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Contemporary in a sentence

1. A more contemporary way of.
2. This is more contemporary and rather more.
3. Lighthouse Service, a contemporary of the U.
4. There was a huge range of very contemporary.
5. Contemporary golf balls have 300 to 450 dimples.
6. He was a contemporary of the historical Jesus and.
7. Black and white are often used in contemporary home.
8. Smith was so contemporary, a creature of the nineties.
9. They can support contemporary events and circumstances.
10. Contemporary mystics sometimes speak of being born again.
11. The Past should never be judged by contemporary standards.
12. If the carbon dating placed a contemporary date on the.
13. The primary difference between Linux and other contemporary.
14. A YA Romance, mixing the best of contemporary and paranormal.
15. Contemporary of Dante I think – we’ll have to look him up.
16. Yet this is precisely what is done by contemporary scientists.
17. Women and anger: Conflicts with aggression in contemporary women.
18. We may answer this question basing upon contemporary concepts of.
19. Some parts of it are apparently from contemporary materials that.
20. Islam's most sacred text can be construed to fit the contemporary.
21. In contemporary state of affairs of humanity, one thing is for sure.
22. A great contemporary elder, living in a cave in an isolated part of Mt.
23. Carl Jung, Freud’s famous contemporary, said that conscience was an.
24. A Guild spokesman said ‘Nobody in contemporary fiction can touch him.
25. Maureen Stapleton was a contemporary of Marilyn’s at the Actors Studio.
26. Translated soul only 14 times out of 870 times in the Contemporary English.
27. Translated soul only 27 times out of 976 times in the Contemporary English.
28. All contemporary social crimes have their origin in the partition of Poland.
29. A contemporary spiritual teacher in the West had questioned his counterpart.
30. Contemporary science is also occupied with facts alone: it investigates facts.
31. It struck Joseph how few contemporary friends of his father were still alive.
32. It was a soaring contemporary with cantilevered decks and hundred-mile views.
33. The Crisis and the Hero parallel illness and cure as contemporary archetypes.
34. Nancy Chodorow and many contemporary feminist object-relations theorists have.
35. She imagined some contemporary of Hollowcrest’s on the throne and felt sick.
36. Sun Myung Moon is another contemporary Christian that laid claim as the messiah.
37. This plasticity of truth is what underpins contemporary political correctness.
38. Doubtless the joke was perfectly intelligible to the habitues of contemporary St.
39. Like many contemporary religions, the Hebrew religion was dominated by secretive.
40. A contemporary critic accused him promoting liberal goals…by illiberal means.
41. If the house is contemporary and two-story for example that area might be upstairs.
42. In addition, we are to interpret Scripture in accord with contemporary human reason.
43. The house was all-white, contemporary, probably built ten or twelve years ago, two.
44. Rather, the office was more contemporary, with an abundance of metal, glass, and tile.
45. What are the most important contemporary trends that you see emerg-actions on the same.
46. But let us leave the soldier, especially the contemporary soldier, out of the question.
47. Contemporary scientific research can now explain many wonders that were once a mystery.
48. This hypocrisy is the product of a male order which has created the contemporary world.
49. As I had told you Uttu, these are problems of a contemporary world order because of the.
50. Translated soul only 27 times out of 976 times in the Contemporary English Version in 1995.
51. Translated soul only 14 times out of 870 times in the Contemporary English Version in 1995.
52. As contemporary Christians, we should be actively looking for the return of Jesus and the.
53. The infamous Black Dahlia case of the 1940s and a much more contemporary case from the 90s.
54. Therefore, contemporary humans see lots of transitional templates which mind has not fully.
55. His poems are stiff and formal in style and are not much thought of by contemporary Russians.
56. Linden-Centre for Contemporary Arts is located in Acland Street, the vibrant heart of St Kilda.
57. Sammy had ten top forty singles and thirteen songs made the top forty adult contemporary chart.
58. The Islamic law is a collection of reactionary tribal rules unsuited to contemporary societies.
59. Unfortunately, much of contemporary alternative medicine falls under the same strategic approach.
60. Edward Carpenter, a noted contemporary English thinker, some of whose works Tolstoi valued highly.
61. Todd Waterson’s house was a sprawling, three-level stucco contemporary with Craftsman influences.
62. For he came of a very old race, whose myths ran back to shapes undreamed of by contemporary tribes.
63. Eventually, we rounded a bend and stopped to peek at a large, contemporary, two-story glass mansion.
64. History should never be judged by contemporary standards lest we fall off the ―shoulders of giants.
65. Is that okay? she said in the contemporary tone of 'The best defensiveness is combativeness'.
66. Then checking that none of the contemporary French were close, he lowered his voice to a near whisper.
67. Setting this as the background could lead to a lot of stories with themes with contemporary resonance.
68. What are the most important contemporary trends that you see emerging in this space across the globe?
69. Yet now contemporary Christian leaders are so concerned about offending international sensibilities (i.
70. Mostly they were medical journals, with a smal pile of contemporary authors stacked in a trivial corner.
71. The ubiquity of 1/F α noise is one of the oldest puzzles of contemporary physics and science in general.
72. For this purpose, I took the biography of Napoléon I, who was almost an exact contemporary of Beethoven.
73. Any ordinary shift worker in the contemporary workforce would now exult in a festive meat of their choice.
74. None of the contemporary men Carroll knew could cook anything much more complicated than tomato soup.
75. But in our contemporary society, the greatest prohibition is sex and the greatest proscription is conquest.
76. The historic and contemporary missions of the Coast Guard have earned it the service motto, Semper Paratus.
77. Yet, I reflected, she has been young once; her youth would be contemporary with her master’s: Mrs.
78. Belfast built ship, ill-fated or not was to forefront of 20th century technology and contemporary engineering.
79. The contemporary chaos theory example of a twit wikileaking in Australia flocking complaints on Saudsrafraud.
80. I parked between two black-and-whites on the lawn and looked up at a stunning glass-and-redwood contemporary.
81. From wooden golf balls to contemporary golf balls, each invention has contributed to the development of golf.
82. Their ability to raise children, let alone even have children, was not well supported in contemporary society.
83. Back in London, Defoe was saddened by a severe criticism of him by a contemporary Irish writer, Jonathan Swift.
84. What are the most important contemporary trends that you see emerging in the Analytics space across the globe?
85. More scholars are turned out in the City of the Sun in one year than by contemporary methods in ten or fifteen.
86. Berke had accepted Islam, and Hulagu, brother of the contemporary Great Khan Mongke, was married to a Christian.
87. We drove by the beaches, the stores, the banks, went to a contemporary shopping mall with its huge supermarket.
88. I came across a few country western stations and some adult contemporary but I kept searching for something else.
89. The contemporary ranch house stood within yards of the original cabin and sported most of the modern conveniences.
90. As one of the ways of sanctification, monasticism emphasizes the presence of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary.
91. It would be a waste of cattle and a little unsanitary if we did many of the old traditions in contemporary society.
92. Adrian said, The geometric patterns are painted like those of a contemporary parterre garden, known as broderie.
93. His book Shows About Nothing examines the assumptions and effects of contemporary television and movie entertainment.
94. If you would like to experience contemporary art in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, then Linden is well worth visiting.
95. The result is a moving and magical journey, told with consummate skill by one of the masters of contemporary animation.
96. Similarly the film The Ice Storm allows, Hibbs says, the banality of evil to find its finest contemporary expression.
97. From the plausible belief proposed and drawn from contemporary evidence, supporting the idea of pre-programmed evolution.
98. The Gallery is fostering alliances with the Asia-Pacific region by hosting the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.
99. This brings to the fore the question whether the plant life preceded, succeeded or contemporary to the plunamic evolution.
100. What are the most important contemporary trends that you see emerging in the marketing analytics space across the globe?

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