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Intrepid in a sentence

1. How very intrepid of you, Nick.
2. The intrepid engineer Keith Gild.
3. They are intrepid and valiant warriors.
4. The first intrepid boy hunters hit the bar.
5. But somehow intrepid volunteers came forth.
6. Bill Reynolds was the intrepid copy editor.
7. Of the cutlass thrust toward that intrepid face.

8. The Intrepid Star was the tallest of the downtown.
9. For the intrepid aquarists they are candidates for.
10. He is not in love, and yet he manages to be intrepid.
11. Great news, everyone! The Intrepid Star is officially.
12. You are the high-flying condor of my most intrepid thought.
13. Ah, Monsieur Bonnet and his intrepid associates are here.
14. She was facing him, very pale, with shining, intrepid eyes.
15. I imagined myself as an intrepid reporter and liked the image.
16. Intrepid Star was the only thing left that he could call his.
17. Intrepid Star Casino for the special guests and slot club members.
18. It was particularly zealous and intrepid in the days of June, 1832.
19. Alvin knew that his stay at the Intrepid Star would be a short one.
20. Leblanc's whole person was expressive of candid and intrepid confidence.
21. After that they changed positions, he intrepid, she quite useless for a.
22. The unfortunate youth was intrepid in the attack, and rude in the defence.
23. For a Deutsche Mark denominated fee, the intrepid author of the Business.
24. The intrepid and imprudent Fannicot was one of the dead from this grape-shot.
25. Stay then oh sacred macrocosm of blazing passion, hold still to your intrepid.
26. He was an intrepid entrepreneur and after several meetings at our offices and the.
27. The scorer in a 1-0 win for Highlands was our intrepid bungalow mate from the Air.
28. The two intrepid airmen embraced in self-congratulation and relief at still being alive.
29. An hour or so later, we set out with an intrepid group of two dozen women wood gatherers.
30. The captain opens up the throttle, and the intrepid Ruffunit ploughs through the waves!.
31. Dusty Leaves was waiting for Henry when he arrived at the bar inside The Intrepid Star.
32. So the ladies felt in duty bound to stretch a point, especially in the case of so intrepid a.
33. He’d said that the Grande Gongo was an an intrepid craft on a mission—with no boundaries.
34. Intrepid, energetic, irascible, stormy; the most cordial of men, the most formidable of combatants.
35. An intrepid bicycle delivery boy skidded out from a narrow street, tires rasping on sanded concrete.
36. None of the battles won today would have been possible without your intrepid vigilance and cunning.
37. Locating the canteen proved to be a process of elimination once they arrived at the Intrepid Star.
38. The first rocket had come from Destiny; the second was from HMS Intrepid, one of the ICN’s schooners.
39. The intrepid reporter accosts a woman in the checkout queue and asks her what she thinks of Punk Rock.
40. Thus, never buy into a lawsuit remains a valid rule for all but the most intrepid investors to live by.
41. I bet her £20 that she did and Kate said she would have her tracked down by one of her intrepid journalists.
42. Two intrepid men, tried in great wars, the Marshal Lobau and General Bugeaud, were in command, Bugeaud under Lobau.
43. Many of those intrepid men, who had so tranquilly entered upon the most terrible of adventures, turned aside their heads.
44. As they gently strolled through the main entrance of The Intrepid Star it was plain to see this place needed an overhaul.
45. Over at The Intrepid Star, he hadn’t been able to spend the time he needed to earn any trust or money that he may’ve had.
46. After all he believed it his due, and the jurymen were altogether pleased with their mature vision in selecting such an intrepid foreman.
47. Prudence dictates paying some price to get those puppies off the street, but the intrepid cash-collecting trader does not think that way.
48. And it is this very same water ride that our intrepid group has in mind as they step off the elevators and stroll through the hotel lobby.
49. After returning from a night's "egg-laying" on Jerry's transport lines and dumps, my brother "intrepid airman" and I decided on tea and toast.
50. Of sea-captains young or old, and the mates, and of all intrepid sailors, Of the few, very choice, taciturn, whom fate can never surprise nor.
51. She took it, and looked attentively on the count; there was an expression on the face of her intrepid protector which commanded her veneration.
52. But this intrepid woman missed her son so much that she broke the terms of the contract she had made with United and sought out her long lost son.
53. If our achievements upon the land have been less splendid than those of our intrepid seamen, it is not because the American soldier is less brave.
54. Yes, who will be the pioneering Webities, the lucky intrepid human i'mplorers to have their psychic signatures injected into the plasmanet?
55. I am moreover convinced that M—— was right, and that he was perhaps a most intrepid man and the most difficult to restrain in the whole prison.
56. Spirituality is not backward looking nor acting, but an intrepid exploration of the mysterious for solutions to humanity's present and coming crises.
57. Before too long, they would all be down at the Intrepid Star begging for mercy which the family would fairly grant them, but it would come at a price.
58. Tabitha had told her that a package that had originally belonged to Dusty Leaves Madison (who worked over at the Intrepid Star Casino) was on its way.
59. After all, they told me to expect you: a girl and a boy, intrepid, perseverant, and hopelessly, aimlessly, unequivocally as lost at sea as fish on land.
60. But when I checked my profile in the mirror, I thought I actually looked pretty sharp, like an intrepid young space hero about to embark on an epic adventure.
61. Getting in, he punched the gas, heading toward town in search of Dusty Leaves who should’ve been down at The Intrepid Star keeping eye on the radio station.
62. The movie was a detective thriller where the intrepid and busty blond heroine tracks down the missing drawings for next year’s releases for a major fashion house.
63. Javert, with his back to the post, and so surrounded with ropes that he could not make a movement, raised his head with the intrepid serenity of the man who has never lied.
64. They wanted in on the action so they decided that Miles Apart would win but he wouldn’t cover the spread so that Intrepid Star could come from behind and take the third spot.
65. Do you remember the story of the biggest horse race upset back in horse racing history, back in the eighties with the feeble racing stallion Intrepid Star? Carrie asked.
66. Then he looked at Florentino Ariza, his invincible power, his intrepid love, and he was overwhelmed by the belated suspicion that it is life, more than death, that has no limits.
67. Thereupon an intrepid but low and argumentative murmur would flow on for a space in the ministerial cabinet, and the prominent man's passion would end in a cynical shrug of the shoulders.
68. The intrepid fishermen and bodyguards to the defender of the monarch of Thailand had been falling and stumbling around some rocks, with their fishing gear and hesky, following Spocks shortcut.
69. The Prince of Orange, desperate and intrepid, shouted to the HollandoBelgians: "Nassau! Brunswick! Never retreat!" Hill, having been weakened, had come up to the support of Wellington; Picton was dead.
70. I was told of an incident which happened to an intrepid stanovoy, who, on arriving in a village where the peasants had revolted, and whither troops had been sent, undertook, like the Emperor Nicholas I.
71. The three intrepid travelers stared for a moment at the spot where the alien god had been, then Talia drew them into a three-way hug, and they spoke not a word as they considered what they had just experienced.
72. He couldn’t believe it! His own son telling him what he could and couldn’t do! How ironic! But he still loved the Butte, and his job here at The Intrepid Star was the only thing left that he could call his own.
73. Robert Le Fort, a still vigorous man and an intrepid warrior at the age of 46, jumped first on the sand of the shallow beach and ran towards the interior of the island, closely followed by the nine armored men of his rowboat.
74. She was guaranteed with a contract to be not only sponsored by the Intrepid Star Casino that her father/son owned, but also paid a steady salary working for the track and sponsored as the official jockey of the River Bend Horse Racetrack.
75. Marius, with his grave and enthusiastic nature, surrounded with a sort of aureole the man to whom, in his thoughts, he owed his father's life,—that intrepid sergeant who had saved the colonel amid the bullets and the cannon-balls of Waterloo.
76. Big Jim had sent the limousine down to the airport to meet her at the gate and bring her back to The Intrepid Star Casino where she would start to take up her daily routine of running the main business offices where all Big Jim’s business transactions occurred.
77. It was the business of a knight-errant to right wrongs, redress injuries, and succour the distressed, and this, as a matter of course, he makes his business when he takes up the part; a knight-errant was bound to be intrepid, and so he feels bound to cast fear aside.
78. Fancy, he is a charming young man; he is intrepid; it is evident that he is thoughtful; those young artillery-men are very well educated; he has a father, a mother, a family; he is probably in love; he is not more than five and twenty at the most; he might be your brother.
79. Know ye now, Bulkington? Glimpses do ye seem to see of that mortally intolerable truth; that all deep, earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep the open independence of her sea; while the wildest winds of heaven and earth conspire to cast her on the treacherous, slavish shore?
80. They had met two years before they were married, when the sports biplane in which he was making rolls over the school where Amaranta Úrsula was studying made an intrepid maneuver to avoid the flagpole and the primitive framework of canvas and aluminum foil was caught by the tail on some electric wires.
81. Chingachgook grasped the hand that, in the warmth of feeling, the scout had stretched across the fresh earth, and in an attitude of friendship these two sturdy and intrepid woodsmen bowed their heads together, while scalding tears fell to their feet, watering the grave of Uncas like drops of falling rain.
82. No sooner had those who were with Don Quixote seen them than they turned about and withdrew to some distance from the road, for they knew that if they stayed some harm might come to them; but Don Quixote with intrepid heart stood his ground, and Sancho Panza shielded himself with Rocinante's hind-quarters.
83. Faria has dreamed this; the Cardinal Spada buried no treasure here; perhaps he never came here, or if he did, Caesar Borgia, the intrepid adventurer, the stealthy and indefatigable plunderer, has followed him, discovered his traces, pursued them as I have done, raised the stone, and descending before me, has left me nothing.
84. Had some intrepid botanist trudged the weary path, he or she would have eventually reached the mount, and had the mist dispersed they would have spied in the mounts lee a large green hollow ringed with hedges and 'Dingles House' which its red brick and slate roof set in a substantial garden beautifully landscaped with all manner of tall trees, shrubs and lawns.
85. The two children gazed with timid and stupefied respect on this intrepid and ingenious being, a vagabond like themselves, isolated like themselves, frail like themselves, who had something admirable and all-powerful about him, who seemed supernatural to them, and whose physiognomy was composed of all the grimaces of an old mountebank, mingled with the most ingenuous and charming smiles.
86. And brave as he might be, it was that sort of bravery chiefly, visible in some intrepid men, which, while generally abiding firm in the conflict with seas, or winds, or whales, or any of the ordinary irrational horrors of the world, yet cannot withstand those more terrific, because more spiritual terrors, which sometimes menace you from the concentrating brow of an enraged and mighty man.
87. But however prolonged and exhausting the chase, the harpooneer is expected to pull his oar meanwhile to the uttermost; indeed, he is expected to set an example of superhuman activity to the rest, not only by incredible rowing, but by repeated loud and intrepid exclamations; and what it is to keep shouting at the top of one's compass, while all the other muscles are strained and half started—what that is none know but those who have tried it.
88. He said to himself that his day had also come now, that his hour had struck, that following his father, he too was about to show himself brave, intrepid, bold, to run to meet the bullets, to offer his breast to bayonets, to shed his blood, to seek the enemy, to seek death, that he was about to wage war in his turn and descend to the field of battle, and that the field of battle upon which he was to descend was the street, and that the war in which he was about to engage was civil war!.
89. A few men clustered round a flag marked the post of a regiment; such and such a battalion was commanded only by a captain or a lieutenant; Alten's division, already so roughly handled at La Haie-Sainte, was almost destroyed; the intrepid Belgians of Van Kluze's brigade strewed the rye-fields all along the Nivelles road; hardly anything was left of those Dutch grenadiers, who, intermingled with Spaniards in our ranks in 1811, fought against Wellington; and who, in 1815, rallied to the English standard, fought against Napoleon.
90. Forced into familiarity, then, with such prodigies as these; and knowing that after repeated, intrepid assaults, the White Whale had escaped alive; it cannot be much matter of surprise that some whalemen should go still further in their superstitions; declaring Moby Dick not only ubiquitous, but immortal (for immortality is but ubiquity in time); that though groves of spears should be planted in his flanks, he would still swim away unharmed; or if indeed he should ever be made to spout thick blood, such a sight would be but a ghastly deception; for again in unensanguined billows hundreds of leagues away, his unsullied jet would once more be seen.
91. But Don Quixote, supported by his intrepid heart, leaped on Rocinante, and bracing his buckler on his arm, brought his pike to the slope, and said, Friend Sancho, know that I by Heaven's will have been born in this our iron age to revive revive in it the age of gold, or the golden as it is called; I am he for whom perils, mighty achievements, and valiant deeds are reserved; I am, I say again, he who is to revive the Knights of the Round Table, the Twelve of France and the Nine Worthies; and he who is to consign to oblivion the Platirs, the Tablantes, the Olivantes and Tirantes, the Phoebuses and Belianises, with the whole herd of famous knights-errant of days gone by, performing in these in which I live such exploits, marvels, and feats of arms as shall obscure their brightest deeds.
92. A spiritual woven signal for all nations, emblem of man elate above death, Token of all brave captains and all intrepid sailors and mates,.

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