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Common in a sentence

1. It is the common fate.
2. It is common also for.
3. It was a common secret.
4. John was a common name.
5. We had a lot in common.
6. We have a lot in common.
7. The old ways of common.

8. They all spoke a common.
9. It is fairly common for.
10. They had a lot in common.
11. Who is above the common.
12. They share a common bond.
13. This is a common kind of.
14. A second common type of.
15. This is a common practice.
16. I had so much in common.
17. It's this lack of common.
18. It was plain common sense.
19. The common factor in all.
20. Kingdom was a common thing.
21. We have nothing in common.
22. It felt like a common cold.
23. It was a common garden ant.
24. Both have a common origin.
25. This is just common sense.
26. Common sense out to lunch.
27. This common flaw is what.
28. Of one common desire for.
29. Victory for the common man.
30. But we have a common enemy.
31. To me this is just common.
32. The common sense of it all.
33. There was no common motive.
34. This is a common complaint.
35. Common names you may have.
36. It is common to some people.
37. Having all Things in Common.
38. You two have that in common.
39. Thyroid cancer is not common.
40. I spoke in the common tongue.
41. Pain is not a common feature.
42. What do we have in common?
43. We’ve got a lot in common.
44. Now find some common ground.
45. Common sense is the aspirin.
47. They have nothing in common.
48. It’s so common that there.
49. This is a very common model.
50. The following is common sense.
51. Fires in theatres are common.
52. That is the common usage of.
53. One thing common with these.
54. Again, use common sense here.
55. It goes against common sense.
56. All have one thing in common.
57. Buy the mandate of common man.
58. It is not a common name here.
59. Not common for a baby though.
60. Name is more common, so name.
61. This is the least common FGM.
62. This is a common ground be-.
63. You and I also have a common.
64. Instead of making the common.
65. He said we had that in common.
66. The man gave off some common.
67. Use your common sense on this.
68. The common factor is the gold.
69. Use those for the common good.
70. The two most common watering.
71. This is the most common setup.
72. Remember that a little common.
73. The common factor was the pull.
74. Less common, though still not.
75. I have nothing in common with.
76. This is a very common problem.
77. These kids were a common sight.
78. Their common sense is impaired.
79. I feel we have a lot in common.
80. We seem to have much in common.
81. Another privilege the common G.
82. They are quite common, madame.
83. That was the most common blood.
84. The most common other cause is.
85. Whereas fear is common to most.
86. Just a… common burglar, sir.
87. This is our common status, our.
88. This is a common starting point.
89. Only the universal is in common.
90. Of the common and uncommon paths.
91. Suck it up, for the common good.
92. Common folks had to be mindful.
93. It works excellent as a common.
94. The common law offence of rape.
95. You and I have a common enemy.
96. Note the common use of ir as an.
97. It goes against all common sense.
98. These moths get the common name.
99. Now this Trade Common language.
100. They have defective common sense.

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