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Common in a sentence

It is the common fate.
John was a common name.
We had a lot in common.
It was a common secret.
It is common also for.
The old ways of common.
We have a lot in common.

Who is above the common.
They had a lot in common.
This is a common practice.
It is fairly common for.
They share a common bond.
I had so much in common.
A second common type of.
This is a common kind of.
They all spoke a common.
Both have a common origin.
This common flaw is what.
It felt like a common cold.
The common factor in all.
Of one common desire for.
Common sense out to lunch.
Victory for the common man.
It was a common garden ant.
Kingdom was a common thing.
It was plain common sense.
This is just common sense.
It's this lack of common.
We have nothing in common.
Common names you may have.
But we have a common enemy.
The common sense of it all.
There was no common motive.
To me this is just common.
This is a common complaint.
Now find some common ground.
They have nothing in common.
We’ve got a lot in common.
It is common to some people.
You two have that in common.

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