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Complaint in a sentence

This is a common complaint.
All with the same complaint.
complaint lodged against him.
for sharing their complaint.
complaint could be profitable.
with a loud yell of complaint.
lodged a complaint for slander.

Anyway; And without complaint.
Neither volunteered a complaint.
And they Nair uttered a complaint.
there was no complaint from the UN.
my complaint & moan, &he hears my.
We have a language of complaint,.
The dog cannot lodge a complaint.
Consider this as a valid complaint.
I bring up my original complaint.
’s Office of the Police Complaint.
whimsical complaint that the parrot.
all the mess, with never a complaint.
I regretted I had made the complaint.
He ignored this often-heard complaint.
He returned to Whittaker's complaint.
My only complaint is this: why do I.
Another complaint has to do with the.
It is a very easy complaint to imitate.
Police complaint commissioner Stan T.
this complaint is directed against them.
Dexter rose from his chair in complaint.
No complaint had been lodged with the.
issue as a complaint it means that the.

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charge complaint ailment ill