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  1. I'm constantly verifying what I can.
  2. I thank the prosecutor for verifying that fact.
  3. Verifying all important assumptions and estimates.
  4. Verifying the Validity of the Transaction History.
  5. But the police cleared me after verifying my alibi.

  6. After verifying the release of a trapped emotion from.
  7. It’s a matter of verifying you have all the variables.
  8. Claire noticed how Monica's eyes were verifying her statement.
  10. For verifying that the middle initial is valid, we use the line.
  11. After verifying her location, the next order had been to leave town.
  12. Swallowing, he looked to Mindy, after verifying what he truly couldn't believe.
  13. She worked with him when they were verifying the reduction of nuclear warheads.
  14. The Hebrew alphabet was instrumental in verifying the results of the Symbol Guide.
  15. After verifying everything, she strapped herself in and powered on the lights and engines.

  16. Novaks insistence on verifying that a specific consignment in Halifax had been delivered to.
  17. There is' a separare 1 who does the thinking and who can stand alone in verifying its existence.
  18. Military Police at almost all checkpoints, verifying travel documents of most soldiers and many civilians.
  19. She finished up by turning a small stainless steel handle on the top of each canister and verifying air flow.
  20. Moments later, after verifying he had a second box of shells in his pocket, Paul set the gun’s safety switch on.
  21. He had relegated their own observations to verifying what they could of what they were learning in the classroom.
  22. A man with a clipboard made final inspections, independently verifying the measurements, then approved it for use.
  23. Sheikho since he was child was not used to follow the people’s persuasions of his society without verifying them ….
  24. Authentication is a means for verifying users’ identities to ensure that they are authorized to access specific resources.
  25. What we are doing is going through each character of the string and verifying it against the string of acceptable characters.

  26. We should look out for prophecies, that were predicted and then fulfilled with 100% accuracy, by verifying events from history.
  27. Here it is, he said, and here’s one from the bank verifying the internet banking transaction, Halifax, same bank as me.
  28. Once verifying that everyone was in position, by looking over her shoulder, Kathy tossed her bouquet of flowers high into the air.
  29. With the software I have, this seems to be true, but I have no way of verifying that the robots don’t arrive at the lesser pages.
  30. You are incapable of reason, of verifying the truths of the doctrines that are taught you; it is easier for you to do as others do.
  31. Admiral Davidson found new jobs for his ex-wives in the traffic department verifying manifests and inspecting cargoes for contraband.
  32. The princess had long ago formed a habit of looking over her financial documents, and verifying the accounts of income and expenditure.
  33. Of course all this time we were not just sat here watching charts - all the time we were testing and verifying what our previous tests had given us.
  34. Gift Letter: A letter that a family member writes verifying that s/he has given you a certain amount of money as a gift and that you don't have to repay it.
  35. After verifying that she meant me, the next message was that our union would result in three children and they were the reason that our union was so important.
  36. Greg and Avi spent the next couple of hours verifying that they had control of all three cargo ships, the two passenger ships and the sole remaining fighter interceptor.
  37. This allows verifying whether the relationships that have been detected visually are reliable and makes it possible to give a quantitative expression of the influence exerted by the three factors.
  38. One was a tall, muscular guy showing off his physique with a leopard skin loincloth; the other two were dressed as a pirate and a vampire, verifying Cali and Caitlin’s prediction about popular costumes.
  39. We could use the same check for last name, street address and city although we might want to use a slightly different set of characters in our string of valid characters depending on what we are verifying.
  40. I concluded, after having said every thing that concerned myself; but I cannot refrain, from a desire to say something more which concerns everybody, from verifying the deductions which I have drawn, by comparisons.
  41. Being a stickler for verifying identities, Crowley tested this fact: He first had his car (still covered in jelly) towed to the location mentioned in the email and then started the iPod at the 9 minute and 25 second mark.
  42. Having determined the locations of the weapons satellites from the first pass by the glass recon drones, after verifying that the communications satellites were dead, the PI ships attacked the weapons satellites with Disruptor missiles.
  43. What others might have called the futility of his passion, made an additional delight for his imagination: he was conscious of a generous movement, and of verifying in his own experience that higher love-poetry which had charmed his fancy.
  44. Though he concealed the fact under a show of irritation and contempt, he was evidently in despair that the sole remaining chance of verifying his theory by a huge experiment and proving its soundness to the whole world was slipping away from him.
  45. He considered those magnificent conjunctions of atoms, which communicate aspects to matter, reveal forces by verifying them, create individualities in unity, proportions in extent, the innumerable in the infinite, and, through light, produce beauty.
  46. Men who lived before him discovered and expressed it, and all a man has to do is to verify them with his reason, to accept or not to accept the propositions which he finds expressed in the tradition, that is, not as people, who wish not to fulfil the law, advise us to do, by verifying reason through tradition, but by verifying tradition through reason.
  47. He showed that, since every act of violence could be justified, as actually happens, when two enemies do violence to one another and both consider their violence justifiable, and there is no chance of verifying the justice of the determination of either, it is necessary not to believe in any justifications of violence, and under no condition, as at first was thought right by humanity, is it necessary to make use of them.
  48. If the doubts about record-keeping or the reliability of information generally is so great that the auditors have serious doubts about the whole thing, they will say they could not discover whether the stocks are present or the sales are as stated; they may say the books and figures were not available; some tests of the books were frustrated; or they had some deep problem about verifying what was going on and so on, and as a result they can give no opinion on whether the accounts are true and fair.
  49. The other senses, hearing, smell, principally—touch, in verifying our visual impressions give us a more definite conception of the seen objects; but that which we know as broad, thick, hard or soft or how the things seen by us sound or smell, do not prove that we know these things fully and that if a new sense (above the five) were given us, it would not disclose to us that our conception of things formed by our five senses was not just as deceptive as that conception of the flatness of objects and their diminishing in perspective which sight only gives us.
  1. This is verified by the.
  2. This is verified by the fact.
  3. I’ve now verified this fact.
  4. This is verified by the other.
  5. All of this can be verified.
  6. This is redundantly verified by.
  7. The parameters are To be verified.
  8. This is verified by using the PDJULI.
  9. By actual facts that have been verified.
  10. The total was verified on 1 August 2012.
  11. Toller's prediction was partly verified.
  12. It’s easily verified by observing their.
  13. That's something they could have verified.
  14. By this can it be verified if a man has God.
  15. Its manifest was verified and the container.
  16. The burnt spots dotting it verified this in.
  17. You verified it with his thoughts, right?
  18. They found the errant comet and verified its path.
  19. You verified it when you went to go see your father.
  20. I have verified my information, and there's an end.
  21. Once we had verified the trapped emotion, I released.
  22. Both divisions have legitimately valid and verified.
  23. It is science, and it can be verified, Spock said.
  24. This time, Sandy verified that the Zomboid was indeed.
  25. He took his books, verified them, and put them in order.
  26. Saunders verified that the cartridge casing was a match.
  27. On the back, there was a stamp: CASUALTY STATUS VERIFIED.
  28. This is verified in history because the great upheavals.
  29. Worse yet, a fourth pledge verified that this event had.
  30. She verified all the way to the substrates on all of them.
  31. John Harley had verified that Alexandra Mellis was suicidal.
  32. Marcy ever found out that it was I who verified her, she’d.
  33. This is verified by the symbolism of seven stars (angels) in.
  34. Walking erect is verified by tibia that was found dating to 4.
  35. He could be verified as a tiger though, that much was for sure.
  36. This is verified by scientific observations showing that solid.
  37. New Testament can be independently verified as historical figures.
  38. You would not leave until the orders were verified, Klim said.
  39. On having verified the seriousness of the statement, I exploded:.
  40. Can the Accuracy of Information Received in an E-mail be Verified?
  41. Wendy applied the reality check that verified Rachel’s strategies.
  42. Once having verified that his and his wife’s Pirate Interdiction P.
  43. Only a handful of New Testament characters can be verified, and even.
  44. The number was verified, and Stepan Arkadyevitch’s envy pleased Levin.
  45. He verified the idea for small numbers but failed with a general proof.
  46. One? String theory has already verified the existence of twenty-six as.
  47. He later verified the translation of this particular Qur’aanic verse.
  48. I haven’t verified this with any scientists but I believe it’s true.
  49. The school has verified there has never been a television in any of the.
  50. Since then, astronomers have repeatedly verified the natural phenomenon.
  51. Not only have I read it but I have visited the planet and verified it.
  52. My parents say I've nineteen years, though I've not verified that myself.
  53. Moral judgements cannot be verified or falsified by scientific procedures.
  54. Ten minutes later, he was reviewing the executive summary which verified.
  55. I’ve also verified that they fit properly within the appropriate symbol.
  56. The scene verified what we have all heard about fabulous Texas millionaires.
  57. That verified Sicarius’s supposition more thoroughly than any words could.
  58. I have verified these citations from the greatest of the modern Jewish writers.
  59. Your intuition needs to be verified more then too, rather than just acted upon.
  60. This is further verified by the subsequent verses that speak of the Lamb also.
  61. Inside the van the third operative had already verified that the bug was in place.
  62. Communication with all personal workstations on the planet’s surface is verified.
  63. A Secret Service agent verified the ID and escorted Lindsay to the West Executive.
  64. When I come through this, I'm going to be verified, I'm going to be like a diamond.
  65. He next verified his own coded message sent to Maritime Express with instructions to.
  66. When Peter and Paul shook hands in Galatians 2: 9, this act verified the validity of.
  67. After the chip is verified, a password (PIN) is required to complete the transaction.
  68. If the direction of the trend (up or down) then continues, the sentiment is verified.
  69. Almost none of the death they created simply by viral infection is recorded or verified.
  70. EDWARD had verified they had done no more than enter the agenda page and left a message.
  71. After doing some checking I verified that indeed there was a difference of three hours.
  72. Whether it was or was not this missing person couldn’t be verified for some time yet.
  73. At this point, Coinbase will send an email to your account to have the address verified.
  74. Consulting her map, she verified her heading and flight time and then called her pilots.
  75. We all thought that he was the replacement for Roger Graham, but that was never verified.
  76. Rachel verified each step in the process twice to make sure she was not missing anything.
  77. Most likely, you’ll have to wait several days before your bank account is fully verified.
  78. Garcia verified the loss of transmission and took a moment to read the sensor sweep on the.
  79. After all the equipment and piping has been verified as installed correctly and working as.
  80. He scrolled through his files, made notes, logged on the Internet, and verified information.
  81. Once they were established in hyper drive and had verified their course, Rose asked, How.
  82. This conclusion is now verified and accepted by al present-day pharmaceutical experts in the.
  83. In the meantime, Dan Sims verified with his Bank that the payment was there, as cleared funds.
  84. The kid verified this, stating, My dad brings two rolls home each day in his lunch bucket.
  85. Though the data has never been historically verified still it makes me feel closer to my mum.
  86. If consistent, a philosopher who believes in a physical world verified by observation should.
  87. This is further verified by Apocalypse Chapter 11, which speaks of the two candlesticks that.
  88. Your dreams and intuition need to be verified more acting on them from the 24th to the 31st.
  89. Among the many proofs and revelations documented, I have decisively verified the validity and.
  90. The empirical certainty of divine union can neither be verified nor refuted by current science.
  91. Colonel Harlingen checked with his sensor technicians who verified the existence of the column.
  92. NOTE: I wrote the original version of this document before I had sufficiently verified my past.
  93. After breakfast Ken and the mate verified the amounts of fuel in each compartment and took samples.
  94. Thereby, the hidden spiritual-conceptual zone, long alluded to in ancient sources, is now verified.
  95. This calculation has since been verified and proves that light travels about 186,000 miles a second.
  96. He retraced his steps and verified that the oval with the lightning bolt through it was indeed there.
  97. It verified Martin’s suspicions, but something was troubling him about the meeting he had with Raoul.
  98. When I verified this I went back up to judge the island as a whole before drawing close to the buildings.
  99. Several research based rape prevention programs have been tested and verified through scientific studies.
  100. Doctor Homer also specialized in breathing gases and verified the readouts were within acceptable limits.
  1. The barman also verifies that.
  2. Stallman verifies the snake candidacy with a few caveats.
  3. It verifies much of the model of the universe as theorized.
  4. The proof of the Zodiac symbolism also verifies my identity and.
  5. This gives further proof of the Radin experiments and verifies what Dr.
  6. That logically follows that banks are crooks, as this instance verifies.
  7. This verifies that the Lamb is an astrological and time-keeping symbol.
  8. It is also the sum of three sevens (7+7+7), which redundantly verifies.
  9. He has spoken to me of his Creator, which verifies the rumors that we have heard.
  10. Consequently, this clearly verifies that these special four angels match the four.
  11. Waiter verifies again each item ordered and ensures without asking that correct food.
  12. Waiter verifies each item ordered and ensures that correct beverage item is served to.
  13. Journalist and soldier Malcolm Browne verifies this in his fine book, Muddy Boots and Red.
  14. By lumping them together, it verifies that religion is a creation of man, and is not of the.
  15. He verifies the smoke detectors are disconnected and leaves the home as silently as he entered.
  16. When a doctor examines a patient suffering from burn injuries, he verifies the degree of burns by a pinprick.
  17. A good environment for human reasoning is our rational faculties that verifies the knowledge of false or true.
  18. It is further revealed that he is a cousin to a respectable town citizen who verifies the man's vocation and his good person.
  19. Kerberos authentication is based on the exchange of tickets that contain an encrypted password that verifies a user’s identity.
  20. Once the script verifies that Integration Service has been installed, we will have to restart the computer for the changes to take place.
  21. The system verifies in the Knowledge Database: PROJECTUAL if anywhere in the world somebody already effected its cadaster to avoid cadastral duplicity.
  22. For example, if you see a stock rallying, and Time and Sales verifies there is a surge of large trades, it's a clue that bigger players are in the game.
  23. The Bible verifies that this kind of thinking is essential, telling us to "be renewed in the spirit of your mind" (Ephesians:4:23And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;).
  24. Finally, documentation verifies that in the first year-and-a-half of operation of the CBOE, only 10% of all options in the new options markets had any real value when their lives expired.
  25. However, even if nothing is put formally in writing, it is wise to send an e-mail or letter that verifies the terms and puts the agreement on record, especially when a specific number is decided on.

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1. We shall verify all that.
3. That’s what we need to verify.
4. Enter the code to verify your phone.
5. This helps to verify that stars and.
6. This should verify you with Google!.
7. Banks should verify the identity of.
8. Esmeralda did not bother to verify Mr.
9. No paper trail existed to verify the.
10. Now you can verify and unequivocally.
11. Verify that your restraints are tight.
12. To redundantly verify that this was no.
13. He would then be able to verify whether.
14. The investor can verify this concept by.
15. We will have to verify that it is numeric.
16. Myrakova might be able to verify the story.
17. Yes, they can be used to verify information.
18. It was time for EDWARD to verify who she was.
19. To verify the contention that email is one-.
20. Verify the operational status of my blog and.
21. You may verify it now if you have a portable.
22. No body to be exhumed to verify foul play.
23. When the NDEr or others later seek to verify.
24. Verify the symbology using the Apocalypse.
25. Have we checked to verify this is true?
26. I didn’t call the elevator to verify her story.
27. The police would verify his call records to see.
28. It will need research and statistics to verify.
29. We’re unable to raise the capital city to verify.
30. To confirm is to verify the accuracy of information.
31. You will need to verify that it is an account that.
32. Verify that all members of your group have the same.
33. I can’t verify the accuracy of these numbers –.
34. He was instructed to follow, verify and then clean!.
35. Yes, we were able to verify that story, he said.
36. However, we will go back at our leisure and verify it.
37. She should have called me to ask or verify information.
38. I’ll need access to the Kelvan computer to verify.
39. But he wanted to verify it, like a good reporter should.
40. Brink believes in Reagan's notion of trust, but verify.
41. I called the office just to verify that no plans were.
42. Gerrid could think of no way to verify if this was real.
43. Buddy, can you verify the identity of that ship?
44. It was up to doostEr to verify the fairness of this deal.
45. Verify the job openings to see what cities apply to these.
46. She could easily verify that with a screen from right here.
47. OTHER INFO: Verify the site; there is a lot of information.
48. After struggling to verify the truth about The Apocalypse.
49. When I write out words, I verify the correct spelling by:.
50. WHERE: Verify on site, there is a lot of information about.
51. You can verify it was shortened from 3-1/2 years on your own.
52. Our next step is to verify your website with Google and Yahoo.
53. We examine the coin and verify that one side is marked tails.
54. Sift through our memories and you can verify it for yourself.
55. You may need to verify the account by comparing the account.
56. VI - to verify the accomplishment of the objectives with its.
57. VIII - to verify the products and services that are rendered.
58. Readers may verify the facts if they care to take the trouble.
59. I’ll believe parts of the Bible that archeologists can verify.
60. Yes indeed, we must verify the exact amount for all concerned.
61. The hotel phone records verify the length of time for each call.
62. I can verify amply everything that has happened here tonight.
63. I have no hope of its being untrue, but at least I may verify it.
64. You can now also verify that The Apocalypse is much more than a.
65. But as you can now verify from the evidence identifying me as the.
66. Verify the credentials of the teacher before signing up for classes.
67. Every attempt has been made to verify the information in this eBook.
68. She has full control? Leonid wanted to verify he heard correctly.
69. You want to verify the results at logical places as the task progresses.
70. In order to verify the validity of Mesmer’s experiments they created.
71. Garcia hung on the line only long enough to verify the call went through.
72. Yakov reported that he had been able to track and verify an increasing.
73. Audio I/O tab, verify that your sound card is selected as the device for.
74. Cassidy, did the computer verify the message’s authenticity stamp?
75. Only by doing this can you verify and discover what really matters to you.
76. Now you can irrefutably verify and thereby fully understand that both are.
77. And I'm sure those whores, sorry, highly trained masseuses, will verify.
78. Software, it was necessary to verify and validate all of the data so loaded.
79. Do you have an expert to verify the handwriting is that of the pastor?
80. It seems so, Norm said, but nothing’s been wired to verify that.
81. Every now and then there was a check to verify the test subjects well being.
82. As if to verify the feeling, the bus arrived late and was full when it came.
83. In the case of a 'foundation', steps should be taken to verify the founder.
84. Possibly to verify Gowr's report that there had been a fight with the Human.
85. He thought he should be on a warehouse floor, and felt around to verify that.
86. If you do not believe me, there is an easy way to verify if they are genuine.
87. Internal Auditors should specifically check and verify the application of KYC.
88. While it may be next to impossible to prove and verify the recommendations as.
89. These verses also serve to verify that the Lamb and the Lion of the Tribe of.
90. Korea to verify that the critical mass reaction in an Iranian satellite would.
91. The retention of information as to the method of killing will help verify the.
92. Tammas reached over and put his hand in the candle flame to verify that it was.
93. Michael offered the duty to verify the validity of the 'When does Jesus come?'.
94. And I believe you approved a lot of fabrication to try and verify his results.
95. Therefore, it is necessary to verify if the obtained results are representative.
96. Likewise, all rely on the texts of the New Testament, which you can now verify.
97. Verify that you have the correct library installed and that the path is correct.
98. As the buyer, you verify that the bitcoins are in the escrow account as promised.
99. Study what you can, verify what you can, I suspect you can learn a lot from them.
100. If he knows the code, he can calculate the hash and verify that you also know it.