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Commons in a sentence

1. The tragedy of the commons.
2. In the Commons of the Heart.
3. The love of god is a commons.
4. Commons, where all students eat.
5. On the role of Creative Commons.
6. In this commons all are neighbors.
7. House of Commons and House of Lords.

8. Creative Commons may be contacted at.
9. The House of Commons is not sitting.
10. The commons love their village heroes.
11. Commons; so he knew what had been discussed.
12. Nothing is sacred; no commons is sacrosanct.
13. One of the conditions that Creative Commons.
14. The Prime Minister rose to a packed House of Commons.
15. Creative Commons is not a party to this Licence, and.
16. Richard and Bam were sitting in the commons area when Ms.
17. Special Interest Politics and The Tragedy of the Commons.
18. The commons quickly filled with scared and angry tourists.
19. Creative Commons logo except to indicate that the Work is.
20. Commons trade mark usage guidelines at the time of use of.
21. The alternative to filtering is the tragedy of the commons.
22. Is there a door that opens near the commons? Cara asked.
23. During their Wednesday testimony before a House of Commons.
24. Let us hope that commons sense will prevail on that subject.
25. To the commons, we’re going to have a meeting there soon.
26. Richard made his way across the commons over to the elevators.
27. He’s that MP who started the Early Day Motion in the Commons.
28. We’re going to keep them here in the commons, Steve said.
29. The commons was quiet, and it was still dark outside the windows.
30. I replaced the lightbulbs in the commons yesterday, you saw me.
31. The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World.
32. RCMP pension scandal when they appeared before a Commons committee.
33. Commons, the Speaker of the Senate, the Chief Justice of the Supreme.
34. By then, Mike and I had rented a unit at Birchwood Commons next to St.
35. Do you see that? Cara asked pointing to the back of the commons.
36. Our nu commons is GameSpace; our nu common sense is a sense of screen.
37. As noted, MPs on the Commons public accounts committee sat stunned.
38. That’s thirty six people, not bad, the commons can hold that many.
39. Yes, I do, but I’ll save it for later in the Student Commons area.
40. MPs on the Commons public accounts committee sat stunned as witnesses.
41. That was our esteemed leader from the house of commons, she said.
42. Simultaneously, the House of Commons was being taken over by the new.
43. There are a few way to perform this test, but here are the most commons.
44. As noted, I move … that the House of Commons find Barbara George in.
45. Incredibly, he said, when questioned in the House of Commons about the.
46. We started out again and soon we were entering into the village commons.
47. To Jeff’s dismay, Scott stopped suddenly at the center of the commons.
48. This is the message that is read aloud to the House of Commons at 10:56 p.
49. Inside the commons area of the jail, Richard sat watching the news with Bam.
50. Isaac and Rancid were both chatting, sitting at a table in the commons area.
51. What did Archbishop Usher, in his sermon before the House of Commons, say?
52. The House of Commons will meet this evening to discuss the future of the scheme.
53. Cindy could see the two vampires enter the commons through the window of the pod.
54. That which depletes the commons destroys the marketplace and is hence irrational.
55. She quickly scanned to her left to the other commons entrance and saw a few more.
56. The House of Commons is a powerful body, no doubt, and monarch of all it surveys.
57. Sunday morning January 22, 1854 was cold but sunny as Olin waited in the town commons.
58. I thought you would get it, Dave, with your reference to the Tragedy of the Commons.
59. I was passing through on my way to the House of Commons to meet with Tony Lawrence MP.
60. A society without the commons of a healthcare system relegates all its citizens to Mr.
61. Ninety seconds after passing through the commons, Ash spotted the portside docking tubes.
62. He immediately made a beeline for the commons and the two conspicuously-hung pay phones.
63. It wasn’t long before vampires entered the commons area and started removing the bodies.
64. Her voice carried across the speakers throughout the commons and most of the first floor.
65. Consciousness is a social ethic, it is a commons held in common, and thus can be polluted.
66. More times than Bohdan could remember, he was escorted from his cell to the commons for lunch.
67. I had tenants who were fine but commons fees were outrageous and taxes could have been lower.
68. As I have stated in my high yield pearls to pass the boards: Most commons are emphasized.
69. Then Kent saw something through the pod window by the north hall that connected to the commons.
70. A lanky, long haired vampire step out of the hall and into the commons walking towards pod one.
71. Findings are reported to the House of Commons, printed, and published on the parliament website.
72. The only safe way of terminating useless debate is that followed in the British House of Commons.
73. Rely on nonprofit sources, those that often are licensed under creative commons, not copyrighted.
74. You got one hour a day in the yard and I could see you from the commons area across the field.
75. The commons filled with the sound of Ted’s voice yelling at the lone vampire echoing in the halls.
76. What about buying me lunch instead in that posh restaurant of yours in the House of Commons?
77. Don’t push it bitch, he said and turned back to face the mayhem lying on the commons floor.
78. As the Earth is the mother of our physical commons, the web is the source of our virtual commons.
79. And now he spoke to them as if they were simply travelers meeting in the commons of some great hall.
80. The commons is a taught sense of a shared environment and, as such, it is comprised of a common sight.
81. And that meant the media were paying increasing attention to its passage through the House of Commons.
82. EDMs are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons but very few are actually debated.
83. Whereas the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster, lawfully, fully and freely.
84. Then he saw more vampires enter the commons from the hall and now there were six or seven heading his way.
85. By nine in the morning, the commons were filled with vampires and the pod ran red onto the white tile floor.
86. But some one, again, will remind me that the House of Commons represents the laity of the Church of England.
87. Steve spoke into a microphone that sounded all across the commons with an echo telling Cara to try the door.
88. Thanks to Martin Lopatka for this Creative Commons image, which was used in the background of the book cover:.
89. It seemed the tram tunnel was slightly pressurized and when the door opened, the air escaped into the commons.
90. The junior Minister from the Home Office was appearing before the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.
91. But when wealth and power control the commons, it is polluted with their covert coercion and their self-worship.
92. He did a quick head count and found that all thirty six had found their way out of the tunnel and into the commons.
93. Richard Gary! the correction officer called as he walked through the main commons area towards Richard’s cell.
94. The good news for those in favour of women Bishops is that the House of Commons took on the Church of England on Thursday.
95. Our response, how we rise zombie or Christ, will be the tragedy of the commons or miracle of the crisis we choose to live.
96. A lifestyle of sharing the Earth as commons is living in a combination of intersections, courtesies, alliances, and unions.
97. Only a few vampires could be seen walking the halls across the commons as the sun glared through the window and began to set.
98. The camera in the commons showed a picture of a handful of vampires sitting around at tables, and the floor covered in blood.
99. From their vantage point they couldn’t see the bodies and blood on the commons floor, it was a blessing considering the mess.
100. It was, sir, to prevent debate in the House of Commons upon questions of a delicate nature with respect to high personages, &c.

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