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Profusely in a sentence

1. He began to sweat profusely.
2. He was sweating profusely now.
3. David began to sweat profusely.
4. Cristian shook his head profusely.
5. He apologized profusely to David.
6. He hobbled in, bleeding profusely.
7. I was flushed and sweating profusely.

8. In fact, she was sweating profusely.
9. But his neck was bleeding profusely.
10. I thanked him profusely and declined.
11. I was sweating everywhere, profusely.
12. The beggar bowed and bowed profusely.
13. His paws were bleeding more profusely.
14. The offender was now bleeding profusely.
15. Both apologized profusely for the delay.
16. Felix started shaking his head profusely.
17. The skin split open, bleeding profusely.
18. He was bleeding profusely, barely alive.
19. To make the heart bleed more profusely;.
20. His mouth and nose was bleeding profusely.
21. He fell to the ground bleeding profusely.
22. He apologized profusely as he bowed to me.
23. They were all panting, sweating profusely.
24. He is out of breath and sweating profusely.
25. Maranzano was shaking and sweating profusely.
26. He is bleeding from mouth and nose profusely.
27. He felt nauseous and started to sweat profusely.
28. He was bleeding profusely from multiple wounds.
29. At his words Evette’s face blushed profusely.
30. I felt chilled and I started to sweat profusely.
31. His head, nose and mouth was bleeding profusely.
32. George thanked her profusely for her kind words.
33. Blushing and apologising profusely, she grabbed a.
34. Like most head wounds, this injury bled profusely.
35. DC Potter thanked him profusely, then phoned Jane.
36. Split? Now Andrew was sweating profusely too.
37. Tina nodded her head and then cried more profusely.
38. Footsie was bleeding profusely but was not yet dead.
39. He was sweating profusely and using his oxygen at.
40. He was trembling and had started to sweat profusely.
41. He thanked Vojanski profusely before saying goodbye.
42. He was sweating profusely and clearly out of breath.
43. David was lying on ground insane bleeding profusely.
44. He apologized profusely for the injustice done to me.
45. After the meeting, she apologized profusely to Barney.
46. The guy was panting like a dog and sweating profusely.
47. Then he saw his brother, head bleeding profusely and.
48. Sarah was sweating profusely and panting, as was Ichor.
49. The human stopped again, panting and sweating profusely.
50. He stared at Veronique who was bleeding profusely and.
51. The old man was very happy and all thanked me profusely.
52. She weeps profusely as she asks, Are you an angel?
53. Bassam’s knees buckled then he began to sweat profusely.
54. He apologised profusely each time, but she was too busy.
55. Thank you, Carter beamed, shaking his hand profusely.
56. Sweating profusely, Torm hauled himself onto the ramp and.
57. Genie was on her way in and stopped to thank Sam profusely.
58. And after another ten strokes flew by, he sweated profusely.
59. I noticed that he was sweating profusely, obviously because.
60. She has thrombocytopenia, this caused her to bleed profusely.
61. He clung to her sobbing profusely while John looked on dazed.
62. Jack’s wound wasn’t serious and he had not bled profusely.
63. Cristian cried out as the wound began to bleed again profusely.
64. He sweated profusely, trembled and his heart was racing wildly.
65. She was deeply touched and thanked him profusely for the honor.
66. Garcia arrived at 0904 and apologized profusely for being late.
67. He was sweating profusely and his stomach was in one giant knot.
68. Marsh thanked Max profusely and wished him luck in his new life.
69. Worse yet, his face appeared pale and he was sweating profusely.
70. Fried�lander, joined by Ward and Derham, apologized profusely.
71. Nangong Ping shouted aloud even though he was bleeding profusely.
72. The clerk had begun to perspire profusely, and he wiped beads of.
73. He read his works profusely and was now an avid reader in general.
74. That was a treachery of war, Father, and I apologize profusely.
75. They both apologized profusely saying, Mister, we are so sorry.
76. O’Darby myself and apologized profusely for your actions, Trent.
77. The people rushed forward shaking their hands and bowing profusely.
78. On the gravel he lay, dazed, gasping for air and bleeding profusely.
79. It was profusely strewed with the plunder of that unlucky fortress.
80. I was thanked profusely and cheered heartily as I rode out of town.
81. By the time the guards did open the door, she was bleeding profusely.
82. He was sweating profusely now as he tried again and again to scream.
83. The Confederate, not hearing, nodded profusely with his newfound ally.
84. Schacter was sweating profusely, his body trembling with mounting fear.
85. The man was bleeding profusely from three different spots on his body.
86. He began to cry profusely, leaning over, finally falling to the ground.
87. He was sweating profusely and violently shaking his head back and forth.
88. He offered his hand grinning profusely, but Ursempyre did not accept it.
89. I apologized profusely and tried to sound embarrassed instead of guilty.
90. Dempsey was sweating profusely by now and his forehead, armpits and back.
91. He was sweating profusely and his normally pallid complexion was flushed.
92. She felt a heat pushing up to her cheeks as she began blushing profusely.
93. She was blubbering all over about her gratitude and thanking me profusely.
94. Brother Francis crumpled and fell, bleeding profusely, to the mossy ground.
95. They listened, but not profusely, but then again, maybe a seed was planted.
96. In the great hall, Nangong Ping was sweating profusely and he could barely.
97. My mom gave them all a hug and kiss on the cheek and thanked them profusely.
98. She thanked him profusely and breathlessly and made her way to the washroom.
99. Concentrate gently on this picture with open eyes till tears flow profusely.
100. Now sweating profusely, he gave one more push and this time the door opened.

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