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Conceptualise in a sentence | conceptualise example sentences

  1. Perhaps prayer is the inner spiritual reflection that drives the discernment of a particular faith that instills the comprehension to conceptualise the profound magnificence of the Creator of the universe.
  2. The Creator, a Being that would perhaps be too far removed from that which human thought could conceptualise if not for the existence of Jesus Christ, if indeed we can spiritually, emotionally and intellectually consider Jesus Christ to be the Son of ‘God’.
  3. This is because the Creator must be, by definition, far too Awesome, far too ‘Omnipotent’, far too Magnificent, far too Complex, far too ‘Benevolent’, far too ‘Omniscient’ and far too ‘?????’, for human minds to accurately and comprehensively conceptualise with a clear, absolute and transparent image and definition.
  4. Indeed, it is difficult to conceive that there was nothing before the Universe, just as it is difficult to conceptualise that the universe does not continue forever, because perhaps there has to be something before the Universe, and because perhaps nothing ‘physical’ can continue and exist forever, particularly in its present atom-energy state and beyond.

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