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    1. Use ‘I am’ in the positive reference

    2. losing most of the normal reference points that social event smal talk requires:

    3. Berith is derived from a root word which means "to cut," and hence a covenant is a "cutting," with reference to the cutting or dividing of animals into two

    4. It remained without a name plate or any sort of reference

    5. principally that they would reference the designs only for opportunities, techniques

    6. tried to measure the time, but he no longer had any reference points in the world

    7. From my own brief life, growing up in the security of a loving family and a stable and prosperous society, I had few further points of reference by which I could really measure the guards

    8. There were no external points of reference in my life any more I felt as though I was the dumb-struck aboriginal grasping desperately for meaning as the explorers walked up the beach, taking their first colonial steps towards empire

    9. reference to this passage, our readers are to be reminded of Ezekiel 34:1-19 where the

    10. He had nothing to reference to determine if he was getting his slices at a regular interval

    11. ’ Kara agreed, grinning at the reference – one of the things she and Joris had shared was a love for Earth literature, poetry in particular

    12. Psalm 63 gives reference that Jesus’ wings are the very wings of God – thus equating Him with God

    13. In fact, I believe that when it mentions that by wisdom God created the world that that is a direct reference to the Spirit

    14. Was it really twenty years that he had sat on a mountain? Twenty years? He tried to measure the time, but he no longer had any reference points in the world below

    15. Reference this with the four beasts that came out of the sea in Daniel 7

    16. We can reference this detail with those ten toes on the statue in Daniel 2

    17. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Isn’t Jesus really expressing the heart of David here? Isn’t this a reference back to Psalm 22? For Jesus to make that cry was for Him to blow the whistle on all of those that surrounded and mocked

    18. ” At what time is the Lord referring to? “That time” is almost always a reference to the day of the Lord

    19. Gilla starts as though shaken by the reference to our relationship, but rushes off to do her bidding

    20. At home in Cornwall, whenever things were quiet in the library, I'd pretend to busy myself in the Reference Section because from there I could see the waters of the harbour and if I raised my head a little I could just about see past the lighthouse to the distant horizon with its line of silver light

    21. She said nothing about his reference to our lord

    22. There was one sobering moment when we came to a trampled clearing where stalks and weeds were flattened and the sandy soil was stained with a mess of dried blood, we fell silent and strode on without reference

    23. ’ He flushes at this reference to the fact that we’ve been talking about him, ‘That’s a firm foundation for anything, Jake

    24. Realizing that Master Seatac was aware of her and Tarak’s new status, she smiled and blushed at his reference

    25. He read thru the entire New Testament once again, studying every reference to Heaven, not just those in Revelation

    26. reference to “blending in

    27. Christ, The Christian Satanic Topical Reference, and the book of

    28. She cudgels her brains, searching for any reference at any time during her childhood to the fact that she was one of twins … surely, there must have been something, some comment or allusion …

    29. Nowhere is there any reference to Hemmingway the writer

    30. Jason … no … surely there must have been a reference to his existence at some point in her childhood … she casts her mind back, delving into the long neglected corners where she had secreted memories as a child

    31. Other than the entry in the shopping list, Ava found no other reference to Shonggot

    32. ‘Had enough turnip at school to last a lifetime!’ he said by way of explanation, his face clouding over as the reference reminded him of Chas

    33. Harry's dictionary became dog-eared and worn through constant reference and the texts of his book lists had all been crossed through as he devoured the information and insights each had to offer

    34. She looked at the names of his reference texts and generally stayed out of his way

    35. "I bet she hasn't shit in them", Maggie mutters to herself, a reference to ancient tradition that marks out the true devotee

    36. He feels like a goldfish in a bowl, peering out at a world that he can’t understand, a world for which his own experience strangely provides no point of reference

    37. The documents concerning meetings with salesmen and such were arranged by schedule, so that as one conference was ended, the attendant paperwork might simply be moved to the bottom of the stack or removed to a separate case, leaving the next meeting's documents on top and ready for reference

    38. ‘So you think there may have been poison then?’ she went on, picking up on the reference

    39. I would think they could have met sometime, but I never heard either mention the other’s name except Kulai once made reference to Tahlmute living with Ava one of the last times I saw him

    40. Samuel handed Harry a map of Redditch, with the points of interest, both historical and popular marked clearly for reference, and suggested he tour the town and 'get his bearings

    41. Was there anything he could do to give him more hints, like any reference to Chardovia? That was potent and got it down to five

    42. Once at the gate, he again instructed Kaitlyn to refrain from mentioning her activities with any specific reference to her training, but to otherwise feel free to discuss anything else she may wish to share with Chloe, her mother, or Mrs

    43. For our own purposes, in order to keep these ever fractalling series of groups of octaves clear to us, and for easier reference, let's call the initial all-to-nothing octave: Scale Zero, the next two created: Scale One, and Scale Two

    44. So when her parents required a reference point for the re-supply, or a forecast of certain necessary amendments to their endeavors, Hipolyta's account books were accurate and up-to-date tools for those instances

    45. He made emendations to his logbooks which tracked the annual fads and rages as a reference for the future recurrence of any one of them

    46. This should give you an idea as to what a story entitled 'The Great Tribulation' would be about, the title being a reference to the Bible Verse Revelation 7

    47. Flushing at the reference to her former faux pas, she answered, “I wanted to apologize for my presumptive behavior at the outset of this meeting

    48. "Remember, when I asked about the reference, every one told me it was a miss print, or it'd been copied wrong – long ago

    49. There are some reference materials, all via suntower only, of course

    50. ‘Is there any reference to something called

    1. ” Aldous referenced an old American TV show

    2. That representation is then stored in our computers and cross referenced whenever we need to find out where you are in the world,” Ackers said as he walked, never slowing his pace

    3. The Father is then typically referenced as the Creator

    4. An institution based on knowledge wants everything recorded and cross referenced

    5. 4 billion estate to charity, according to the referenced BusinessWeek article

    6. The devotional path to acceptance and the elimination of self-centered desire is beautifully illustrated by the well-known “Serenity Prayer,” already referenced in Chapter 11

    7. In fact, she often referenced

    8. If the reporter who wrote the above referenced piece has any intelligence, he (or she) can have no conscience

    9. The answer to that question should become more clearly apparent after a short review of that journey through the ever-changing Pleistocene, as first referenced in chapters 5 and 6

    10. uncovered was cross referenced with the scores that the vendors had assigned

    11. not referenced in any modern dictionaries

    12. “Shut up, it was referenced by the IBC! Anyway, he was pretty

    13. Combined, they have sold millions of copies and continue to be referenced by those who discuss men’s issues

    14. After Killer had been on Amazon for a few weeks, I noticed some customer reviews that referenced some criticisms of certain aspects of the book

    15. subject matter referenced, in this License were drafted utilizing the terminology of

    16. In addition to the websites listed in the “Resources” section, the following additional websites were referenced in researching this book:

    17. I used the Turtles’ hit because the last word in the title referenced a very popular movie in 1995

    18. Al-Faroque referenced the soft-screen

    19. The antichrist is referenced only six times

    20. The above referenced Laodicean church is truly the “end time” church

    21. Observe for a moment the second referenced scripture of Hebrews 6: 1a

    22. The reader will observe that the men referenced below are well-known theologians whose

    23. The referenced table is called the

    24. A List of Values can be referenced by page items as well as report

    25. In addition, we all apprehend knowledge in our unique way because it must…” she paused, “must be referenced to the Fine Waves of one’s Identity

    26. That said, there is always a degree of distortion because no knowledge exists independent of those who have understood it, and we all apprehend knowledge in our unique way because it must…” she paused, “must be referenced to the Fine Waves of one’s Identity

    27. A general law could be made to deal with general requirements of all bills and that law referenced in all other legislation as applicatory

    28. And he denies being the George Bush of the CIA referenced in Hoovers memo

    29. One of the research papers we referenced earlier (Authoritative Sources in a Hyperlinked

    30. One of the research papers we referenced earlier was a patent from Google about re-ranking

    31. Among all books referenced, these 100 were most useful in preparing the greatest achievement in life

    32. for purchases you may choose to make at any site referenced in this

    33. Somewhere in this book, I have referenced the fictional time 5:73 a

    34. much referenced “financial leverage ratio” which is very much like the interest coverage

    35. Grey had also referenced Jack the Ripper in the note that was included with Janet’s ear? It was almost as if Mr

    36. cross referenced" with the words in the Strong's Concordance

    37. Of course, since the books were of Greek origin and the advice therein referenced many Greek gods, corresponding Greek temples were constructed in Roman territory

    38. Girls received so little recognition that Jephthah’s daughter, murdered for the sake of Israelite military conquest, wasn’t even referenced by name

    39. The New Testament of the Christian Bible referenced numerous men proclaimed to be

    40. Santiago said nothing, but his pulse started racing and he looked nervous when Jensen referenced ―Abisali,‖ ―the Eagle,‖ ―the Rams,‖ ―the Builder,‖ or ―the Planner

    41. Then I cross referenced the names of al the

    42. I know I referenced relationships but I don't remember exactly what

    43. (Tan Ru? Please, I can’t be the only one that hears Star Trek in the B52s!) You Never Even Call Me By MY Name, David Allan Coe (Referenced, not actually sung

    44. The physical properties being referenced are as follows: 1

    45. Chantelle knew from the financial website that she referenced that the morning gold fix was $1,538 an ounce

    46. We need to learn to get inside us the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, the almighty power of God is in my spirit, I am joined to the eternal God - need to become conscious of that, so my value continually is referenced to what God says

    47. “Well,” Holland referenced the paper, “Everything that has happened this month, from the missing corpse, to the muddy footprints, to the murders being connected to the high school play – it’s all in here

    48. Purified Water is also referenced throughout the USP–

    49. The fruits of the afternoon’s labor sat in a neat stack on the counter, highlighted and cross referenced with the same level of precision he expected from Norah herself

    50. The books referenced below have moved me in such a way that I felt inclusion of some of their writing was imperative to this e-book; and to your understanding of this amazing mind power we all hold within us

    1. He checked his old references, formulas he thought he knew by heart

    2. I know that there are many references to darkness being a curse and a bad thing

    3. Why would God reveal Himself in the midst of clouds and darkness? The references to clouds reminds me of Jesus who is coming on the clouds

    4. How many times have I heard this passage references, or read this passage in the Bible? How many times have I heard someone say that Jesus’ death on the cross delivers us from sin? How many times have I heard it equated that Jesus is the Messiah because He sacrificed Himself for our sakes? All of these statements, as true as they might be, were shallow clichés that missed entirely the point

    5. She studied all the references she could find on it, spending most of the day with it

    6. The only two references in the New Testament to the day of the Lord are both quoting Jesus when He spoke of His return in the clouds

    7. He searched every channel of the render engine and found no references to her

    8. "He cites his references," Thom said

    9. gov for additional references

    10. ” She gave him a long lecture full of technical terms and references to the Yingolians to prove her point

    11. Flicking through the entries in the first few diaries for this period, I see lots of references to the tenants and their children

    12. The tone of the writing is cheerful and contented, I do hope that means that Bunty was happy … There are the usual references to Philip though it is odd that she never mentions her riding … perhaps it was such an ordinary thing she didn’t feel it necessary to note it down at all

    13. She finally understood all the references to the Dickens Festival, but she didn't think Mike knew about it

    14. Below are some symbols and some common interpretations of them, mostly taken from scriptural references

    15. All biblical references taken from the Modern King James version unless otherwise noted

    16. There were the natural references to the

    17. He checked for any references to the names Alan, Desa, Luray, Alfred, AlfredMekreedy, Viktor, ViktoreeaMekreedy and Brancettrabble in their records

    18. There was a scrollable list of protocol violations, a level stack, priority references and a wealth of other system detail to get lost in if he wanted

    19. no references to the past

    20. Additionally, the Bible’s Old Testament has several references to the word

    21. You should be able to find hundreds of references to events that were predicted in the Bible that actually occurred; just as it was predicted

    22. The Jews, on the other hand, reject this notion and they feel that Christians are mistaken in believing that Jesus is Israel’s Messiah and that passages in the Old Testament actually refer to Israel itself, whereas Christians would see those as references to Jesus Christ

    23. Then after that we had to provide four sets of different references and had to be British born of British parents

    24. The references to her father and a man called Jack she filed away for a later time, when she felt Rosemary would be better

    25. So much as expected, the same usual references about his ability to cope with the work

    26. All she could talk about were her nails, her hair and vague references to rock groups that all sounded like cuss words

    27. The absence of spiritual references and indifference to Divine Law has hastened an (uncertain) moral relativism of dubious value

    28. Conscience is understood as an (internalized) set of morals and values whose critical references, in whatever manner obtained and (assimilated), must necessarily enhance or diminish an individual‘s sense of guilt or other such feelings and emotions proceeding from that individual‘s private understanding of right and wrong or good and evil; that is to say, how that individual observes (external) events and assimilates the information that it receives

    29. He’s spent hours in the library there and really did not find anything particular beyond historical facts and other geographic references

    30. I was very careful to avoid any negative references to her family and my stubborn suspicions about their possible involvement

    31. The above references come from R

    32. The above references come from Nave’s Topical Bible

    33. Edgar remembered, very well, the references to two checks, together totaling six hundred thousand US dollars that were among the items still under investigation

    34. Here are three scripture references which settle the issue as to whether

    35. Additionally, in view of the recent notoriety of the log barges I currently use,” he said, indicating the log barge references in the notebook, “we will, for safety’s sake, need to discontinue the use of them as well so, with you coming aboard and my associate retiring, there will be a great reshuffling, but I want no interruption of deliveries to our customers

    36. ” In many biblical stories, the lesser important, younger members of a family “tended the sheep,” leaving the “tilling of the fields” by implication and other references in the Bible to more important members

    37. This would also explain the references in the Ten Commandments given through Moses, of their God being “a jealous god” and the warning “have no other gods before Me

    38. If this is so, then what of the other references to cities (Babylon) and times past? Were they also meant to be seen as historical, or maybe as I now feel more likely, parable-like representations of previous history and even prehistory?

    39. (Babylon in other references is referred to as a “harlot” or sinful woman

    40. Now what about the Seven Churches? Were they meant to be literal references to real churches or were they meant to indicate the various conditions of the same church at different times of the first millennium, or possibly after? If so, the order of succession would have to be adjusted because the first church would have to be the church of the time that John was living in

    41. If that turns out to be an accurate account, why would he have been insistent upon its inclusion? Is it possible that Revelation, being so full of symbolism and metaphoric references seemed rather similar to the Mysteries of the Mythrian belief system, and would have been of interest to newly recruited acolytes from paganism?

    42. His references to “False Teachers” probably indicates his difficulty with the Gnostic influence, as well as the people from a Jewish background who wished to claim or reclaim neophytes away from this new way

    43. This realm, such as it was, for those who chose to believe was eventually given a name that has been translated from ancient times into our pre-literary oral history references of “the heavens” and then, more recently, into heaven

    44. The earliest references to angels from my experience of the Bible’s contents appear in the Old Testament

    45. And so, resort was made to a time-tested biblical method of corroboration by looking back into itself for earlier references that the word, as adherents declared it, had also been so declared by others from the past

    46. Even setting aside the argument of circularity, that any attempt to prove a statement by references to the statement itself were circular in nature and proved nothing without outside sources of corroboration, it is found that in the early history of the practitioners of Christianity there was the cautionary advice from St

    47. (1968) The Hero with a Thousand Faces New York: Princeton University Press (This second edition contains references to the Collected Works of Carl Gustav Jung)

    48. According to him, the biblical parable must keep some historical truth, given the variety of Mesopotamian references about the terrible floods that devastated the shores of the Tigris and Euphrates in the late fourth millennium BC

    49. PM suggested not building coastal again, but if one was so bent, PM supplied references on how to build a hurricane-resistant building

    50. He was sure Kosmo had some references

    1. It is possible this is what Jesus was referencing when He said, “If you don’t follow my teachings, it’s like a man who builds his house on the sand

    2. Cross referencing with

    3. These too are caused or created or sustained by external conditions, and talking about particles without referencing these conditions is a convenient shortcut that allows one to envision a building-block world where everything is composed of particles

    4. And Calvin knew from his investigation of Raidan that was true—or at least that's what had been recorded in all the databases referencing him

    5. There was a realisation that in the future these children may seek to find out who their real parents were so any records were carefully preserved for future checking and cross referencing with biological materials as the world’s databanks expanded with this data

    6. To make a long story short after two hours of testing, probing and referencing the electrical schematic I found the problem

    7. If you have found any mistakes, unintentional referencing or if you have any questions, please email jeff@lovemathematics

    8. stood referencing the map while

    9. Elizabeth had deciphered enough of the language by referencing her historical linguistic database to be able to translate it to the flight crews

    10. I decided to give referencing its own section within the guide because so many

    11. A key aspect of referencing that psychology students tend to overlook is the fact that

    12. In most cases this will be the APA referencing format, although many UK

    13. Without doubt the most common referencing format mistakes relate to the increasing

    14. APA style referencing guidelines suggest that an Internet source should provide a

    15. summary, citation and referencing in order to help you with coursework such as essays

    16. “We have a buyer in France who purchases the product from us,” he replied, referencing the narcotics in as polite a way as possible

    17. But note the last line, referencing six wives

    18. By prophesying another 42 months of torment by an oppressor, John was referencing something that the Jews feared and had already experienced

    19. map and cross referencing it with a number of other documents, the evidence

    20. much as referencing the thoughts of

    21. Also, Kasumi records short skits of me referencing the main performance in some recursive way

    22. 54, referencing Lariby verses The State of Ne-

    23. When she had found the messages from Sandy on Jason's phone referencing the information about her that he had sold for thousands of dollars she had sacked her friend immediately

    24. It seemed like she didn’t have the slightest clue to what Paul could be referencing

    25. From the deluge of webpedic pages referencing the query, “larger than me?”, we find ourselves treading in the same post-freewill sea of confusion: “What do I choose?” In this whirlpool of infinite information, we drown in endlessly reproducing choices, unable to swallow a single unlinked meme, incapable of uttering a solid conclusion

    26. When a formula containing a cell reference is entered into a cell, Excel keeps track of that formula in two ways: one is relative referencing whereby the relative position of the addressed cell and not the cell position itself is stored in the formula (this is the default and is quite handy most of the times)

    27. For this purpose, one needs to use the absolute referencing

    28. The absolute referencing is identified by the use of the $ sign in the cell address

    29. One may also consider the use of mixed referencing whereby either the row or the column remains constant

    30. If you need any of the cells to remain constant, make sure that absolute referencing has been added to the original formula before you copy it

    31. To make either the column or the row referencing (or both) absolute, the column or row number has to be preceded by a $ sign

    32. referencing, in order to help the person notice that they are indeed, not the

    33. use referencing words such as, less, least, best, more, worse etc

    34. 54, referencing Lariby verses The State of Nevada, stating that if a juvenile is convicted of a crime at an early age in the State of Nevada, and tried as such, those records are then sealed, leaving room for the County Sheriff’s Office to further investigate the case, and yes, they can bring new charges against a new, or different, defendant for said crime

    35. author of the original texts, referencing any later writer whose work is based on false assumptions

    36. Consequently, it directly refers to those two pivotal numeric symbols while referencing angels and

    37. This abbreviated view is the basis for referencing the individual spirits by the first

    38. Symbolism refers to the process of describing or referencing things

    39. even if 14:1 were referencing people, which it is not

    40. Even if everything seems relatively safe, you are still in unfamiliar territory and referencing your whereabouts to someone who is interested is never a bad idea

    41. He's really sophisticated and clearly lives a lifestyle a long ways from Cowbell Lane," I say, referencing my grandparents' home in Willow Grove

    42. I remember feeling almost perfectly satisfied that Dolores meant she didn’t need me in the short term, and that she wasn’t referencing anything major

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    consultation reference denotation extension address computer address book of facts reference book reference work character character reference acknowledgment citation cite credit mention quotation point of reference reference point source endorsement testimonial approval certificate tribute referral direction concern relation respect guidebook informant dictionary encyclopedia thesaurus footnote evidence

    "reference" definitions

    a remark that calls attention to something or someone

    a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage

    an indicator that orients you generally

    a book to which you can refer for authoritative facts

    a formal recommendation by a former employer to a potential future employer describing the person's qualifications and dependability

    the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression; the class of objects that an expression refers to

    the act of referring or consulting

    a publication (or a passage from a publication) that is referred to

    (computer science) the code that identifies where a piece of information is stored

    the relation between a word or phrase and the object or idea it refers to

    refer to