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Constituent in a sentence

1. That means it is an essential constituent of al.
2. Experience is the ultimate constituent of reality.
3. And the ultimate constituent of reality must include both.
4. Creatine is a natural constituent of meat, mainly found in red.
5. Symbols are another constituent element of religion that shal fal.
6. Assembly, which subsequently termed itself the Constituent Assembly.
7. Focus on the behavior of your portfolio, not on its constituent parts.

8. The latter now embraces constituent societies with over 50,000 members.
9. ANALYZE: Describe the constituent parts of something and show how they.
10. They form a constituent part of the hills or plains in which they are found.
11. Elections were held in July 1946 for the formation of a Constituent Assembly.
12. Yohimbine (the primary active constituent in Yohimbe) has been shown in several.
13. Space is a place with movement of atom-energies, which is the constituent of time.
14. Extracts providing 500–1,000 mg per day of cynarin, the main active constituent.
15. When we decompose stockholders’ equity into its constituent parts, we will find.
16. If its connective aspects were missing, it would explode into its constituent parts.
17. You are the property of NWTO and its constituent assemblies! You will comply!.
18. However, more modern studies have used the isolated constituent artemisinin and it is.
19. She feels as though her body is separating into its constituent parts and dripping away.
20. These two constituent options differed quite a bit in the amount they were out-of-the-money.
21. All the constituents of God are parts of you; every power that God has is a constituent of man.
22. The offering circular presented the following exhibit of earnings from the constituent properties:.
23. Anise contains a volatile oil that is high in the chemical constituent anethole and acts as an expectorant.
24. The overall S&P GSCI has time-varying constituent weights but has long been dominated by the energy sector.
25. This is assembled in production department H2 (Table 7) and it is a constituent part of product B4 and 1 pc.
26. This is assembled in production department T2 (Table 7) and it is a constituent part of product C1 and 1 pc.
27. Within the five-km zone, destruction was total; buildings were literally reduced to their constituent atoms.
28. God does not exist ―within‖ Nature; that is to say, God is not a constituent (or component part) of Nature.
29. These ef ects have been shown to be due to the presence of rhamnogalacturonan, another constituent of Modified.
30. Note that we’ve added the constituent vertical spreads to the chart so you can see how they interact with each other.
31. The notations of these functions are self-explanatory and they are used to split a date into its constituent components.
32. This substitute, however, was still obliged to account to his principal or constituent for the profits of the jurisdiction.
33. The equity premium is ideally computed for stock market indices that weight each constituent stock by its market capitalization.
34. You’ll notice that the inflection points for the risk reversal occur at the strike prices of the constituent options, 75 and 82.
36. The third stage is marked with a state when mantra transcends its constituent parts and even there remains no performer of the mantra.
37. The great advantage with quantum computers is that the fundamental constituent quantum bits – qubits – can superposition themselves.
38. Notice also that the total profit or loss starts to change when the underlying stock is right at the strike prices of the constituent options.
39. These are allocated by the Stock Exchange and the company will also be a constituent of that part or heading of the FT-Actuaries sector index.
40. International Flavors & Fragrances, also a constituent of the S & P 500, had a total stock-market value of $3 billion in early 2003, versus $1.
41. There is preliminary evidence that capsaicin, the active constituent of cayenne, can be applied inside the nose as a treatment for acute migraine.
42. A small double-blind trial found that a constituent of coleus, called forskolin, when inhaled, could decrease lung spasms in asthmatics compared to placebo.
43. These are the three great, original, and constituent, orders of every civilized society, from whose revenue that of every other order is ultimately derived.
44. It would be plowed under, lost and forgotten, and it would return to its constituent elements, lead and copper, part of the planet, the same way it started.
45. Which meant airport security was in their future, so they stripped the Smiths and dumped their constituent parts in separate trash cans all around the rest stop.
46. From this, we can infer that even thoughts and abstractions are made of energy because the laws of physics have stated that the basic constituent of everything is energy.
47. How strange that the Constitution exhibits a singular lack of application of mind of its framers to secure India’s integrity as a constituent country for all times to come.
48. That is, they belonged to the same rotation Cycle (with all of the particulars of each “personality” recorded in its “memory”, in the temporal ethereal constituent).
49. Who is in charge? A constituent of mine asked, ‘How can the president deal with the Soviets if he cannot settle a dispute between his wife and his chief of staff?’.
50. One day, in the presence of a witness whom we are not permitted to doubt, he rectified from memory the whole of the letter A in the alphabetical list of the Constituent Assembly.
51. Starting with LUUDMII-SVUU, these fragments may represent, by their SFUURMM-Forms, quite vast and deep “parts” of the temporal ethereal constituent of their “personality”.
52. Indeed, in most instances NAV is intrinsically related to earnings and exists in great part because companies or their constituent parts have enjoyed retained earnings in the past.
53. Based on the analysis of the structure of the product we can now synthesise the set of limitations that would assist us in determining time-based priority of its constituent components.
54. They are the only food constituent containing nitrogen and therefore essential for the growth and repair of the body, and are made up of complex chemical structures known as amino acids.
55. We refocus into desired Forms and life circumstances depending on Aspects of Qualities represented by the UU-VVU-Forms which we activate sequentially in the temporal ethereal constituent.
56. Each group of Stereo-Types (that is, NUU-VVU) has an informational access — through its characteristic set of UU-VVU-copies — only to its section of the temporal ethereal constituent.
57. This mineral has an antiseptic effect on the alimentary canal, is a constituent of the haemoglobin and keeps the blood purified, and prevents toxic impurities from accumulating in the body.
58. This is because the two constituent options were relatively equidistant from at-the-money when the risk reversal was initiated and we assume the underlying didn’t move for the term of these options.
59. Each of the nine constituent series is normalized based on 1999–2004 data, and the composite series shows how many volatility units each series deviates from its mean, on average, smoothed over time.
60. Absolutely everything that happens and could happen in our Life is “ciphered” and “packed” to the last detail in the form of informational holographous complexes in the temporal ethereal constituent.
61. Instead of worrying too much about learning the exact constituent criteria of a candlestick pattern (and its funny-sounding name), we should concentrate on reading price action as a whole, as if we are reading a book.
62. He let his elbow rest against Mori’s and every now and then, when he couldn’t find the characters’ constituent radicals in the smaller dictionary he had bought from the show village, nudged him for an explanation.
63. It is a relationship in which the author occupies an intently maintained position outside the hero with respect to every constituent feature of the hero – a position outside the hero with respect to space, time, value, and meaning.
64. This is because they “are unpacked” from the temporal ethereal constituent of our Stereo-Form and “unfolded” in the Space-Time of our Self-Consciousness with the help of psychic experiences that are characteristic only of “us”.
65. The Supraconsciousness can become activated only with the help of medium Planetary Formo-Creators of the temporal ethereal constituent of the Planetary mentoplasmic khristal Body — UOLDMII-SLII (the Mental Plane-Overtone — from +6.
66. The distance could not much weaken the dependency of the representative upon the constituent, and the former would still feel that he owed his seat in parliament, and all the consequence which he derived from it, to the good-will of the latter.
67. Stably activating high-frequency Thoughts and Feelings in the temporal ethereal constituent, we re-focus into Configurations of Stereo-Types with the Creative Activity of predominantly high-quality UU-VVU-copies with the help of positive psychisms.
68. We, here, represent simultaneously both “objects of observation” and “observers of objects” that are “folded up in a quantum-holographous way” into one whole, which initially, in our temporal ethereal constituent, was nothing else but One.
69. In this manner, the vital link establishing a connection between integrated parts has been severed, thereby rendering each impression or idea, uncertain or meaningless by having assigned the essential character of that whole to each (constituent) part.
70. You are so sure of this only because “your” other (alternative) decisions, phrases, actions, and chosen circumstances are not recorded in the “memory” of your “personality” (in the temporal ethereal constituent of the NUU-VVU-Form used by you).
71. You could strike a straddle far from at-the-money but that straddle has substantial directionality and since one of the constituent options will be deeply in-the-money, the bid/ask spread will create problems for the execution of any deeply in-the-money straddle.
72. Everything changes during unpacking (from the temporal ethereal constituent by the Formo-Creators of the brain) of more universal and massive VVU-Information typical of FVU-Configurations that structure lower synthesized Levels of the next two IISSIIDI-Centers.
73. It—that barricade, chance, hazard, disorder, terror, misunderstanding, the unknown—had facing it the Constituent Assembly, the sovereignty of the people, universal suffrage, the nation, the republic; and it was the Carmagnole bidding defiance to the Marseillaise.
74. A washing machine rises bright and shining from its packaging, suffers a decade of high-speed revolutions and hot water calcification, and finally returns back to its constituent elements through recycling or decomposition deep beneath the gull strewn summits of landfill.
75. I also had new staff, and with an election coming—one thing about the House, every other year there’s an election coming—we were focusing on constituent services and local issues ahead of what was predicted to be a tighter race for my seat than I’d ever had before.
76. Every event of your Life is already initially included in the rotation Cycle chosen by you only to be used by you in some way for the sequential re-creation, in your temporal ethereal constituent, of a high-qualitative Image of the One Who You really Are, Who You are in All.
77. When my Self-Consciousness focuses (of course, through one of UU-VVU-copies which is involved in my Interest) in one of ODS niches, corresponding information regions of the temporal ethereal constituent of my Stereo-Form rezonationally become activated at that very moment.
78. By this we mean series of particular events, decisions, actions, and individual phenomena containing Information that is already “unpacked” and psychically “processed” in Configurations of our Self-Consciousness (in our “memory” or in the temporal ethereal constituent).
79. That is, all of the previous Information about your Life events (contained in the temporal ethereal constituent of “a deceased personality”) will be transferred to Levels of the Subconsciousness of a living “personality”, thereby “implanting” it into that “personality”.
80. Spectrum analysis of the black powder points unmistakably to the presence of an unknown element with a brilliant group of three lines in the green, and it is possible that it combines with argon to form a compound which acts at once with deadly effect upon some constituent in the blood.
81. By the quality of their SFUURMM-Forms, they actively change existing types of Realities and gradually unpack, from the temporal ethereal constituent of their Stereo-Form, more and more universal properties among those potentially programmed specifically for this Formo-Type (NUU-VVU).
82. The two seemed immiscible, the constituent memories that related to each seemed to separate out like oil and vinegar, forming a vinaigrette of vignettes, all bubbling to the surface of Ambrosius' perception and then settling down again back into the colloidal suspension of his subconscious.
83. The higher the qualitative dynamics of a fragmented Self-Consciousness, the larger the volume of all possible Experience of Existence (in the form of the dynamics of higher-qualitative scenarios of development stored in the temporal ethereal constituent) is included in its wave Configuration.
84. Absolutely everything that is necessary for the further inertial development of the Self Consciousness of any Form within AYFAAR (any Proto-Form, any Formo-Type) is already in the form of specifically encoded holographous dynamics of the temporal ethereal constituent and wave dynamics of DNA.
85. And since all the legs are out-of-the-money, the bid/ask spread should be less of an issue than it would be for a traditional condor with one of the constituent spreads in-the-money, but you’re still executing four different legs, so execution will be important to the ultimate profitability.
86. The NUU-VVU-Configuration of each of simultaneous Interpretations of “the personality” of one Stereo-Form has a special wave mark (kleks) that, in the “noo-time” mode, unites such VVU-Configurations into joint slloogrent integral dynamics — the temporal ethereal constituent of one Stereo-Form.
87. Even “dying” in one’s sleep, when there is simultaneous focusing both in the temporal ethereal constituent and in an UU-VVU-copy of a DRUOTMM-system; the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by You simply “physically” cannot “manifest” there as a full (not narrowly fragmented!) “personality”.
88. On the one hand, as permanent information carriers, they constantly stay in O-D-systems and, as Information which we use constantly, they are in specific dynamics of each instant which is individually (quantum-holographously) ciphered for each Stereo-Type in the temporal ethereal constituent of our Stereo-Form.
89. It is simply impossible to obtain Information from somewhere outside of the Self Consciousness, because all Information is quantum-holographously encoded in the temporal ethereal constituent beginning with the very first inertial moment of your simultaneous, different-quality Form-manifestation in the Creation.
90. The quality of each decision you make, expressed in a certain wave form, resonates in the skrruullerrt system with the Stereo-Type Configuration that most closely corresponds to it and that structures inertial dynamics of a particular development scenario in the general temporal ethereal constituent of this Stereo-Form.
91. Thus, the entire content of “a just-deceased personality’s” “long-term memory” (“the lived” — that is, already “unpacked” and “unfolded” in Self-Consciousness — part of the temporal ethereal constituent) is instantly distributed amongst several different-quality groups of UU-VVU-copies that compose it.
92. But, at this point, dynamics of our Focus of Close Attention are no longer there: its quality state is already manifesting the next skrruullerrt system, unpacking the next Stereo-Type with the development scenario peculiar to it (and to the World!) from the quantum-holographous content of the temporal ethereal constituent.
93. As soon as a choice is made, your rotation Cycle in adjacent skrruullerrt systems automatically changes its dynamics in this Direction, which is already initially structured by Stereo-Type groups with corresponding Configurations that are formed and packed into the temporal ethereal constituent of focused-by-You NUU-VVU-Forms.
94. The third general head of my subject leads me to inquire into the constituent principles of meteoric stones: sundry papers on the analysis of these productions, have been furnished us by chemists of acknowledged reputation and ability, and in none of these that I have seen, was there any element described that had not been previously known.
95. As soon as someone rezonationally tunes in one’s Self-Consciousness to this particular VVU-Information, at the same instant one copies into this “folder” or to “the site” (as an individual file) from one’s own temporal ethereal constituent that particular dynamic part of one’s scenario which is provided by this VVU-Information.
96. It was applied to the typical purchase by a conservative investor and may be said to have embraced three constituent ideas: (1) intention to hold for an indefinite period; (2) interest solely in annual income, without reference to fluctuations in the value of principal; and (3) freedom from concern over future developments affecting the company.
97. The energy-information processes that happen in the temporal ethereal constituent of the group of Stereo-Types, the rotation Cycle of which has coincided with the stay in such local anomalous zone of this space-time Continuum, are instantly subject to a powerful influence of the increased frequency typical of the rotation Coefficient of this zone.
98. We have left the VVU-Configurations of UU-VVU-conglomerates of our “childhood” in the NUU-VVU-Configurations of “the personalities” focused by Us THEN, which [personalities] belong to those far scenarios, the VVU-Information about which has remained only in the corresponding part of the temporal ethereal constituent, which we call “long-term memory”.
99. In addition, absolutely all chemical reactions throughout the organism (in cells and organs, in the nervous and endocrine systems) represent the initial status Information which is also unfolded from the temporal ethereal constituent, and are directly regulated by the Creative Activity of UU-VVU-copies that structure Stereo-Type Configurations that we choose.
100. That which we call and associate with the category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past exists only in our Self-Consciousness in the form of constant VVU-Information which is initially encoded in the temporal ethereal constituent, inertially “unpacked” and “unfolded” in a specific way in the information “space” of the individual ODS of our Self-Consciousness.

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