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    1. The Council of Faith and Doctrine was supreme, even to the Commander when they were unanimous and there was no military battle in progress

    2. The council was unanimous at this encounter, the Hammer of God must continue on its way

    3. Where there are seemingly unanimous agreements there the

    4. This seemed to meet with unanimous approval from the thirsty

    5. “Today, we shall begin today!” was their unanimous resolve in response

    6. unanimous consent of every single trader, and it cannot last longer than every single trader

    7. ˜ But how various soever may have been the opinions of the learned concerning the progress of the value of silver during the first period, they are unanimous concerning it during the second

    8. It was just about unanimous that they go back and pick them up, even though it added six years to the return journey

    9. “Oh yes please!” came the unanimous response

    10. “Deal!” was the unanimous reply

    11. Nine women fainted to the deck with a unanimous thud

    12. Followed by a unanimous wave of side-splitting laughter so intense some of the company really did pee themselves

    13. “Yes Ma'am!” came their unanimous reply, and they dashed off on a different path than the Elf and Dena continued along with their vanguard of Nephlii

    14. The vote was unanimous to cut work hours on Fridays

    15. Although no vote was needed or requested, the vote would have been unanimous to steer to the south immediately

    16. father," Harry cried out, "Yes, keep it for papa!" and Kitty, joining in the chorus, the vote was unanimous, and the turkey was hung away to

    17. It did not, since the public was nearly unanimous in condemning Nixon for his crimes

    18. The boss, Sal D’Ambrosio, spoke on Peter’s behalf and the unanimous vote was to have him exiled from the family

    19. I learned in Faction History that the Amity recognize no official leader—they vote on everything, and the result is usually close to unanimous

    20. Some thrust it upon the man, others grudgingly accepted the predicament but it was certainly unanimous

    21. ” Lindzen points out that NAS never asks that all participants in such a report agree to all its elements, so that NAS reports rarely, if ever, represent a unanimous decision

    22. Lindzen states unequivocally that the NAS report makes it clear “that there is no consensus, unanimous or otherwise,” as to either climate change or what might cause such change (emphasis added)

    23. Warren, who proved to be more the politician than the jurist, used his own persuasive powers and his new position of Chief Justice to achieve a unanimous decision by the Court, and wrote the opinion himself

    24. ” He said, “The board is unanimous, well with the exception of Ben of course

    25. The evidence which I had that the officials who took the “adverse personnel action” against me in reprisal because I made the protected communications was the purported unanimous vote to fire me by the officials who were the subjects of my investigations and/or allegations in the attachments that I supplied to the three IGs

    26. of the Statute of the Council of Europe and by the unanimous vote of the

    27. They did, with an enthusiastic consensus that was almost completely unanimous

    28. “Did you not learn from your last divine visitation that breaking the Withdrawal by speaking to you can only be done with the unanimous consent of all the gods, according to agreements we have forged unanimously among us after extensive debate?!! Did you never think that the consensus for such a visitation might not be instantly achieved, even for the gods?!! Particularly when our attention is demanded by you only moments after an alien god has appeared on Kellaran?!! That perhaps the intervention of that alien god at a crucial moment in a pivotal event, and it’s insults to us, might not merit some discussion by us, and that it is most certainly of a higher priority than your impatient concerns?!!! Did you?!!!”

    29. Critics are unanimous in their praise of his talent

    30. The critics were unanimous in their praise and he was nominated for an Oscar

    31. If we offer a unanimous mandate, the Court can't stand

    32. “The choice was unanimous,” Luke announced

    33. It had been unanimous

    34. On three occasions when it was deemed wise to punish Jude for self-confessed and deliberate violations of the family rules of conduct, his punishment was fixed by the unanimous decree of the older children and was assented to by Jude himself before it was inflicted

    35. She is the one we chose to be the next queen and it was a unanimous vote

    36. And was not all of this expectation now fulfilled right before their eyes? When this hungry, undernourished multitude had finished gorging itself with the wonder-food, there was but one unanimous reaction: "Here is our king

    37. In all cases where this committee of three were not unanimous in agreement, they brought the candidate to Jesus, and while the Master never rejected a single person who craved ordination as a gospel messenger, there were more than a dozen who, when they had talked with Jesus, no more desired to become gospel messengers

    38. The response was unanimous and in favour

    39. Government Ministers, high ranking Police Officers, Local dignitaries and ordinary working class people were all unanimous in their condemnation of the perpetrators of the arson attack on the Khan family

    40. Votes had to be unanimous, so if the collector “spilled the beans” before the vote was counted, the vote was halted

    41. casts the unanimous ballot for the Reverend Doctor Harold

    42. Scattered applause indicated less than unanimous

    43. seemed to be unanimous

    44. An unanimous ‘yes sir!’ echoes throughout the small

    45. official terminology was far from unanimous

    46. Even so, by a unanimous vote, Wilkinson was made a lifetime member of the league

    47. When the workers drew up a list of unanimous petitions, a long time passed before they were able to notify the banana company officially

    48. Nancy felt a wave of happiness wash over her when the end of the film brought unanimous applauses and cheers from the spectators

    49. After the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor – I don’t think that ever made it as a song title at that time – the feeling of the American people changed dramatically as there was unanimous support for the country’s involvement

    50. The capacity crowd immediately rose to their feet, with a unanimous burst of cheer

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    Synonyms for "unanimous"

    consentaneous consentient unanimous solid whole alike harmonious concurrent concerted accordant concordant unified

    "unanimous" definitions

    in complete agreement

    acting together as a single undiversified whole