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Elemental in a sentence

1. Teagan is an elemental witch.
2. You wil get lots of Elemental Waters and.
3. Elemental energies beckon from all around us.
4. Never mind being trapped by a fire elemental.
5. Besides, your elemental harmony is messed up.
6. Here are al the confirmed elemental pools in.
7. At any rate, the elemental man in each had met.
8. You mean a way out of this Elemental Plane?
9. Energy Circulation, The Five Elemental Paths of the.
10. Everything about him was tigerish, elemental, untamed.
11. Tonight she would learn the ways of the elemental worlds.
12. His elemental fishing line began to steam and drift away.
13. These impurities are removed or reduced to their elemental.
14. There is something elemental about it—older than creation.
15. This light wasn’t the same as the elemental fire she manipulated.
16. She made no resistance; the Devi was drowned in the elemental woman.
17. There are around 6 pools of elemental water in the shores of Azshara.
18. The astral elemental immensely enjoys violent alternations of feeling, and.
19. Gowr felt nothing, but he believed Garcia was an elemental, someone that could.
20. I am born of a long line of magic users, a comet seeker and an elemental spirit.
21. Winter in a bare-bones system is better suited to elemental and not nature magic.
22. Elemental sulfur was once extracted from salt domes where it sometimes occurs in.
23. In the elemental blaze of the barbarian's eyes he read an intent deadly as his own.
24. I’m drawn to him on some deep, elemental level that I can’t begin to understand.
25. One could consider an imaginary pond on young earth with abundant elemental resources.
26. We know, for instance, that minerals and the elemental substances can be thus arranged.
27. They frequently spoke of this distribution of elemental forces within the Planar Mandala.
28. The elemental search for the meaning of life and the refusal to accept death as a full stop.
29. It had enough elemental power in it to run a moderate spell for a month without need of a lease.
30. He portrayed the elemental needs of the soul with a new insight and a new bestowal of affection.
31. To the place elemental, the old man’s eagle-perch, overlooked by dark hills like ominous waves.
32. I grabbed the elemental braids, pulled to make them longer, and braided them with the third braid.
33. But our powers are weak compared with the great Elemental Tele-Specters of the Invisible Dimension.
34. The main properties of portfolios constructed using elemental and portfolio approaches are compared.
35. His vision was blinded by the light of the flames and the heat roaring before him in elemental fury.
36. All this is only the coincidence of conditions in which all vital organic and elemental events occur.
37. The benign clouds and rhythmical weather patterns hid and bridged a sky less elemental than the last.
38. This creep deals a large amount of elemental damage with a ray that may kil your tank if you don't have.
39. This provides the frequency requirements for ascension from one elemental state of existence, to another.
40. The time has come to again combine the elemental substances of earth to create a new batch of ghoul-trolls.
41. Oh, it was not that something of the fundamental, elemental, so to speak, faith of his soul had been shaken.
42. Wailing Hair-Beasts, Crawling Eyes, Horrendous Swamp-Swoons, Gelatinous Cubes, Elemental Stone-Golems, hey.
43. And it was all penetrated by a mastering passion, the most elemental of all passions -- the passion for life.
44. It is common to find systems where in each of the four elemental designations is embodied by a particular Rune.
45. It controls the elemental forces and the involutionary process and the form side of the three kingdoms in nature.
46. The feud had become a terrible elemental power driving the people of Xuchotl inexorably on to doom and extinction.
47. However, he possessed a raw elemental energy that he somehow enhanced by channeling it into his crystalline hammer.
48. This demand-based decomposition of returns into their elemental parts (after Ibbotson–Sinquefield, 1976 et.
49. Oh God! She had hoped a new time and place, new concerns, a more elemental society would flush those hideous memories.
50. It is possible that if there exist Planes of Elemental, Chaotic Energy, there may also be a Plane of Order, as it were.
51. At the same time, this does not mean that the elemental approach does not allow taking asset correlations into account.
52. Elemental little brains, warm with racial memory, hatred, and raw cruelty, with no more thought than self-preservation.
53. That’s it; now you’re catching on fine, he encouraged them, as they grasped some elemental principle of mining.
54. Himself as cleanly elemental as a timber wolf, he was yet not ignorant of the perverse secrets of rotting civilizations.
55. The planet looked barren, with a lonely quiet, save for the whistle of wind, splash of water and other elemental noises.
56. She seethed with elemental fury, so intense and pure that Rob felt if she sprayed it on you, it might melt your face off.
57. Elemental little brains, as warm with racial memory, hatred, and raw cruelty, with no more thought than selfpreservation.
58. A few tenets of elemental magic have to be consciously understood and then sunk down, so to speak, to your subconscious.
59. The elemental atoms combine through natural attractions into various molecular shapes and sizes with different properties.
60. He recalled Lucy's explanation about how her water-chains worked; something about dispel magic and elemental neutralization.
61. Elemental little brains, aswarm with racial memory and hatred and raw cruelty, with no more thought than self-preservation.
62. It was life at first hand, not drained dry of its elemental excellences by being squeezed first through the medium of servants.
63. For all of the elemental potential it possessed, however, young earth was vastly different than what we’re familiar with today.
64. Commodity futures returns are often decomposed into three elemental parts: spot price change, collateral return, and roll return.
65. Ritual magic makes it easier to channel the elemental energies into their proper places and keep your consciousness finely honed.
66. But once you are able to make that high leveled elemental drill and use it to bring that boss down, it will be all worth the effort.
67. She flashed a quick glance at him, and in her dark eyes he saw her love flaming, a naked elemental thing of raw fire and molten lava.
68. This is the anti-matter region of the universe, where elemental forces such as gravity do not function as they do in the material worlds.
69. O the joy of that vast elemental sympathy which only the human soul is capable of generating and emitting in steady and limitless floods.
70. In these cases the choice between the elemental and the portfolio approaches is based on peculiarities of each specific trading strategy.
71. Next day the weather was bad, but she trudged on, the honesty, directness, and impartiality of elemental enmity disconcerting her but little.
72. So I knew when she learned of this it would break her in an elemental way, and her pain would last, in a descending progression, over a lifetime.
73. Earthquake, fire, wind, ice and water— all the elemental forces of our own world administered the sentence imposed by an outraged Mother Earth.
74. The basic building blocks of the smell spectrum - 'the elemental odours' as they are called - have been known for over one hundred and fifty years.
75. It was like struggling against some huge elemental force; his iron arms thwarted her efforts with an ease that sent panic racing through her limbs.
76. Well, there is a realm where the elemental balance is dominated by the earth element, and we're all intimately familiar with it - called 'real life'.
77. The essence of the motivating force for human behavior is based on the same elemental force of self-interest first manifest in single-celled organisms.
78. That great frame under the mail mesh was too hard and supple for a civilized man; the elemental fire of the primitive burned in those smoldering eyes.
79. It constitutes an elemental form that is in constant flux; it is a transitional form by which action, the earth forms are converted into the air forms.
80. God and dragon that has opposite standards under culture and religions make race like scorpion and hyena under elemental spirit, ready to strike death.
81. Luke, who also had an affinity for elemental magic, often came down here to practice his art too, though his was more centered on electricity than fire.
82. Not only did I hunger to hold her in my arms and make her mine in the most elemental of ways, but I hungered almost as much to simply see her smile at me.
83. The retina is wholly different, with an actual inversion of the elemental parts, and with a large nervous ganglion included within the membranes of the eye.
84. His deep black eyes burned with a more elemental light, and there was the suggestion of a twitching in the fingers that tugged at his thick blue-black beard.
85. Extrapolating from these results, he deduced the existence 10 other odours, and arranged these into the table of elemental odours that is still in use today.
86. Proud of his new skill, he found that shaping cedar resonated with him in an elusive but elemental way—it satisfied him down in his core, and gave him peace.
87. Using differential calculus, a slide-rule and a box of one hundred assorted elastic bands, he set about calculating the Pong Ratio of seven known elemental odours.
88. As the last of her rune stones blew up, she stood in the center of the pentagram, her chest heaving, her hair writhing wildly so that she seemed the elemental Fire.
89. There was something detached, hard, and elemental about his kisses then, as if he were only conscious of his own will, not in the least of her and her wanting him.
90. They will catch good seamen napping, or confuse their judgment by arts well known to those who go to sea, or overcome them by the sheer brutality of elemental forces.
91. That elemental knowledge makes the individual responsible to act accordingly, and makes society obligated to build institutions to reinforce individual responsibility.
92. When portfolios turned out to be profitable (under both the elemental and the portfolio capital allocation systems), the majority of points were situated below the indifference line.
93. His burning gaze had frightened and humiliated her, but his cleanly elemental fierceness set him above Jelal Khan, a monster such as only an overly opulent civilization can produce.
94. At the elemental level, exchanges through the vapor light occur in the way of nature‘s processes, which I have expressed in terms of: ―Water, Air and Fire—Fire, Earth and Air.
95. This means that portfolios created using the elemental system of capital allocation incurred bigger losses than portfolios constructed using the alternative capital allocation system.
96. Under the elemental approach all assets satisfying certain conditions (for example, the value of an indicator must exceed the predetermined threshold value) are included in the portfolio.
97. Most physiologists believe that the bones of the skull are homologous—that is, correspond in number and in relative connexion—with the elemental parts of a certain number of vertebrae.
98. Without this source of adhesion and the resulting coalescence, dichotomies would fragment quantific structures before they could coalesce into patterns of thought, causation, and elemental force.
99. Summarizing these observations, we can conclude that relative to the elemental system, application of the portfolio system has led to the creation of portfolios with more even capital allocation.
100. Taking this to an elemental level (the Chart of Elements, that is) one could point out that the word “male” is merely the word “female” minus “fe” (the universal symbol for “iron”).

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