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Consultation in a sentence | consultation example sentences

  1. Once in the consultation room:.
  2. What is his initial consultation fee?
  3. At consultation I was diagnosed with Vertigo.
  4. This Judas did after consultation with Andrew.
  5. He does offer a consultation service, but his.

  6. He didn’t even charge me for his consultation.
  7. The whole consultation passed more than quietly.
  8. At last the jury rose to retire for consultation.
  9. The Cossacks had a consultation, and agreed to go.
  10. By the ruler—in consultation with his advisors.
  11. Consultation is the central act of medical practice.
  12. Dr Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation.
  13. I retire home and call a consultation of my friends.
  14. This eBook is a free consultation to my readers as a.
  15. The last consultation was on the day before Liza's death.

  16. Consultation and the customer’s name in fancy lettering.
  17. Silence again, until: ‘She is currently in consultation.
  18. Per your request, Ill have to have a consultation with you.
  19. Everything is covered in an hour long consultation from your.
  20. I remember one man who came to me for a consultation recently.
  21. He called Monsieur Canivet into consultation; he sent for Dr.
  22. After much consultation and some legal wrangling, the judges.
  23. And now you’ve changed the terms without prior consultation.
  24. This was, after all, a consultation rather than psychoanalysis.
  25. We had got into this thing without any rules or consultation.

  26. There is a time and a place for consultation and correction and a.
  27. I think he will not be out of place in a family consultation; is.
  28. Much consultation was held as to the significance of these dreams.
  29. The sisters were having a consultation about nursing when Anna called.
  30. He remembered the last time Jason had come to him for a consultation.
  31. Meantime a consultation was going on in undertones between the lawyers.
  32. At noon they assembled to eat their dinner and to hold a consultation.
  33. Consultation and discussion, advice and help were the order of the day.
  34. They clustered together, as if in consultation; then straight out of the.
  35. If this is indecisive the referee, after consultation with the judges, will.
  36. I want to see him and have a great consultation with him about the Hospital.
  37. After a consultation, however, they turned and walked away, expressing what.
  38. He instead suggested that a wider consultation could begin on the road ahead.
  39. CONSULTATION SERVICES that will take you from where you are to where you want.
  40. Viewed in such a light, consultation is the operating expression of justice in.
  41. The compound chief may be planning his move, or in consultation with a superior.
  42. Bulstrode's consultation of Harriet seemed to have had the effect desired by Mr.
  43. We spent the rest of the month trying to get a consultation with a toxicologist.
  44. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life.
  45. RBI has requested the IBA to formulate, in consultation with Indian Institute of.
  46. After much consultation and some legal wrangling, the judges reached an agreement.
  47. Having secured him, it is evident to me that a consultation of some sort was held.
  48. They halted in the middle of the space and formed a group, like men in consultation.
  49. Before battle there were religious ceremonies after consultation with the prophets.
  50. He took the proffered confession and signed and carefully dated it after consultation.
  51. I was once approached for a consultation by two Anglo-American therapists in a small.
  52. The day’s not over so technically the consultation period has a few hours to run.
  53. And people came and inquired, and some stayed for a consultation and paid by way of a.
  54. He told Dena to lie on the consultation bed and he went through his routine examination.
  55. A Private Consultation gives us the chance to resolve issues, to find out what and how.
  56. I think he will not be out of place in a family consultation; is it not so, Prince?
  57. Where she could be placed became a subject of most melancholy and momentous consultation.
  58. Usually, you will not be charged (or charged very little) for this initial consultation.
  59. For more information about setting up a personal consultation to resolve the issues with.
  60. After initial consultation and diagnosis, here are some common treatments that have been.
  61. During that archaic consultation the shaman went into a deep trance and speaking flawless.
  62. It was supposed that they met for consultation in a wine-shop near the point Saint-Eustache.
  63. I’m offering a free 20 minute health consultation for people that are serious about their.
  64. We all went to his consultation room and went through the procedure for the morning once more.
  65. There was no consultation about how to raise the expensive F-100 without doing further damage.
  66. As we took in the amazing emptiness of this room, the officers held a whispering consultation.
  67. They were introduced to the interrogators as members of a Behavioral Science Consultation Team.
  68. The two notaries were holding a consultation as to the best means of proceeding with the affair.
  69. You should go through an online consultation with licensed doctors before buying this medication.
  70. The end result is what the client desires and that will be established by the first consultation.
  71. Still, it did seem like a sort of mountain and I sat down and prepared myself for my consultation.
  72. I wanted to ask you what you would charge for a… a brief consultation, maybe only over the phone.
  73. Of course as an account-holder he’d always have the option of a consultation to express any fears.
  74. We set up a time for a consultation and he put me through a series of tests to check my mental state.
  75. However he has reduced his consultation hours to 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.
  76. My initial vasectomy consultation is scheduled for today and I can’t get this song out of my head:.
  77. The course focuses on the study of art therapy techniques on consultation, psychotherapy and diagnostics.
  78. She was starting to remember, something he’d said to her on his first consultation that was troubling.
  79. At last Monsieur Lariviere was about to leave, when Madame Homais asked for a consultation about her husband.
  80. The recess was apparently over and with three weeks to go in the consultation period the pace was picking up.
  81. Angellina didn’t believe Nick had risked her safety to bring her here just for a quick medical consultation.
  82. His atomic bombing of Japan was a decision made without consultation with me and planned without my knowledge.
  83. If this is indecisive the referee, after consultation with the judges, will declare the winner by Superiority.
  84. She could understand that, she still had a twinge from her Dawnsleep/Morningday consultation with the mountain.
  85. In the 1984 book Hackers, author Steven Levy, after much research and consultation, codified the hacker ethic as.
  86. I explained to him that I didn’t consider a medical treatment in a clinic equal to a consultation in the street.
  87. The results of this analysis and further consultation with Faye Anne would generally determine their next mission.
  88. Send in Ali Baba and his sidekick Shifty, I asked the Captain, who was just leaving after an early consultation.
  89. There had been no official warning, no period of consultation, that’s what the other chickens found most disgusting.
  90. One of the receptionists ushered the two of them into a consultation room and for the first time Mia showed reluctance.
  91. We’ll schedule a free consultation with you and give you our professional opinion about whether or not we can help you.
  92. The doctor was an old friend, so kept the consultation confidential and the multiple rape was not reported to the police.
  93. He spoke with marked sympathy, but with the reserve and extreme seriousness of a young doctor at an important consultation.
  94. After a hasty consultation with Annas, Caiaphas called a meeting of the Sanhedrin to convene at eight o'clock that evening.
  95. Meanwhile an agitated consultation was being carried on in whispers among his generals and marshals at the rear of his suite.
  96. He communicated the result of his observations to his companions, in Delaware, and a short and earnest consultation succeeded.
  97. Unfortunately the stink in the consultation room may need the family doctor evacuate his room and use another consultation room.
  98. I was there by the merest chance, having been called to an urgent consultation by the doctor of the German gunboat in the harbour.
  99. He and Robin sat in earnest consultation on the balcony of the PM’s suite, while their wives chatted amicably in the sitting room.
  100. The station captain had refused to speak with him, giving him instead an evil glare when looking up from consultation with Caroline.

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