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  1. I cannot conceptualize mothers in black, burying their children resulting from gang and gun violence.
  2. Thus, the inability of the Musalmans to conceptualize the sharia in the context of Muhammad’s life and times tend them on a path of blind alley.
  3. It is hard to conceptualize how leaders of a country that is so rich in mineral resources and exports of gold, diamonds, platinum, and copper could allow it to fare so poorly.
  4. It was difficult to conceptualize that only a few hours ago this had been a busy gas station, part of the vibrant economy of the city, though now it had been reduced to a smoldering heap of rubble.
  5. For it is argued, but difficult to mentally conceptualize, and thus conceive, that there must be neither nothing before ‘God’, nor nothing after ‘God’, because ‘God’ always was, and always will be.

  6. Freedom is bodily freedom as well as abstract mental freedom, for a prisoner can conceptualize themselves as free, yet their body is not free to act upon its will to relocate itself outside the imprisoning walls.
  7. None of our planets, however, have any parallel social practice equivalent to economics, so it is probably easiest to conceptualize it as a crippled and neglected relation to our collective concept of Creative Fulness.
  1. After conceptualizing them.
  2. Maybe you don’t spend a lot of time conceptualizing the.
  3. Viewing behaviors as dichotomous rather than integrated, especially conceptualizing.
  4. Actually, the problem is not with astrology per se, but with how we modern, western astrologers have been practicing it (or better said: conceptualizing it) for the past several centuries.
  5. These categories are of significance in conceptualizing the role each Rune plays in the context of its general concepts and esoteric aspects; but as we shall see, they all play a role in creation.
  6. What are your ideals, what definitions are you conceptualizing, what are your beliefs regarding the power of love? To the thirties and beyond: how do you define love? How does your belief in love structure your personal and social relationships and the institutions that you participate in either directly, e.
  1. But detach what should have been better with conceptualized control.
  2. The conceptualized yacht Hank had presented to him during lunch had impressed him.
  3. Why the Musalmans failed to recover the lost ground, and how the Hindus regained the same was conceptualized by Hunter thus:.
  4. The reality of the something that existed before the reality of human experience and creation, may understandably conceivably be, conceptualized and experienced as incomprehensible.
  5. As the modern organization has evolved round department heads, it seems to me that our ancient religion conceptualized various Gods for specific functions governing the Hindu destiny.
  6. From the communal predilections of the heartmind, the basis for the construction of love emerges – a conceptualized ethic derived from one's willed sense of a community of caring.
  7. In a way, what Hinduism conceptualized as vasudhaika kutumbam, world is but one family, that later day Brahmanism negated with its prejudice, the Christianity symbolizes with its service by reaching out to the non-Christian peoples as well.
  8. The object to ‘learning’ is to inevitably lead to presuppositions concerning the nature of the world, and a philosophy about the creation of others, whereas meditation and the pure perception which must accompany it may lead to insight into the very nature of things, the world not yet ‘created, conceptualized, made philosophy.

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