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Fellow in a sentence | fellow example sentences

  1. Joe was a good fellow.
  2. He was a wiry fellow.
  3. The poor fellow got a.
  4. And he is a good fellow.
  5. Poor fellow! Quite a boy.

  6. But a prig is a fellow.
  7. And with your fellow men.
  8. The fellow was a hound.
  9. Ilyás is a lucky fellow.
  10. The old fellow was touched.
  11. My fellow citizen has an.
  12. Bring the young fellow in.
  13. Market is a fickle fellow.
  14. This fellow isn't dead! '.
  15. Dear fellow, I hope he did.

  16. What a big fellow he is!.
  17. Unless it's the old fellow.
  18. A big voice, a good fellow.
  19. He tells his fellow gladi-.
  20. He's such a fellow, dear me.
  21. Lynch, a Scots fellow, Will.
  22. Don’t ruin a young fellow.
  23. I will speak to this fellow.
  24. The owner was a kewl fellow.
  25. You saw this here fellow.

  26. He was very ill, poor fellow.
  27. Deems, was a nice old fellow.
  28. Poor old fellow! He needs it.
  29. You loved her too, old fellow.
  30. Other fellow did it: other me.
  31. As I say, a formidable fellow.
  32. Being a fellow that is never.
  33. Young fellow? That was Dick.
  34. He was an intimidating fellow.
  35. He murdered our fellow Agents.
  36. Whiskey was a slippery fellow.
  37. He is a wise and clever fellow.
  38. Now, Queequeg is my fellow man.
  39. But that fellow DOES puzzle me.
  40. I got that big fellow with it.
  41. Decent young fellow, he seemed.
  42. He's a dirty, low-lived fellow.
  43. She states, Good luck fellow.
  44. I saw the beauty of this fellow.
  45. But this fellow bragged about.
  46. It was Jake, his fellow hunter.
  47. Good, Nick’s a good fellow.
  48. That’s how it is, dear fellow.
  49. Come, Jo, don't desert a fellow.
  50. For he's a jolly good fellow.
  51. An old fellow of the old school.
  52. They have hurt their fellow man.
  53. Not a bad fellow was her father.
  54. Eye out for other fellow always.
  55. I am Grantaire, the good fellow.
  56. Poor fellow, I'm sure he's dead.
  57. That's very fine, my dear fellow.
  58. The black fellow sat quite still.
  59. So the sad wrinkled fellow moved.
  60. Avoid the eyes of our fellow man.
  61. Good morning fellow crew members.
  62. The younger fellow shook his head.
  63. He was an ardent fellow, but at.
  64. The wolfman is a jolly old fellow.
  65. His fellow officers followed suit.
  66. Lane! He always was a stout fellow.
  67. This watchman was a stupid fellow.
  68. He was a brilliant, joyous fellow.
  69. My fellow Americans, he said.
  70. Nothing seemed to faze this fellow.
  71. My dear fellow, I know you well.
  72. The portly fellow not wanting to.
  73. Deep voice that fellow Dlugacz has.
  74. Oh, but Denisov’s a fine fellow.
  75. That’s the sort of fellow he is.
  76. One fellow told another and so on.
  77. Andrew is a Fellow of the American.
  78. But now that decent sort of fellow.
  79. The third fellow paced up and down.
  80. Highly educated and talented fellow.
  81. Well not for this fellow obviously.
  82. The foul-mouthed fellow at the top.
  83. This fellow appeared to be a real.
  84. You must excuse a gouty old fellow.
  85. That’s just it, my dear fellow.
  86. But this fellow was different, he.
  87. Oh, but Denísov’s a fine fellow.
  88. Roy is a nice fellow and all that.
  89. Couple of fellow travelers, Sloan.
  90. Nice fellow, but a bit of a dreamer.
  91. Bossuet was a gay but unlucky fellow.
  92. Harry was sure he liked this fellow.
  93. Speak out, there's a worthy fellow.
  94. He was told by his fellow officers.
  95. Now, I return to this young fellow.
  96. As for my fellow clan protégé.
  97. The old fellow looked towards his dog.
  98. It was the big fellow shoved me, sir.
  99. The ragged fellow looked inquiringly.
  100. It is this fellow who is the glutton.

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