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Condensation in a sentence

Condensation on the inside of.
It was merely the condensation of the man.
The windows were clouded with condensation.
Slimy moss and condensation covered the walls.
Condensation started to form on Kenichi’s mask.
The window frames are held together by condensation.
That could have caused excessive condensation buildup.

The zen koan is a condensation of one quoted in Hofstadter.
I could make something to collect the condensation, I’m sure.
Cosette was a condensation of the auroral light in the form of a woman.
The plastic cools more quickly than the air, causing heavy condensation.
There is a cloud sitting on the earth, condensation runs down the window.
They formed on the lid in a process known as condensation because the lid was cool.
He let his face fall on the cold window laced with condensation, and started licking.
I tilted my head, watching the condensation from my hot breath fill the air around me.
These surfaces would thereby be at least partially insulated from the steam condensation.
He exhaled into the receiver’s mouthpiece, left a fine mist of condensation on the plastic.
The lack of light and the condensation streams from their breathing only enhanced the effect.
The inside is dry so no condensation takes place, and the outside is sealed against bacteria.
His gaze was returned from a face in obscure profile, ringed with a moist halo of condensation.
Arrange the bag on a slight slope to encourage condensation to run down to the collecting point.
Even cut vegetation will produce some condensation as it warms up when placed in a large plastic bag.
Let’s consider its effect on the clouds’ swimming and condensation then on causing the rainfall.
Let us consider its effect on the swimming of the clouds and the condensation which causes rainfall.
I could swear I saw a glass of water on the stool, droplets of condensation dribbling down its sides.
Within seconds of sealing the bag he felt the condensation forming inside and the air becoming stuffy.
He had just about as much business doing so as the disinterested droplets of condensation on his glass.
Torrey, John, on the condensation of carbonic, sulphurous and chloro-chromic acid gases, xxxv, 374; xxxvi, 394.
When the condensation blew off, Claire could clearly see that the freezer was packed to the brim with body parts.
She was breathing hard after running, and she had to clear the condensation from the glass twice while she waited.
The puffs then became trails of smoke climbing fast in the sky, heading towards the four approaching condensation trails.
I toweled myself off with one of Yuki’s giant terry cloth bath jobbies and then I wiped the condensation off the mirror.
As he was about to return to the warmth of the embassy, a high altitude condensation trail in the sky attracted his attention.
In the morning, the walls of my tent were covered with swirls of frost, condensation from my breath that had frozen in the night.
Condensation drew lines on the fogged parts of the glass, and beyond these lines, birds floated in a clearing sky, the gulls of Jamaica.
The overweight man snored loudly as he slept curled to the window, his hard outward breaths caused condensation against the pane of glass.
Erik nodded once, then pointed at two condensation trails high in the sky: the trails were now curving towards the East and the Iran Air flight.
In the English apparatus, the gases are both in one reservoir, and they are propelled by their own elasticity, after condensation, by a syringe.
Beside her a table was set with simple stoneware, steel cutlery, and crystal pitchers glittering with condensation from their magically maintained chill.
Missing Sophie, wondering, Jacob had a shower so hot his skin roared red and he had to wipe patches through the mirror condensation to shave, every stroke.

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