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Confirmatory in a sentence | confirmatory example sentences

  1. Some confirmatory facts:.
  2. Many doubts have been expressed about the confirmatory examin-.
  3. There is no confirmatory information of who the two witnesses are.
  4. After two more confirmatory shots I start to relax; but I have used up eight bullets.
  5. Was it not so? He seemed to beg Charles Gould for a confirmatory word, a grunt of assent, a simple nod even.

  6. If the candle reaches back to fill the gap and then continues on in the direction of the gap, the message is confirmatory of the gap direction.
  7. So the General of the South revised his plan: I will send a message to the north to attack and will ask the General of the North to send a confirmatory reply indicating that he received my message!.
  8. If out Lord and Savior had not given so distinct a sanction to the belief by His own words on the Cross, and afterwards allowed His Apostle to use language confirmatory of the belief, we might perhaps have doubted the sufficient authority of Old Testament writers on such a question.
  9. The true object of inquiry to ascertain her efficient power is, what number of vessels is she practically able to keep in commission, and the answer may be received in a shape the most unfavorable to my argument, yet confirmatory of it, in the example of 1801, the year which I have selected for illustration, when it is confidently believed her equipment was greater, combining force and numbers, than at any other period of her history.

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