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    1. You can't change the fact that highly stressful events happen, but you can change how you interpret and respond to these events

    2. Ask who will interpret the results

    3. You can't change the fact that highly stressful events happen, but you can change how you interpret and respond to these events

    4. "That is how Vincef and I interpret our charter

    5. interpret reality in a way that honors your

    6. Daniel can interpret dreams that no one else can interpret

    7. ’ He replied … applying what I now know of the man, I interpret this to mean pretty well

    8. Before we leave the house, he stops and turns to me, giving me a long searching look which I can’t interpret

    9. Without local knowledge it was impossible to interpret the land and that made it so much easier to become lost - which was the most probable reason my father chose this route when they were fleeing from the fires - yet Alexis had no problem and kept our spirits up leading us through a maze of beautiful woods and dense tangled thickets along the way

    10. “If it is the Pink Dawn, they could interpret that as a hostile act, and we will be almost helpless against them

    1. pray about unless God has given you the gift of interpreting tongues

    2. I was surprised at how quickly I became aware of alternative ways of interpreting my strange new home

    3. It is important to carefully evaluate your relationship but you should also remember that in doing this you run the risk that you will be interpreting the relationship in a way that is different from your girlfriend

    4. It often comes in symbols, as did Pharaoh’s dream, and thus needs interpreting

    5. The teacher, instead of explaining to his pupils himself the science in which he proposes to instruct them, may read some book upon it; and if this book is written in a foreign and dead language, by interpreting it to them into their own, or, what would give him still less trouble, by making them interpret it to him, and by now and then making an occasional remark upon it, he may flatter himself that he is giving a lecture

    6. Certainly care should be taken when interpreting two

    7. concentrate on interpreting the information the ship’s computer was throwing at him

    8. There is a disturbing tendency in (the) news media of interpreting rather than properly reporting (the) news

    9. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her (own) opinion provided that what the viewing audience understands as reporting (the) news is correctly distinguished from ―spinning‖ or interpreting (the) news and that this distinction is properly conveyed to that audience

    10. ―aberrant‖ or unusual forms of behavior, provides a margin of freedom in interpreting ―sociopathic‖ or ―anti-social‖ forms of behavior otherwise considered offensive to conventional customs and manners

    1. We all know that Talstan interpreted the transmission of the code for that virus as a declaration of war by the Kassikan on virtual souls of all faiths and called for jihad on the Kassikan

    2. "I think they have interpreted some old sci-fi movies as historical documents on more than one occasion

    3. “Incredible,” Ningla said reverently, and realized how the comment would be interpreted

    4. the remark could be interpreted as the urging of a King's

    5. you who interpreted it as a motive

    6. hoof happily, which Jean interpreted as a welcome

    7. By the time they went into an office, she was trying to understand Heaven as interpreted by the Angels of the Pan Solar League once again

    8. The lipless giant had a sudden fit of spasms, which Adros interpreted as its form of laughter

    9. The bark-like ridges on Ostedes’ face warped into what could almost be interpreted as a grin

    10. This wasn’t the first time an Ithacan court had interpreted this law to mean that accused

    1. Daniel interprets writing that no one else interprets

    2. So from the hermeneutical principle that "scripture interprets scripture", we can

    3. mind then interprets this sparking pattern of neural

    4. mind then interprets this sparking pattern of neural

    5. Whether these two events happened on the same day, or describes different events altogether is debated by many people; but we will see how the Bible interprets itself on this subject

    6. interprets information received from their five senses and how it

    7. interprets it to our mind and that’s how we react or behave in a

    8. The Bible interprets the Bible!

    9. His mind interprets the signals as brain freezes and cold chills around his body

    10. Although the image our mind interprets appears to be composed of

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    Synonyms for "interpret"

    interpret read translate understand construe see rede render represent clarify explain explicate define decipher depict elucidate portray

    "interpret" definitions

    make sense of; assign a meaning to

    give an interpretation or explanation to

    give an interpretation or rendition of

    create an image or likeness of

    restate (words) from one language into another language

    make sense of a language