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Contemporary in a sentence

A more contemporary way of.
This is more contemporary and rather more.
Lighthouse Service, a contemporary of the U.
There was a huge range of very contemporary.
Contemporary golf balls have 300 to 450 dimples.
He was a contemporary of the historical Jesus and.
Black and white are often used in contemporary home.

Smith was so contemporary, a creature of the nineties.
They can support contemporary events and circumstances.
Contemporary mystics sometimes speak of being born again.
The Past should never be judged by contemporary standards.
If the carbon dating placed a contemporary date on the.
The primary difference between Linux and other contemporary.
A YA Romance, mixing the best of contemporary and paranormal.
Yet this is precisely what is done by contemporary scientists.
Contemporary of Dante I think – we’ll have to look him up.
Women and anger: Conflicts with aggression in contemporary women.
We may answer this question basing upon contemporary concepts of.
Islam's most sacred text can be construed to fit the contemporary.
Some parts of it are apparently from contemporary materials that.
In contemporary state of affairs of humanity, one thing is for sure.
A great contemporary elder, living in a cave in an isolated part of Mt.
Carl Jung, Freud’s famous contemporary, said that conscience was an.
A Guild spokesman said ‘Nobody in contemporary fiction can touch him.
Maureen Stapleton was a contemporary of Marilyn’s at the Actors Studio.
Translated soul only 27 times out of 976 times in the Contemporary English.
Translated soul only 14 times out of 870 times in the Contemporary English.
A contemporary spiritual teacher in the West had questioned his counterpart.
All contemporary social crimes have their origin in the partition of Poland.
It struck Joseph how few contemporary friends of his father were still alive.
The Crisis and the Hero parallel illness and cure as contemporary archetypes.
Contemporary science is also occupied with facts alone: it investigates facts.
It was a soaring contemporary with cantilevered decks and hundred-mile views.
She imagined some contemporary of Hollowcrest’s on the throne and felt sick.
Nancy Chodorow and many contemporary feminist object-relations theorists have.
Sun Myung Moon is another contemporary Christian that laid claim as the messiah.
Like many contemporary religions, the Hebrew religion was dominated by secretive.
A contemporary critic accused him promoting liberal goals…by illiberal means.
Doubtless the joke was perfectly intelligible to the habitues of contemporary St.
This plasticity of truth is what underpins contemporary political correctness.

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