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Commencement in a sentence

1 Commencement of tenancy.
The commencement of worship.
with the commencement of worship.
commencement of all great festivals.
I shall be there before the commencement.
The origin and commencement of his grief.
It proved the commencement of delirium: Mr.

So this is the point of commencement of the war.
ship or adoration is the commencement of this remedy.
still hear the commencement sound of the marching song.
and at any time before or after the commencement of a.
for the commencement of such actions by the statute of.
also heralds the commencement of centenaries in a major.
bring a man to the commencement of the Path of development.
The armies were divided at the commencement of the campaign.
shall prohibit the commencement or continuation of the activity.
by the ear nest and devoted worshipper is the commencement of de-.
There is constant growth of wisdom after the commencement of spir-.
these three marks the commencement of the action which has time and.
Formally open the doors and celebrate the commencement of the school.
By the end of the term a commencement was held for the graduating class.
authorities would put its effective commencement somewhat later than this,.
All eyes shifted to Kosmo who sat as though he were at a commencement speech.
So facts, figures and numerals should come at the commencement of the speech.
would lead to delay in the commencement of work by the GoM and thus the ToRs.
Alexander- just what he had least desired at the commencement of the interview.
The rest of the family sat expectantly awaiting the commencement of dinner.
At that time they got rejected in the commencement of prosecution based on the.
The first time she left her chamber was at the commencement of the following March.
She now saw him from the commencement of that scene and relived what she had then.

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beginning commencement first kickoff offset outset showtime start graduation

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