show you how to trim the nails, which is much like trimming the nails of a dog or cat.
  27. With more paint at hand, she set about coating the spokes and the trimming of the cart in strong deep yellow.
  28. Trimming the wing feathers doesn't hurt the bird, and the procedure is not difficult to do once you've learned how.
  29. When I finished trimming it, I gave it its final shape with the round brush and dryer and, suddenly, the poor girl perked up.
  30. David, a little taller than Sean, has polished gray hair and a smile that reveals the care taken in trimming his stubble beard.
  31. Some owners let their veterinarian do the trimming at the yearly exam, but this won't be frequent enough to keep your bird safe.
  32. That task was then pulled out of the batch of work, which included the detail-work of fertilising, weeding, watering, and trimming.
  33. You could snap your fingers and have the shears do it for you, or perhaps make some tea and cakes whilst we cope with the trimming.
  34. He liked to pass an hour or two there, trimming, hoeing, and making holes here and there in the earth, into which he dropped seeds.
  35. Another feature about the five in one tool is that it can be used in place of a utility knife for trimming the inside corners from masking tape.
  36. Trumbull dropped his voice and became slightly nasal, trimming his outlines with his left finger—that might not fall in with ordinary tastes.
  37. Trimming and sawing took as much time and more effort, and by the time he drove back to the house some of the romance of being a woodsman had fled.
  38. We should also realize that at the very least, mowing the lawn, trimming boundaries with weed whackers and using a chainsaw waste natural resources.
  39. Sometimes, I would look out the window into the yard and watch Hassan and his mother kneeling together, picking tomatoes or trimming a rosebush, talking.
  40. Above and to one side where there was a place for it in the cliff, the sensuous trimming of the portal flowed up into a bouquet of blooms surrounding a face.
  41. He begged her to do him the honor to take a seat, and stood before her trimming and comporting himself with an eager solicitude, which was chiefly benevolent.
  42. Trimming the wing feathers makes sense if you often allow your pet to roam about on your shoulder, explore the outside of her cage, or spend time on a playgym.
  43. One evening when the window was open, and she, sitting by it, had been watching Lestiboudois, the beadle, trimming the box, she suddenly heard the Angelus ringing.
  44. Levi was silent for several minutes, staring at the coast, at the huge summer cottages on the shore they sailed past, eyes on the sails, trimming them in and out as needed.
  45. He stood for some time gloomily watching the four gardeners, who were busily at work laying strips of turf, mowing the lawn, rolling the gravel paths and trimming the trees and.
  46. She watches as he conscientiously crosses and re-crosses the small area of grass, concentrating on neatly trimming the herbage and careful to avoid cutting into the trailing cable.
  47. Lastly, came my Lord himself, turning the suit of clothes, now inside out, now outside in, but on the whole decidedly trimming and shaping them into grave-clothes for the prisoner.
  48. So, the morning I became aware of the way time was slipping by with no distinct things accomplished, I decided that what was necessary was the trimming of the ship, and the focus on.
  49. Most who came up here wore robes, he came as close as he could in wide white bells and sleeves with mendelbrots in the black and orange of Internal Investigation trimming the openings.
  50. That expression it derived from a low, but prominent, forehead, deep black eyes, short, bristly hair, and a thick, dark beard which looked as though it stood in constant need of trimming.
  51. For example, if SPY 137 is a huge technical resistance level and we are near that level, then you should consider trimming or closing your long positions no matter how strong they appear.
  52. Vivian began shaving her face at the age of seven, and it was only after four marriages and her mother’s death in 1993 that she finally stopped trimming back the facial growth and let her beard grow.
  53. Washing the inner and outer walls of your house, cleaning out your gutters, trimming your hedge, cutting the grass, sweeping the driveway… is a way of whitewashing your sterile, civilized environment.
  54. The brand colors of Coca Cola and the new whitewashed image of a jolly fat man in a red costume with white fur trimming, was a combination of the fat Dutch uncle, and the colors of the company: blood and white pus.
  55. Borthrop Trumbull, had the spirit to move next to that great authority, who was handling his watch-seals and trimming his outlines with a determination not to show anything so compromising to a man of ability as wonder or surprise.
  56. When John came down at last, expecting to find a pensive or reproachful wife, he was agreeably surprised to find Meg placidly trimming a bonnet, and to be greeted with the request to read something about the election, if he was not too tired.
  57. For an example at the local government level, when governments themselves do the tree trimming it costs much more and there are longer waits to get trees trimmed, relative to having that job put out to private contractors, with competitive bidding.
  58. This time she used portions of the wallaby skin that were of even thickness, having no means of trimming the skin down, and when it came to the final assembly of the shoes she worked in the early morning when the perspiration of her hands was least.
  59. Ironically, one of the first things Ronald Reagan did when he came into office was slash federal funding for the treatment of mental illness, trimming the budget for the National Institute of Mental Health and repealing the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980.
  60. When our Ships were borne along by Trade Winds in the South Atlantick and the Sails requir’d little Trimming, Sailing was a Joy! Harmony reign’d betwixt Man and the Elements, and a Ship seem’d the Perfect Craft, design’d to bend the Forces of Nature to Man’s Will.
  61. We had gone rather less than a quarter of a league when the sound of a little bell fell on our ears, a clear proof that there were flocks hard by, and looking about carefully to see if any were within view, we observed a young shepherd tranquilly and unsuspiciously trimming a stick with his knife at the foot of a cork tree.
  62. Georgiana added to her How d’ye do? several commonplaces about my journey, the weather, and so on, uttered in rather a drawling tone: and accompanied by sundry side-glances that measured me from head to foot—now traversing the folds of my drab merino pelisse, and now lingering on the plain trimming of my cottage bonnet.
  63. Aunt Erika gave them a royal trimming down the likes of which I will never forget, and she made them change shoes! He added with a grin, glancing at the two men in question, who squirmed a little as they remembered the rare lecture they’d been given by the elderly aristocrat, looking like two ten year olds caught out in mischief.
  64. There is a great virtue in sweeping out one's own house and trimming its lamps before starting on the house and lamps of a neighbour; and since new dust settles every day, and lamps, I believe, need constant trimming, I know not when the truly tidy soul will have attained so perfect a spotlessness as to justify its issuing forth to attack the private dust of other people.
  65. All the young men through the whole of Europe are exposed year after year to this test, and with very few exceptions they renounce all that a man can hold sacred, all express their readiness to kill their brothers, even their fathers, at the bidding of the first crazy creature dressed up in a livery with red and gold trimming, and only wait to be told where and when they are to kill.
  66. He was an amateur of superior phrases, and never used poor language without immediately correcting himself—which was fortunate, as he was rather loud, and given to predominate, standing or walking about frequently, pulling down his waistcoat with the air of a man who is very much of his own opinion, trimming himself rapidly with his fore-finger, and marking each new series in these movements by a busy play with his large seals.
  67. Seen now, in broad daylight, she looked tall, fair, and shapely; brown eyes with a benignant light in their irids, and a fine pencilling of long lashes round, relieved the whiteness of her large front; on each of her temples her hair, of a very dark brown, was clustered in round curls, according to the fashion of those times, when neither smooth bands nor long ringlets were in vogue; her dress, also in the mode of the day, was of purple cloth, relieved by a sort of Spanish trimming of black velvet; a gold watch (watches were not so common then as now) shone at her girdle.
  1. The yard was neatly trimmed.
  2. His beard was neatly trimmed.
  3. His beard was trimmed and curled.
  4. You will now have your trimmed clip.
  5. He had short, trimmed, and brown hair.
  6. His hair was neatly trimmed and shaped.
  7. Even his windows were trimmed in gold.
  8. Her teeth had been trimmed, and polished.
  9. Her light blue dress trimmed 181 of 967.
  10. Snuffdishes: Used to catch the trimmed wick.
  11. The next day I trimmed the excess foam off.
  12. We had trimmed away most of the fat by then.
  13. Trimmed with tiny straps that tied in bows.
  14. Wearing a diaphanous gown trimmed with baby.
  15. He wore a long white gown trimmed in scarlet.
  16. Longer hair should be trimmed to this length.
  17. I've trimmed it for this cruising air�speed.
  18. Lenin with his mole gone and his goatee trimmed.
  19. The kid trimmed out, shutting down the throttles.
  20. It was calf length and trimmed in leather fringe.
  21. The house was white stucco, trimmed in dark wood.
  22. In the past year, you have probably trimmed many.
  23. Even his fingernails were trimmed and free of dirt.
  24. Its green boughs were trimmed with gold and silver.
  25. That unruly red bush of yours! It must be trimmed.
  26. Vegetation was not trimmed, of course, and leaves and.
  27. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.
  28. The lawn had been cut recently and the hedges trimmed.
  29. As he walked around the building by the neatly trimmed.
  30. His long hair had been slightly trimmed for the occasion.
  31. His hair was neatly trimmed and his fingernails manicured.
  32. Its tint was of dark violet, trimmed with threads of lace.
  33. Not to mention that unique cape trimmed in long, black fur.
  34. She thought he would look better without the trimmed beard.
  35. Ornate scalloped edges trimmed the speeders in gold and red.
  36. My ego has been trimmed back by some negative forces as well.
  37. Morel's head as she trimmed her little tarts in the kitchen.
  38. You should keep your content trimmed down so that it focuses.
  39. The skirt, the breast, and the sleeves were trimmed with red.
  40. His neatly trimmed gray hair was ruffled a bit by the breeze.
  41. The house is painted and clean, the gardens are trimmed and.
  42. His head was shaved to the bone except for a neatly trimmed.
  43. Alex trimmed the craft and tapped at a dial with his fingertip.
  44. And he trimmed the lamp, hung it up and went on with his work.
  45. The lawn didn’t need mowed and the hedges were already trimmed.
  46. His hair and beard were neatly trimmed – he was now a regular.
  47. His hair was trimmed very short, his clothes always wrinkled and.
  48. He shrugged his shoulders, blushing beneath his gray trimmed beard.
  49. Keeping your budgie's wing feathers trimmed is a year-round job.
  50. Chevalier guided Emily out the doors and along the neatly trimmed.
  51. Sebastian reached across and stroked Con‘s recently trimmed chest.
  52. He wore a pleasant enough smile framed by a perfectly trimmed beard.
  53. His hair was trimmed and he wore a white shirt and a smart gold tie.
  54. Each cabin had its own table, covered in white cloth trimmed in purple.
  55. Keep going in this way until ten tall trunks have been cut and trimmed.
  56. Emily trimmed my hair last night; it feels a lot lighter, thanks to her.
  57. The bushes had been trimmed from in front of each window to let in light.
  58. He was of middle height and wore a thin, neatly trimmed mustache and beard.
  59. If the bird’s wing feathers have been poorly trimmed, the bird may become.
  60. He made and trimmed the straws while Paul and Annie rifled and plugged them.
  61. Both wore dark gowns trimmed with white fur and had leather bags with books.
  62. Maintenon relaxed in his seat, stroking his neatly trimmed, greying moustache.
  63. It was trimmed in the same black leather at its edges and around the opening.
  64. He was dressed in a gown trimmed with white fur and mounted on a white horse.
  65. Although it looked very well managed, even the lawn looked perfectly trimmed.
  66. Your budgie's nails will grow quickly and can become twisted if not trimmed.
  67. His grey hair and neat trimmed beard were flecked with the black of his youth.
  68. She undressed and her slave girls immediately noticed the neatly trimmed bush.
  69. We painted and repaired and trimmed until it once more resembled the house we’d.
  70. The window treatments were of ivory lace, trimmed with gold-braid across the bottom.
  71. The red velvet muff and hat were both trimmed with white mink and matched the dress.
  72. He had a neatly trimmed beard flecked with grey and deep set dark brown eyes and a.
  73. He wore his golden hair swept back and stiffened with lime, his yellow beard trimmed.
  74. My father kept it trimmed and circumscribed, but I need to find a way to change that.
  75. The bodice was strapped and plain, but the skirt was full and trimmed in a white lace.
  76. This man was dressed better than the first, in a blue silken tunic, trimmed with braid.
  77. A small, thin, well trimmed grey goatee now made a light shadow across his jaw and chin.
  78. The eagle only sharpened his beak on a stone and trimmed his feathers and took no notice.
  79. He was thin, tall, short hair with a trimmed beard and must have been in his late 40’s.
  80. It is science that is cut, trimmed, and tailored to serve a pre-determined political end.
  81. White eyelet lace trimmed the ruffles on the matching floral printed canopy and bedspread.
  82. He was dressed like a prince wearing a white suit trimmed with gold thread and a white cape.
  83. As far as I can see, there are low buildings separated by trimmed grass and fledgling trees.
  84. Her black plait was tied with a ribbon, the ends of which were trimmed with silver roubles.
  85. In Leviticus 19:27 we read that it is forbidden to have the hair trimmed around your temple.
  86. At least the hair on his head; trimmed and with a short crest in the center, was less flashy.
  87. He sported a full head of snow-white hair and a matching, neatly trimmed moustache and beard.
  88. The vessel trimmed sail long enough for Theodore and me to scramble up the ropes onto the deck.
  89. A neatly trimmed set of whiskers would suit you, and a pair of spectacles is always a good idea.
  90. On the neatly trimmed lawn, Tasha was taking pictures of Nate, who wore a grey, three-piece suit.
  91. There were large trees at irregular intervals and neatly trimmed shrubs also lined the pavements.
  92. Once the feather is fully formed, it no longer has a supply of blood and can safely be trimmed.
  93. Mistress Hulle stood by his side in a dark dress, trimmed with white lace, and looked ill at ease.
  94. Pushing such memories from his mind, King trimmed the helicopter and brought it nearer to the coast.
  95. He had a small, neatly trimmed white beard and piercing blue eyes that seemed to look into my soul.
  96. He had positioned Matilda behind an immaculately trimmed privet hedge in his parent’s front garden.
  97. I carried the color of your eyes well in my mind? Did you really have it trimmed just for me?
  98. The finishing touch to the outfit was a pair of black satin shoes, trimmed with copper rosette beading.
  99. He kept his little peanut Smiling Jack mustache always neat and trimmed exactly so above his thin lips.
  100. Two undertaker's men in gray uniforms trimmed with black walked on the right and the left of the hearse.
  1. CALL SYMPUTX trims any trailing spaces as opposed to CALL SYMPUT.
  2. I picture my mother standing behind me with a comb and a pair of scissors, faintly smiling as she trims my hair, and I want to scream rather than insult her like this.
  3. Helping the llama or brahmin as he trims the lamps of the idols,.

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