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Elemental in a sentence

Teagan is an elemental witch.
You wil get lots of Elemental Waters and.
Elemental energies beckon from all around us.
Never mind being trapped by a fire elemental.
Here are al the confirmed elemental pools in.
Besides, your elemental harmony is messed up.
At any rate, the elemental man in each had met.

You mean a way out of this Elemental Plane?
Energy Circulation, The Five Elemental Paths of the.
Everything about him was tigerish, elemental, untamed.
Tonight she would learn the ways of the elemental worlds.
His elemental fishing line began to steam and drift away.
These impurities are removed or reduced to their elemental.
There is something elemental about it—older than creation.
This light wasn’t the same as the elemental fire she manipulated.
There are around 6 pools of elemental water in the shores of Azshara.
She made no resistance; the Devi was drowned in the elemental woman.
The astral elemental immensely enjoys violent alternations of feeling, and.
Gowr felt nothing, but he believed Garcia was an elemental, someone that could.
I am born of a long line of magic users, a comet seeker and an elemental spirit.
Winter in a bare-bones system is better suited to elemental and not nature magic.
Elemental sulfur was once extracted from salt domes where it sometimes occurs in.
In the elemental blaze of the barbarian's eyes he read an intent deadly as his own.
I’m drawn to him on some deep, elemental level that I can’t begin to understand.
One could consider an imaginary pond on young earth with abundant elemental resources.
We know, for instance, that minerals and the elemental substances can be thus arranged.
They frequently spoke of this distribution of elemental forces within the Planar Mandala.
The elemental search for the meaning of life and the refusal to accept death as a full stop.
It had enough elemental power in it to run a moderate spell for a month without need of a lease.
He portrayed the elemental needs of the soul with a new insight and a new bestowal of affection.
To the place elemental, the old man’s eagle-perch, overlooked by dark hills like ominous waves.
I grabbed the elemental braids, pulled to make them longer, and braided them with the third braid.
But our powers are weak compared with the great Elemental Tele-Specters of the Invisible Dimension.
His vision was blinded by the light of the flames and the heat roaring before him in elemental fury.
The main properties of portfolios constructed using elemental and portfolio approaches are compared.
All this is only the coincidence of conditions in which all vital organic and elemental events occur.
The benign clouds and rhythmical weather patterns hid and bridged a sky less elemental than the last.
This creep deals a large amount of elemental damage with a ray that may kil your tank if you don't have.
This provides the frequency requirements for ascension from one elemental state of existence, to another.
The time has come to again combine the elemental substances of earth to create a new batch of ghoul-trolls.

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