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Courageous in a sentence

1. You are a courageous man.
2. He was courageous, and bold.
3. Now how courageous is this?
4. I said courageous, not stupid.
5. He is courageous, he is brave;.
6. Was he courageous or shameless?
7. He was simply not courageous or.

8. She dreaded having to be courageous.
9. And besides, I'm bold and courageous.
10. You were courageous warriors to have.
11. Come now, you are the courageous ones.
12. Remain courageous and never lose hope.
13. But he is a courageous person, McDonald.
14. Be courageous, Warriors, said Sharon.
15. Chica told me you were very courageous.
16. Steve was courageous and determined, and.
17. For the courageous he has teeth and talons.
18. He had heard courageous tales of how they.
19. Ulysses is a very patient and courageous man.
20. Without his courageous efforts and those of.
21. All of the more courageous reptiles died out.
22. Courageous - Moses was a man of great courage.
23. You think loving another is courageous?
24. You have still made a courageous decision.
25. The courageous took to arms, the poltroons hid.
26. This is the wrong way to create courageous men.
27. They were tearful of eye but courageous of heart.
28. The courageous Helios had arrived and began his.
29. While he is kind, he is also brave and courageous.
30. Even the normally courageous Hillary was hesitant.
31. She was one courageous woman, born before her time.
32. Faithful–True, dependable, courageous, and virtuous.
33. Only he was courageous, the rest were just followers.
34. He is clever, skilful, courageous, active and strong.
35. Peace is given only to the strong and the courageous.
36. Not how loving, how honest or how courageous they are.
37. In truth, he was courageous and incredibly resourceful.
38. Captain Hamptyn was a competent and courageous officer.
39. This is your poker night aboard Courageous, I believe.
40. Dog-tired German soldiers offered a courageous resistance.
41. Everyone is scared in darkness, however courageous he is.
42. And the harmonious soul is both temperate and courageous?
43. The WGSD is confident, courageous (willing to die for its.
44. And the courageous ones who’d tried, weren’t believed.
45. Mastiffs can be quite stoic and courageous, not to mention.
46. The fighting BBD was courageous and had incredible tenacity.
47. They were not mentally courageous enough to think logically.
48. A student who wants to be educated must be courageous indeed.
49. That would have been the courageous way out of that monstrous.
50. It took a courageous man, they said, to indict his own brother.
51. This is not a story about defeating fear and being courageous.
52. Why of course, they all believed that they were all courageous.
53. By tackling risky projects, they appear courageous and engaged.
54. Think of yourself as being Courageous - see yourself as acting.
55. But we must be courageous to strike the enemy wherever possible.
56. The courageous parapsychologists moved into the little bathroom.
57. There was a chorus of adhesion from the more courageous; but Mr.
58. But you already said you thought her curiosity was courageous.
59. He hoped Norm would remain courageous and stand firm in the face.
60. However, they were granted such a gift for their courageous acts.
61. This is the tale of Horrifying Hippo and the Courageous Cleaners.
62. The courageous warrior was defenseless, the brain that knew too.
63. He was a courageous young fellow, who rose to a high position at.
64. But to her enemies it seemed a last defiant and courageous gesture.
65. He almost felt as if he were someone else—someone more courageous.
66. He preferred not to exalt or gloat in the defeat of a courageous foe.
67. This came from courageous people who lost loved ones that tragic day.
68. Instead of mentally honest, mentally courageous, and mentally loving.
69. Fromm was more courageous in speaking seriously of love (his precious.
70. Instead of physically honest, physically courageous, physically loving.
71. She has proven herself to be courageous, compassionate and influential.
72. You have to be courageous to do the things that appear to be dangerous.
73. This truth will find expression in noble purpose and courageous action.
74. I may be courageous, but I still know when to walk away and when to run.
75. A white man, no matter how courageous and sinewy, would have been prone.
76. See blank tee what domestic animal? Tee dash ar most courageous mariner.
77. And then, again, I am not as brave and courageous as was my poor brother.
78. I need to see you strong in your courageous assurance, to recover myself.
79. Your testimony this morning was the most courageous act I’ve ever seen.
80. So too was the courageous Dante, who could not escape the burning flames.
81. Israel failed to take the next courageous steps of faith to obey the Lord.
82. The courageous and confident manner in which this applicant approached the.
83. It is very courageous of you to come here after all that has transpired.
84. We have had courageous men and women in Congress; however, the majority is.
85. My dad would be one of the most courageous men I know, because he did this.
86. The other one was quite a young man, fresh-coloured, strong, and courageous.
87. As of this writing, those two courageous journalists can still cover the war.
88. It is through courageous thought and clear-seeing that delusion is destroyed.
89. Why? Did they cease being courageous, fearless, did they become lazy, afraid?
90. By refusing to be courageous you are choosing death of all courage within you.
91. We need courageous men and women in Congress willing to break from party lines.
92. Eva had lost her heart to this courageous woman even before she was aware of it.
93. A weapon can make a person twice as courageous but sometimes twice as stupid too.
94. On the other hand, she needed someone courageous and resourceful as her companion.
95. If my ex-teacher was courageous enough to set the record straight, I should be too.
96. The bravest and most courageous will, on occasion, dare to enter the jaws of evil.
97. At once, our courageous officer took a brave decision but informed no-one about it.
98. By his courageous and selfless actions, he saved the lives of his two fellow SEALs.
99. The hammer of death can only be used by living humans who are honest and courageous.
100. With Joseph and Henry in the lead, the courageous little band set off into the forest.

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