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    1. Ordinarily ‘Rest’ means stopping all voluntary activities (you still have to breath or digest food or cause the blood to circulate)

    2. " She had to digest that awhile

    3. Settled in her seat at my elbow sat a young woman reading what looked like a medical digest and out of the corner of my eye I could see her book had labelled diagrams of the human body and the text was all in Greek

    4. I nod to him as I digest this information, comparing it with the small knowledge I have of worship on Earth

    5. She gave him a moment to digest this and then continued in a mocking voice

    6. I digest this in silence, my hand firmly clasped in his as we walk up the road

    7. She seemed to take a long time to digest that

    8. Alistair again fell silent, leaving Tom to digest what he had just

    9. He paused giving Kev time to digest this information before going on

    10. ” He paused to allow them sufficient time to digest their new positions

    1. Victoria digested the meaning of his words

    2. coughing up fur balls and a half digested mouse,

    3. Duncan sat back and digested all that Lord Tarak had said

    4. Both Tom and Alistair digested this in silence for a few minutes

    5. Confident that, like the rest of the material, once digested he would be able to make a more critical exposition of it

    6. His throat burns and he gags uncontrollably, depositing bile and half digested coffee over the sill and the tarmac

    7. digested the importance of the information just imparted

    8. While Kev digested this information, Jarvis tried to weigh the man up

    9. His mind digested the meaning of that

    10. Emma often wondered if she could’ve digested the food from it before she ate breakfast

    1. She was digesting that

    2. He tried to appear that he was digesting that

    3. James sat digesting this for several minutes

    4. The Voice was silent, but Johnson could feel it thinking, digesting his

    5. "They're testing us," she stated, her ashen face calm, her eyes digesting the darkness

    6. To see ore in your dream indicates that you are still in the process of digesting certain concepts that you have learned in your life

    7. Please observe the motto that the fire in the stomach should be well preserved and should remain capable of digesting the food you eat

    8. Can you believe this? - she told me that digesting

    9. ” Is this merely a new version of the earlier experience with plurality, only now, just a resubmersion into a lessor pantheon? Or, is it a tacit admission that Man has difficulty digesting this God in a single gulp? What about the more ancient others? Complexity does seem to breed plurality, but plurality seems also to breed confusion, and that fosters a lack of concentration

    10. A bit like digesting food—before it gets through your stomach, it’s just a bulk of food

    1. The vegetation slowly digests the sun;

    2. When you realize these things, instead of manifesting externally, your anger digests itself

    3. Tentacles are hanging out of its mouth as it also quickly digests the octopus head

    4. An MBE -- Member of the British Empire -- a chunk of metal tagged with ribbon that had been stuffed away in an old tea-caddy behind a pile of Readers Digests

    5. It is best to eat fruit on an empty stomach because it passes through the stomach quickly and digests in the intestines

    6. The stomach digests food the size of about 2 fists the best

    7. Fruit digests best by themselves so keep in mind to not eat

    8. Prana digests the food, turns it into chyle and blood and sends it into the brain and mind

    9. It digests the food, burnt in the fire of Pran and circulates its

    10. God seated in the region of heart transmits knowledge and digests all the four kinds of combined

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    Synonyms for "digest"

    compilation digest concentrate condense abide bear brook endure put up stand stick out stomach suffer support tolerate assimilate analyse contemplate ponder reflect upon ruminate over study abridgment condensation abstract brief conspectus epitome synopsis arrange codify systematise systematize think over consume absorb

    "digest" definitions

    a periodical that summarizes the news

    something that is compiled (as into a single book or file)

    convert food into absorbable substances

    arrange and integrate in the mind

    put up with something or somebody unpleasant

    become assimilated into the body

    systematize, as by classifying and summarizing

    soften or disintegrate, as by undergoing exposure to heat or moisture

    make more concise

    soften or disintegrate by means of chemical action, heat, or moisture