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    1. You can't change the fact that highly stressful events happen, but you can change how you interpret and respond to these events

    2. Ask who will interpret the results

    3. "That is how Vincef and I interpret our charter

    4. interpret reality in a way that honors your

    5. Daniel can interpret dreams that no one else can interpret

    6. ’ He replied … applying what I now know of the man, I interpret this to mean pretty well

    7. Before we leave the house, he stops and turns to me, giving me a long searching look which I can’t interpret

    8. Without local knowledge it was impossible to interpret the land and that made it so much easier to become lost - which was the most probable reason my father chose this route when they were fleeing from the fires - yet Alexis had no problem and kept our spirits up leading us through a maze of beautiful woods and dense tangled thickets along the way

    9. “If it is the Pink Dawn, they could interpret that as a hostile act, and we will be almost helpless against them

    10. He doesn’t have a finite extent you can measure with any instrument, no matter how long it takes to learn to interpret it

    11. He was not sure how to interpret

    12. something he could not interpret from where he stood

    13. was counting on the woman’s intelligence to interpret his

    14. Even Pharaoh had a revelatory dream from God, but he couldn’t interpret it

    15. interpret for a worried child was beyond belief

    16. can interpret for you with the doctors, just ring me

    17. what was being said - asked Raymonde to interpret what

    18. said, then continued to interpret as events unfolded

    19. Again he relied on the demon wind, this time he sent it out to the wall of the Dead Tree, hoping it would interpret his signal to exit the trunk

    20. As long as we confine ourselves to interpret

    21. have to be receptive for his signs and interpret them

    22. “So all he has to do is call together his wizards and conjurors and have them interpret his stupid dream,” he offered lightheartedly

    23. Now he wants his wise men to tell him what the dream was and then interpret it

    24. “We now know what the dream was and will interpret it to his Majesty, the great Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

    25. demands that we interpret scripture with scripture

    26. “So why not just relate the dream to his wise men so that they can interpret it for him?”

    27. The way most churches interpret John 3:16, they mentally replace the very

    28. a treasure trove of clues---if you know how to interpret them

    29. Some interpret these occurrences as retribution or payback time for the sins of the human beings whilst others insist that these are signs of Armageddon as prophesized

    30. that determines how you interpret the world; the way

    31. f temporal physics, who could interpret the data much better than he, and advise an appropriate course of action

    32. Then for it to interpret the format of the radio packets and start sending correctly formed data requests was little short of amazing

    33. The teacher, instead of explaining to his pupils himself the science in which he proposes to instruct them, may read some book upon it; and if this book is written in a foreign and dead language, by interpreting it to them into their own, or, what would give him still less trouble, by making them interpret it to him, and by now and then making an occasional remark upon it, he may flatter himself that he is giving a lecture

    34. Are we not being arrogant in our attempts to interpret the information in the Bible to suit our beliefs, or even calling it false?

    35. In order to interpret these verses as advocating the

    36. Scripture might interpret Scripture

    37. process over time by some but which others interpret

    38. interpret Scripture is to simply follow the clear

    39. clouds and they have a need that only other women can interpret

    40. “Lydia says the Prophecies are difficult to interpret,” Jean said, “and it could mean something other than the way it sounds

    41. “What other way can you interpret it?” Terese asked in protest

    42. Else, why write those books? What we can do, however, that books cannot, is interpret

    43. It was now just becoming first light when you can first perceive night’s shadows and outlines and begin to interpret what they are

    44. He couldn’t interpret the look in her eyes, but whatever it was, it made him anxious

    45. The more ―progressive‖ among us are likely to interpret such eyesores in a different light; as oddly urbane or reflecting the attributive characteristics of a multidimensional society

    46. I used to drill wells around a suspect site and interpret the data from them to track the contamination to its source

    47. “Tomorrow, Cora,” she said with a smile I didn’t care to interpret, and then she shut the door and disappeared

    48. Outsiders often misunderstand North Korea, admittedly one of the most difficult and isolated societies to interpret

    49. They’re not always so easy to interpret, but they can at least be seen

    50. They were inundated into the teachings and trappings of the Law and were taught how to best interpret Law according to need

    1. We all know that Talstan interpreted the transmission of the code for that virus as a declaration of war by the Kassikan on virtual souls of all faiths and called for jihad on the Kassikan

    2. "I think they have interpreted some old sci-fi movies as historical documents on more than one occasion

    3. “Incredible,” Ningla said reverently, and realized how the comment would be interpreted

    4. the remark could be interpreted as the urging of a King's

    5. you who interpreted it as a motive

    6. hoof happily, which Jean interpreted as a welcome

    7. By the time they went into an office, she was trying to understand Heaven as interpreted by the Angels of the Pan Solar League once again

    8. The lipless giant had a sudden fit of spasms, which Adros interpreted as its form of laughter

    9. The bark-like ridges on Ostedes’ face warped into what could almost be interpreted as a grin

    10. This wasn’t the first time an Ithacan court had interpreted this law to mean that accused

    11. interpreted, but also with some other from

    12. Zarko recognised the ‘seven wise owls’ who had boasted that they had obtained and interpreted the king’s dream

    13. interpreted rightly and in context, conflicts with the conclusions of

    14. As he was about to make the turn to the store, he could already hear a series of loud noises that could only be interpreted as gun shots

    15. These Jews were hardheaded! The three men respectfully bowed before the king; he recognised them as Darniil’s friends whom he had appointed as officials after Darniil had interpreted his dream some time back

    16. When he saw Zarko he barked a greeting and added, “What is it with this uncle of yours? He’s forever having weird dreams and then demanding that they be interpreted

    17. ) The Kirlian photographs show emanations of colors surrounding the human body which are interpreted as our energy field or aura

    18. Even within the creationist circles, there are many different viewpoints on how the account in the Bible should be interpreted

    19. Zardino interpreted the strange symbols, explaining to Raiya what it all meant

    20. This young man was steeped in the Law and the Talmud, but interpreted both with more heart than the last Rabbi

    21. If the sequence had been interpreted by the AI correctly, his new time would be two days in the past

    22. Why did God create the Sun, Moon and stars only on the fourth day? Is it perhaps because people would one day adopt the Theory of Evolution? Did God in anticipation of this, have an order and sequence in his creation work, that would provide insight into the fact that it happened over a short period of time and was completed within 6 actual days, as opposed to Evolution’s billions of years? How can we be sure that everything was in fact created in 6 days and that these days are not to be interpreted as ages? If we look at Exodus, we have the following two passages:

    23. One would be entering speculative territory by assuming that the Bible should be interpreted differently

    24. interpreted with different definitions based on the

    25. interpreted as a military command to obey unlike the

    26. should be interpreted appositionally, as in leading

    27. The note left by Booth could have been interpreted

    28. the transfer of information was not words, but images that were interpreted as words

    29. One seemed to be – according to interpreted data that accompanied – a Mars colony where genetically engineered life-forms had mutated and roamed around killing human occupants

    30. Judicial sentences should neither be (too) harsh nor (too) lenient however consistent with legal guidelines formally interpreted by law such that (the) ensuing consequences as they apply to its impartial application remain constant!

    31. The gentleman’s way, interpreted by

    32. Many of Christ‘s teachings are ‖understood‖ in parables interpreted for the Faithful by Church Scholars whose explanations are oftentimes relied upon by lay people whose limited (scriptural) understanding requires spiritual guidance

    33. I interpreted this in a very simple fashion

    34. But Hussein interpreted Glass's lack of objections as meaning he had US permission

    35. This probable event should not be interpreted as a resounding endorsement of the Democratic Party that, apart from its constant harangues and vituperative criticisms of the present Administration, has provided the electorate little by way of (practical) assurances to hang their hats on

    36. Or so Bru interpreted Cobbs’ rather incoherent message

    37. So now, ironically enough, I work for the federal government over the Internet as a private consultant checking that data submitted by agencies such as the one I worked for contains no errors and is accurately interpreted

    38. That was how it was interpreted around much of the world, with the UN Secretary General concerned

    39. Those last few words in the wrong context could have been interpreted in a slightly perverted way, but when taken at face value they kinda got me thinking that plans A and B were both painfully inadequate to deal with Novorski, who seemed aware we were going to be there from the start

    40. Elizabeth was obviously disconcerted by his statement, and he interpreted her reaction to be due to her being surprised by his sudden change of subject

    41. I can see that could be interpreted as such, yes

    42. Some have interpreted Utnapishtim of the Epic to be the same character as Noah of the Genesis story

    43. Fort noted that while facts themselves may be completely objective, how facts are interpreted depends on who is doing the interpreting and within what context

    44. How innocent-looking expressions and gestures might be interpreted, in a manner not intended, by those of a tradition that was strange to them

    45. importantly interpreted well when you follow NLP tools

    46. - And how is your silence to be interpreted? Laino then asked

    47. She knew very well how that remark should be interpreted

    48. Trevor’s finger’s punched the computer keys and his keen eyes monitored and interpreted a confusion of readings

    49. It also appropriated some differently interpreted Jewish rituals, some time after Mohammad and his followers had been rejected as equal partners with them

    50. “I started to type something about how when I write ‘He’ in the main text it is to be interpreted as a genderless entity who loves all of humanity equally…blah, blah—the usual politically correct stuff

    1. pray about unless God has given you the gift of interpreting tongues

    2. I was surprised at how quickly I became aware of alternative ways of interpreting my strange new home

    3. It is important to carefully evaluate your relationship but you should also remember that in doing this you run the risk that you will be interpreting the relationship in a way that is different from your girlfriend

    4. It often comes in symbols, as did Pharaoh’s dream, and thus needs interpreting

    5. The teacher, instead of explaining to his pupils himself the science in which he proposes to instruct them, may read some book upon it; and if this book is written in a foreign and dead language, by interpreting it to them into their own, or, what would give him still less trouble, by making them interpret it to him, and by now and then making an occasional remark upon it, he may flatter himself that he is giving a lecture

    6. Certainly care should be taken when interpreting two

    7. concentrate on interpreting the information the ship’s computer was throwing at him

    8. There is a disturbing tendency in (the) news media of interpreting rather than properly reporting (the) news

    9. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her (own) opinion provided that what the viewing audience understands as reporting (the) news is correctly distinguished from ―spinning‖ or interpreting (the) news and that this distinction is properly conveyed to that audience

    10. ―aberrant‖ or unusual forms of behavior, provides a margin of freedom in interpreting ―sociopathic‖ or ―anti-social‖ forms of behavior otherwise considered offensive to conventional customs and manners

    11. raisers encounter a problem in interpreting the signs showed by does

    12. Zinsmann set to work demonstrating how to dismantle and reassemble each of the weapons, with Colling interpreting his instructions

    13. The difficulty of course lay in interpreting the data

    14. Fort noted that while facts themselves may be completely objective, how facts are interpreted depends on who is doing the interpreting and within what context

    15. interpreting the same information, words or image and so on

    16. This was similar to the problem that Jesus had with his disciples in interpreting parables, as referred to in an earlier chapter

    17. This input is the only way that it can do the job of interpreting the surrounding environment and instructing the body on how to react to it

    18. Igor had a problem interpreting dons, but they finally figured it out

    19. So we found a captive who had lost a leg and was thus unlikely to be of much use in future battles and, with Silpitocle interpreting, gave him a message to give to Waikiyaf

    20. several principals to which it is wise to use at all times when interpreting the Bible;

    21. When interpreting the Bible, it is usually best to try to read what other people

    22. The following are some methods to use in interpreting the Bible:-

    23. Jock started by describing a bit about why Hamish was paralysed not in detail but just in general by saying the brain is the central computer of our body interpreting outside information and controlling every action

    24. It would have been the arbiter and final authority in interpreting and applying the provisions of the new Constitution

    25. In a constitutional law case it is normally expected that the Court would rely on the Constitution, the intent of its framers, and perhaps also on its own prior opinions when interpreting that document

    26. They feel confined if restricted to sources of law relating only to the American Constitution when interpreting that document

    27. The gross feeling he is interpreting makes him feel like throwing up

    28. interpreting life in physical reality

    29. racist, interpreting the "gene pool" comment as referring to the fact that

    30. 16 Until the former Pharaoh dreamed dreams, and withdrew him from the prison house, and magnified him above all the princes in Egypt on account of his interpreting his dreams to him

    31. Rather, this was a matter of interpreting paragraph (g), risk of loss, of the cost reimbursement Government Property clause

    32. ”20 Another way of spinning the segue to advocacy journalism was to state that the reporters had the responsibility “to add value by explaining and interpreting the news

    33. This work gives guidance in interpreting Torah

    34. 16 Until the former Pharaoh dreamed dreams and withdrew him from the prison house and magnified him above all the princes in Egypt on account of his interpreting his dreams to him

    35. The guards, interpreting the rapid encirclement of the men that they had just mauled as recognition of their victims by the rapidly growing assembly, beat a wary retreat back toward the still-open gate, brandishing their weapons at all who might be encouraged to move in that direction

    36. The guards, interpreting the rapid encirclement of the men that they had just mauled as

    37. When he finally sought to learn their contents, even his newest System had great difficulty interpreting the no longer used Mayan language in which the first group was written

    38. She is skilled at interpreting the meaning of dreams

    39. and after that he appeared to two of them on that day and while they were going to the village which was named Emmaus and whose distance from Jerusalem was sixty furlongs; And they were talking the one of them with the 41 other of all the things which had happened; And during the time of their talking and inquiring with one another Jesus came and reached them and walked with them; But their eyes were veiled that they should not know him; And he said to them What are these sayings which you address the one of you to the other as you walk and are sade One of them whose name was Cleopas answered and said to him Are you perchance alone a stranger to Jerusalem since you know not what was in it in these days? He said to them What was it? They said to him concerning Jesus he who was from Nazareth a man who was a prophet and powerful in speech and deeds before God and before all the people and the chief priests and the elders delivered him up to the sentence of death and crucified him; But we supposed that he was the one who was to deliver Israel; And since all these things happened there have passed three days; But certain women of us also informed us that they had come to the tomb and when they found not his body they came and told us that they had seen there the angels and they said concerning him that he was alive; And some of us also went to the tomb and found the matter as the women had said: only they saw him not; Then said Jesus to them you lacking in discernment and heavy in heart to believe! Was it not in all the sayings of the prophets that the Messiah was to suffer these things and to enter into his glory? And he began from Moses and from all the prophets and interpreted to them concerning himself from all the scriptures; And they drew near to the village where they were going and he was leading them to imagine that he was as if going to a distant region; And they pressed him and said to him Abide with us for the day has declined now into the darkness; And he went inside to abide with them; And when he sat with them he took bread and blessed and brake and gave to them; And straight away their eyes were opened and they knew him and he was taken away from them; And they said the one to the other Was not our heart heavy within us while he was speaking to us on the way and interpreting to us the scriptures?

    40. do this interpreting, when we sort through the skewed

    41. spend a considerable amount of time interpreting in order to

    42. abroad to Dubai, and they fell right in with the interrogators, adding suggestions and interpreting answers from information they knew from experience

    43. We could offer here a new way of interpreting the myth of Parsifal and the search

    44. After many years of fascinating research on the split brain, it appears that the inventive and interpreting left hemisphere has a conscious experience very different from that of the truthful, literal right brain

    45. is in direct communication with all other subconscious minds, and is capable of interpreting through his objective mind [normally associated with the left brain] and imparting impressions received to other objective minds, gathering in this way all knowledge possessed by endless millions of other subconscious minds

    46. ’ Apparently Cayce was interpreting the collective subconscious mind long before the psychiatrist C G Jung postulated his concept of the collective unconscious, according to Dr Daniel Condron

    47. is the brain using when interpreting our internal images and how are the

    48. take the subjectivity out of interpreting a price chart and enable the trader to objectively analyze the price action and predict the future movement of the markets

    49. And you can learn a lot to help you with what you want simply by listening properly and interpreting what your partner is saying

    50. guidance capable of interpreting

    1. Daniel interprets writing that no one else interprets

    2. So from the hermeneutical principle that "scripture interprets scripture", we can

    3. mind then interprets this sparking pattern of neural

    4. Whether these two events happened on the same day, or describes different events altogether is debated by many people; but we will see how the Bible interprets itself on this subject

    5. interprets information received from their five senses and how it

    6. interprets it to our mind and that’s how we react or behave in a

    7. The Bible interprets the Bible!

    8. His mind interprets the signals as brain freezes and cold chills around his body

    9. Although the image our mind interprets appears to be composed of

    10. book that interprets the Koran in English; and a

    11. The cognitivist, the one who interprets thought as computation,

    12. mind’s eye; we use the same parts of the brain that interprets information

    13. a metaphysicist who observes and interprets the colors and other

    14. Now I wish that you all spoke in tongues, but even more that you would prophesy; and greater is one who prophesies than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets, so that the church may receive edifying

    15. The number NINE also interprets the beginning of the end in air and water

    16. She interprets her results as suggesting that individuals whose gender-role identities are stable and secure can

    17. The law interprets that to mean the killing

    18. that is intended innocently, but which your thinking brain interprets as

    19. Every family is different and interprets things differently,

    20. often interprets them based on their effects in aiding or impeding search for union

    21. There is however a smaller barrack, nearly a hut, about fifty meters behind it, that housed visiting interrogators and interprets

    22. who interprets the arcane

    23. There are three gifts of utterance where something is spoken and those are: the word of prophesy, and inspired something, words from God; diverse tongues; and interpretation of tongues, where the person speaks in a tongue and someone interprets, then gifts of power when something supernatural is done, so something's revealed, something's spoken, something's done, and those are by faith miracles are done, the working of miracles and gifts of healing all fall under those power miracles

    24. This is how he interprets that

    25. · Peter was inspired by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost interprets

    26. This is how he interprets that: “If anyone has material good, and sees his brother with material need, how can the love of God be in him?” Tzedakah!

    27. The brain interprets the information as the sensation of

    28. And when some of the stories of prophets is mentioned before the believer; he recognizes their perfection and finds them always and ever the pioneers in each noble quality, whilst the unbeliever or hypocrite interprets their sayings and actions as a defect

    29. and Joseph interprets it, but now let’s look at verses forty-one through forty-three: And

    30. Beliefs determine how your subconscious mind interprets the outside world and your ability to deal with it

    31. He interprets for us the things of

    32. Browser A software program that interprets documents on the web

    33. He is very young for a head gardener, but on that account all the more anxious to please me and keep his situation; and it is a great comfort to have to do with somebody who watches and interprets rightly every expression of one's face and does not need much talking to

    34. Why? Because even this instinctive response is determined by how our subconscious interprets the information it receives

    35. � The dominator constantly diagnoses and interprets

    36. � The adult interprets her/his observation and diagnoses the cause of that observed behavior and makes it the myth

    37. � In terms of the interview class, in an employment interview, the interviewee interprets and simultaneously diagnoses the interviewer's thought, with nothing tangible in evidence whatsoever, as, "She/he didn't like me

    38. says, or does "destroy," mean to "torment forever," as today's theology interprets and

    39. correctly interprets the Pharaoh’s dreams, which warned of an upcoming 7-year drought that would

    40. theology interprets and demands? If it were as is taught today that destroy means torment,

    41. The eye looks, but it is the mind that sees; and when the mind contemplates phenomena under a preoccupation of thought, it interprets them in the light of its own idea: so that unless that general idea be a right one its view of every phenomenon is in some measure perverted

    42. ly interprets as a result of his «entering to astral plane» (of his Forces,

    43. It reads times and interprets them based on colons and decimal points

    44. Behavioral economics interprets the

    45. He looks, he sees, he interprets, he decides

    46. This expression interprets delta as the speed of the option price change relative to price changes of its underlying asset

    47. voice which interprets the dictates of conscience

    48. The writer uses the Catholic traditions, and in many points interprets the story in a way which differs altogether from that familiar to Protestants: for example, making Mary Magdalen the same Mary who was the sister of Lazarus and Martha, and who sat listening at the Saviour’s feet

    49. Six interprets Tarcamos

    50. He defrays my traveling expenses, and, when his duties as a chief permit, he accompanies me, and interprets for me when I go to preach in the other towns and villages

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    create an image or likeness of

    restate (words) from one language into another language

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