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Concerted in a sentence

Although there was a concerted.
Sometimes it is a concerted effort.
Make a concerted effort to be five.
But he was going to make a concerted effort.
Tom imagined that the concerted campaign of.
This was a half-century of concerted efforts to.
A concerted publicity and propaganda campaign then.

All forces would then join in a concerted drive to Rome.
There was no concerted or organized effort or ministry in the.
After about twenty-one days of concerted effort and angry self-.
Hank Hampton was making a concerted effort to improve our relationship.
It is impossible to attribute the burning of Moscow to a concerted plan.
Ambrosius made a concerted effort to swallow his sickness and stood up.
Recently, administration has been making concerted efforts to tackle cor-.
There seems to be a concerted effort by the nuclear industry—the NRC.
The next level is the implementation stage …the time for concerted action.
It should be clear that what we have here is a concerted effort to confuse.
This bit of manual work in loading the silver was their last concerted action.
If parents wil make a concerted effort to shield their children from negative.
So, it’s imperative that a concerted effort be made to impose only highly useful.
The injustices I have suffered and continue to suffer have been a concerted effort.
And then in one concerted movement they all slithered and wriggled and wormed off into.
The other Lieges and Leaders unanimously approved Taliesin’s idea of a concerted militia.
I'll tell you what bud; from now on, I'm gonna make a concerted effort to maintain my temper.
This is part of a concerted effort to confuse the true meaning of hour and other date.
As it approached the shore, the gathered mob broke into yells, and then a concerted roaring cheer.
Vatican’s concerted efforts to enforce their approved versions of history and dogma and the clearly.
In spite of that the boys had made a concerted effort to build yet a second two-room cabin at The Rocks.
All of which made the concerted attack on the McGee ship at the rescue point stand out in sharp contrast.
Love grows through direct and concerted meaning-making relationships and not a series of net worked kinnections.
Berunni’s people made a concerted effort to slam clubs, hammers and mauls simultaneously against the barricade.
Just because they are not smart enough to mount a concerted attack does not mean we should kill them outright either.
The sorcerers had concerted their arcane energies upon it to stay updated through the eyes of the pair of Entities summoned by Themistokles.
No, he replied in a strong, authoritative voice that was slightly louder than necessary, drawing a few concerted glances from nearby members.
But his trading journey, now over five years, is one of perseverance, paid outside coaching, and concerted effort to step outside of his comfort zone.
Consequent upon these concerted efforts an important meeting was called at Zulimistan industrial city New Dork by Zulimistan thinkers association (ZTA).
It takes a concerted internal corporate marketing effort to achieve buy-in from the knowledge workers and managers the technology is intended to empower.
When something happens that consistently over time, it is difficult to conceive it was a result of a concerted recruiting campaign to join the other team.
I always tried to respect and treat my parents well, but after that scene I made a concerted effort to do everything I could for them while they were alive.
The negroes, frightened and sullen, muttered of Yankees should the guilty parties be found and of a concerted uprising against the retaliatory house burnings.
We did two concerts there.
THEY USED to have concerts.
She means to play at concerts.
She intends to appear at concerts.
You still play on stage in concerts.
Marie was doing the outdoor concerts.
He didn’t attend the final concerts.
You have concerts scheduled and you.
Of the other concerts, she was oblivious.
The Civic Center hosts scores of concerts and.
She would continue her concerts once again at.
Girls swooned and his concerts sold out quickly.
Some concerts were halted because of unruly fans.
Ramkumar’s mother sung the concerts in December.
Finally the summer outdoor picnic concerts came to.
He kept away from concerts lest he should meet her.
All this, despite Ramkumar’s chances and concerts.
Concerts were not publicized until just before they.
Often after concerts she would quietly return to her.
He even got her a smooth entry into the radio concerts.
Diane and the girls did quit doing shows and concerts.
I get to sing concerts only with her, said the mother.
That doesn't mean they can't do concerts or shows anymore.
In the tapes and films of those concerts he could still feel.
Ramkumar’s mother had about seven concerts coming in December.
So, you have these six concerts just like that? she asked.
He was given funds to have Saturday's band concerts, and pizza.
I will also agree to do concerts, which is pure profit for us.
The concerts were to be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
There were still concerts upcoming, and the pace would pick up soon.
This meant returning to do concerts when he really needed some rest.
Concerts, parties, art openings, or any other occasion that gathers.
Exactly, Senator Burney, between concerts, smiled the young man.
We circled the globe, playing nineteen concerts in twenty-five days.
His mother called up all her students and made them attend her concerts.
Music, musical instruments, the sound of the sea, wind chimes, concerts.
There’ll be other concerts, I said reassuringly, and then I did.
Michael Jackson earned huge money out of albums, live shows and concerts.
The city also put on weekly concerts in a big park that was nice as well.
He goes to Pepper’s riotous, perplexing concerts and pays attention to Claire.

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It was a concert triumph.
At "The Bow Bells" Concert.
Easter Concert, Old South Ch.
We didn’t go to the concert.
In fact, in concert with this.
It was a heavy metal concert.
After the concert, I spoke to.
The concert was finished at 12 p.
Maybe it was a rock concert or.
We should go see this concert.
I’ll try to attend your concert.
Troy's sages should in concert own.
This is about our Citibank concert.
You are here for the free concert.
When the concert was over, Liam said.
A concert of laughs greeted her joke.
It would be a free concert for the.
One evening she was doing a concert.
Are you holding a private concert Mr.
Had to refuse the Greystones concert.
The concert will be followed by dinner.
It’s for the concert, he said.
Having attended a concert, which was.
This is a hospital, not a concert hall.
That was before the spontaneous concert.
A concert of cheers greeted that scene.
Her next concert was sold out to capacity.
You fork out big bucks to attend a concert.
Their first concert was to take place in.
But what about the concert tonight?
I was crying out in concert with Christine.
The concert was longer than the boys wanted.
If on the day of the concert, you want to.
The concert was in a local Methodist church.
They can be used separately or in concert:.
It’s a long time since I went to a concert.
Third story: Sandra sings in a music concert.
We started the concert on time though, and.

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