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Construe in a sentence | construe example sentences

  1. Telling stories they construe.
  2. Not unless you choose to construe it that way.
  3. Dad seemed to construe this as a sign she might return.
  4. He said it was a principle, in construing penal statutes, to construe them strictly.
  5. And couldn't I similarly construe Bahkælt's complaint? Were these the first rumblings of mutiny?

  6. The executive branch shall construe the restrictions in this section as „advisory in nature… which.
  7. That is, that the person acted in such a way as we can construe them to have had ‘an abandoned and malignant heart.
  8. You have a way of getting off with a jest, but I always feel that if I say a word they'll construe it into a proposal.
  9. You have a way of getting off with a jest, but I always feel that if I say a word, they'll construe it into a proposal.
  10. Malice can be inferred in that the person acted in such a way that you could construe them to have had ‘an abandoned and malignant heart.
  11. It is for this reason that we also construe the truth contained in the Geeta in the light of our inherited assumptions, customs, and modes of.
  12. The chiefs in front scarce cast a glance at his person, keeping their eyes on the ground, with an air that might have been intended for respect, but which it was quite easy to construe into distrust.
  13. There he turned, and, in the sweeping and haughty glance that he threw around the circle of his enemies, Duncan caught a look which he was glad to construe into an expression that he was not entirely deserted by hope.
  14. Their patrons even frequently complain of the independency of their spirit, which they are apt to construe into ingratitude for past favours, but which, at worse, perhaps, is seldom anymore than that indifference which naturally arises from the consciousness that no further favours of the kind are ever to be expected.
  15. I was fully old enough now to be apprenticed to Joe; and when Joe sat with the poker on his knees thoughtfully raking out the ashes between the lower bars, my sister would so distinctly construe that innocent action into opposition on his part, that she would dive at him, take the poker out of his hands, shake him, and put it away.

  16. Under this view of the subject, so long as I understand the right to "lay taxes" to consist in drawing supplies from the people for public purposes, and not to tax one portion of the community for the benefit of another, and "to collect them," the right to enforce payment, I cannot construe them to authorize the establishment of a bank.
  17. Anxiety paralyzes our thought, and the utmost we can do is to wonder, as we con the vague utterances of ministers, or construe the meaning of the words of monarchs, or turn over those ascribed to the diplomatists, retailed at random by the newspapers, never sure of their information, whether all this is to happen to-morrow or the day after, whether it is this year or next that we are all to be killed.

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