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Copiously in a sentence

1. Her blood flowed copiously down the marbled stairs.
2. His eyes watered copiously and he was nearly blind.
3. Mimi never left her room that day, and wept copiously.
4. Henchy snuffled vigorously and spat so copiously that he.
5. Naturally, the day the cruiser navigated its waters it did rain copiously.
6. I don’t want Abigail to live with her dad! Tears spilled copiously.
7. Roger was also bloodied and sweat poured copiously from every crevice of his body.

8. The bullet had hit the collar and gouged a 6-inch gash at my back and the back of my head, which had bled copiously.
9. The fireman swore quietly but had his men turn the hose on Nancy, dousing her copiously before returning the spray on the burning house.
10. Long brown hair was pulled back in a thick plait, every other part of his slim, bronzed body had been shaved smooth and copiously oiled.
11. The P-38 on the left fired at the same time as its leading opponent, holding firmly its position while spraying copiously the incoming jet.
12. The STUKA’s 500-kilo bomb exploded in the water besides the NARWHAL, copiously spraying its decks with seawater but causing nothing more serious.
13. By the light of their torches they could see that he was unquestionably dead, his neck sliced almost all the way through, his blood spilled copiously over the stone floor of the cloisters.
14. Wrasse made a science of fishing, reading copiously about the behavioural ecology of the fish, shoal dispersal models, mist currents, feeding patterns and just about everything fish-related.
15. More ominous for Yamamoto was the fact that, this time, the destroyers holding his outer picket line were attacked as well, being copiously strafed by P-40s and ending up being severely damaged.
16. Either he had been drinking copiously before, or there was some other unknown cause at work, but his hand shook so as he drank the wine that a quantity of it was spilled over his waistcoat and the floor.
17. When the grave had been filled with earth the little party turned back toward the cabin, and Esmeralda, still weeping copiously for the two she had never heard of before today, and who had been dead twenty years, chanced to glance toward the harbor.
18. Indeed, the book’s topic extends even beyond the popular-festive life of early modern Europe upon which, Bakhtin shows, Rabelais draws so copiously; it provides a powerfully charged account of the transition to modernity in the culture of the Continent.
19. Meg had an extra row of little curlpapers across her forehead, Jo had copiously anointed her afflicted face with cold cream, Beth had taken Joanna to bed with her to atone for the approaching separation, and Amy had capped the climax by putting a clothes-pin on her nose to uplift the offending feature.
20. Lady Shuttleworth was the deceased Sir Augustus's second wife, had married him when she was over forty and well out of the crying stage, which in the busy does not last beyond childhood, had lost him soon after Tussie's birth, had cried copiously and most properly at his funeral, and had not cried since.
21. The American night attack had been short, but it had succeeded in sinking nine of the precious troop transports, while nearly all the other troopships had been copiously strafed with heavy machinegun fire by the American P-40 fighters, killing or wounding a staggering number of Japanese soldiers that had been waiting on the decks to load up in barges and travel ashore to reinforce the beachheads.
22. The unhappy man no sooner touched the fulminating silver with a knife, than it exploded with its usual violence; the table was split in two; blood issued copiously from every part of his face, not from wounds, for it does not appear that the fragments hit him, but, according to the opinion of a competent judge, the blood was actually forced through the pores of the skin by the power of the explosion, which very nearly destroyed his eyes.
23. Three of them refrain’d, owing to her Great Belly, but another hideous Rogue, with a greater Belly than her own, a Beard of flaming red, and Pustules that stood out upon his Cheaks, rose, as ’twere to the Challenge, and ravish’d her both above and below; and not being content with the Conquest of two Orifices, drew her whimp’ring to her Knees, caus’d her to thrust her Bum in the Air and ravish’d that Orifice, too, until it bled copiously and she scream’d for Mercy.

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