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    1. very damaging expectations of what it means to be a girl

    2. Also, because much stress is now psychological or emotional, there's nothing obvious to run away from or fight and so the stress hormones build up in the body with damaging effects

    3. The conditions that invite wood damaging termites can be discovered and corrected long before the problem gets out of hand

    4. One of which is the damaging effects of the sun

    5. Neither of the ships was carrying anything intended as a weapon, but their point control laser was capable of damaging the other vessel's external systems and the naked fusion in either drive could slag the other with neutrons and gamma rays

    6. "That's something I'd rather not say, it would be damaging to Alan's privacy

    7. The Brigadier believes that too much focus on intellectual pursuits will be damaging to their development as soldiers

    8. In that case, you risk damaging your reputation

    9. Be straightforward and honest when they’re afraid – some things are scary but not hurtful, while other situations could be damaging

    10. His body was torn by damaging coughs until suddenly, in the midst of a cough, he stopped and took a deep, sighing breath

    11. Whatever the cause, this is a very damaging belief system that can effectively undermine any man in his quest for tail

    12. Sheena had been impressed that Booker had the courage to come to her with such personal and damaging information and realised that he either trusted her a great deal, or was in fact very desperate

    13. We had a “prophet” here a while ago whose followers stared into the sun for some misguided reason resulting in them damaging their eyes

    14. He would still be running and apologising for being a communist in disguise and arrested for damaging State property, that is one tree

    15. I mentioned this initiative to the company commander who curtly dismissed it as coming down to "damaging of state property, or more properly, SAP COIN property and they won't f take kindly to such f long haired liberal tendencies! Really Sergeant, you Flying Squad men are all the f same

    16. Wars fought with guns are (oftentimes) harmful to the body whereas wars of ideas are (sometimes) damaging to reputations

    17. The tour guide, Clyde, wisely suggested we pack the guitars away to avoid possibly damaging them on the rough and uneven roads we were about to encounter

    18. Thomas has had Matthew Bulow arrested for causing a disturbance and damaging our home

    19. This is sadly the case in a day and age when the uncertainty of ―ill-chosen‖ words may oftentimes occasion unintended consequences damaging to an individual‘s reputation

    20. �The President worries too much about his wife's health and his health could be hampered detective if rumors or damaging information about Nancy Patterson leaks to the media

    21. It was damaging material that would destroy his brother and his family

    22. The resulting rapidly changing electric fields and magnetic fields made all electrical and electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges

    23. His mortal wound was remarkably clean; the bullet had went straight through the heart, imploding it and settling down the exit velocity to a lot less damaging value

    24. Whatever, it really is a big problem all over the world, damaging the eco-system and an eyesore when it lands

    25. sible without damaging their souls

    26. That is easily conquered, without hurting beliefs moral, religious or legal, without damaging anybody, because all gain, when practicing the game of the gain-gain

    27. That whole benefit is already possible with the resources existent, without needing of voluminous financial contributions or indebtedness, without damaging anybody, without causing economic recession or sacrifice to the people or organizations

    28. The national and world benefits will be incalculable, because they put an end to the socioeconomic conflicts and it avoids Planet Earth’s destruction, without damaging its organizations and the people

    29. But the most damaging effect happened when Liam reached the age of independence

    30. high risk of blowing apart the building and damaging the reactor, and then you will have a

    31. This would produce extremely damaging, if not catastrophic, consequences for living standards everywhere

    32. understood without damaging intimate interpersonal relationships

    33. Damaging, unwanted and/or frivolous legislation would be halted at the gate

    34. Not mincing his words, Roger castigated Castro for his mismanagement of the Cuban economy through hit-and-miss policies, for his relentless persecution of people who dared to disagree with him, and for his ill-advised and damaging adventurism with Cuban soldiers into world conflicts thousands of miles away from Cuban soil


    36. As painful as that course of action was, it was less damaging, he thought, than the constant rehashing of the same sores of tormenting discomfort

    37. How damaging are those negative comments?

    38. How damaging are the negative comments?

    39. and damaging your career by upsetting one of the power bases within

    40. damaging your career by upsetting one of the power bases within the company

    41. the inferior high school experience that much more damaging

    42. lot easier to accept the pain of his hate than risk damaging any more

    43. The Great War (World War I) was the most destabilizing and damaging event in the

    44. irrefutably damaging and ending relationships as a result of doing

    45. Any more scandal and suspicion at this point would be very damaging

    46. by damaging these properties intentionally

    47. When he did speak, his voice was far quieter and more damaging than if he had yelled

    48. The damaging cycle of inter-generational sin

    49. damaging ridicule that resulted was the same, the only difference

    50. It is unbreakable by normal means, so don’t worry about damaging it

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    Synonyms for "damaging"

    damaging negative detrimental prejudicial prejudicious harmful injurious bad deleterious pernicious

    "damaging" definitions

    (sometimes followed by `to') causing harm or injury

    designed or tending to discredit, especially without positive or helpful suggestions