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Dangling in a sentence

After dangling me in mid-.
A string, dangling in the air.
And dangling above it, a camera.
He looked at the dangling cradle.
I examined the dangling pictures.
His suspenders were dangling down.
Century, who was dangling on the.

High brown boots with laces dangling.
A bundle of green grass was dangling.
The emptiness under his dangling feet.
Dangling below it was the clear tubing.
Dangling in front of her was her cellphone.
His left leg was still dangerously dangling.
It had been ripped apart, its sole dangling.
Darek, his feet dangling, gaped down in horror.
His tongue was dangling out of his frothy mouth.
Roberto, dangling, with his feet off the ground.
I stopped breathing, sausages dangling from my arm.
Then they looked to those dangling from the arrow.
But by then you’ll be dangling over the ocean.
He sat on the overhanging ledge, legs dangling down.
Vick just stood there, dangling the keys to his car.
Ravan dropped his arm, the knife dangling in his hand.
Yet, his dangling arm stayed behind as the train came.
Lay on your bed with your head dangling over the edge.
He wore a red checked shirt and was dangling a brown.
What was left of his tongue was dangling from the side.
He sat, feet dangling, between two rocks, sheer faced.
And then he saw something dangling in front of the screen.
He grunted as he stood, the wrench dangling from his hand.
His body slammed against the car; legs dangling in the air.
Dangling from the ceiling was the most beautiful, shining.
One of the teens, a fat boy with a ghastly bugger dangling.
Morgan held his ground with a knife dangling from his grip.
She dabbed away the pearl of sweat dangling at the tip and.
Dangling from it were two thin cords to be tied at the back.
She stood motionless with her arms dangling down to her sides.
What’s this? Manda asked, dangling the box in the air.
With a child dangling from her right breast she proclaims –.
He walked with his hands folded behind him, dangling his cane.
It dangled gracefully to the floor.
In these chains a skeleton dangled.
His legs dangled, his arms flailed.
She unhooked her bra and dangled it.
A little icon dangled from the mirror.
They dangled from her hand, both with.
I dangled, impaled on the witch’s hand.
She dangled a good twenty feet in the air.
An ornament dangled from the high ceiling.
At his back dangled his black braid down.
He dangled the keys to Jacob’s apartment.
A metal tag dangled from the thick leather.
He dangled the keys in front of Conan's eyes.
One dangled Joshua’s house in a wire sling.
Attached by a cable dangled a tank holding 7.
His helmet dangled from its strap in his hand.
You dangled until dead, dead, dead soon after.
Clumps of her hair dangled from his closed fist.
It dangled limply at his side as he screamed again.
A green man dangled from a tree stamped on the card.
Bill stood in front of her and smiled as he dangled the.
His hand dangled over the button, Ready to ash me?
She gazed up at him and dangled the shoes in front of him.
Luckily, the branch that the cat was lynched from dangled.
A porch swing dangled from the limb of a massive oak tree.
Dom collared the chick in the stairwell, and dangled her.
They seemed to take so long to fall while his legs dangled.
Lucy still dangled like a rag-doll around five metres below.
Croak dangled, hanging over the far drop to the ground below.
An ice-blue metallic Coach handbag dangled from her shoulder.
What? Andrei took one up and dangled it in front of him.
The golden chain dangled from his beak and he held it tightly.
Bright arrays of nautical pennants dangled from their riggings.
His small intestines and other viscera now dangled from his belly.
He dangled a rope with a loop in it, and I put my foot through it.
Neil faced the ground, and his strands of hair dangled in the air.
And yet, it had stayed around his neck and dangled near his heart.
The yellow kite dangled at the end of it, just above the wet grass.
You dangled the carrot we needed to win our own ascendancy to power.
She unwound it and examined the gold medallion that dangled from it.
A cigarette dangles from his lips.
A tiny gold crucifix dangles from it.
Part of his lip dangles from his cheek.
The silverfish charm dangles from his wrist.
A frayed, torn edge dangles in the stove-hot wind.
Spittle dangles form his mouth as he staggers off balance.
WILLIE COYOTE dangles above Mike from a bungee cord that is.
Her hand, which dangles over the side, sparkles cold with jewels.
The streetlamps have come on, and a glinty whistle dangles in the dusk.
A pair of glasses dangles from her front pocket, and her hair is in a braid.
You know that you know something was once there, yet it dangles just beyond ones grasp.
His hand dangles in the space between their lives, a few inches away from his lover's skin.
Dark, sweat drenched hair dangles in her face as her lower lip quivers out visible breath and vacant whimpers.
Werner props open the back door and dangles his feet off the rear bumper, his heels just above the flowing road.
He dangles a hank of Spanish onions in one hand and holds with the other hand a telephone receiver nozzle to his ear.
An exfoliated disco ball dangles among the branches, and a man in leather chaps and a train conductor’s cap plays a flashlight across it, which is where the light comes from.
Just as every cadet or officer when in a fort regularly drinks porter, plays cards, and discusses the rewards given for taking part in the expeditions, so in the Cossack villages he regularly drinks chikhir with his hosts, treats the girls to sweet-meats and honey, dangles after the Cossack women, and falls in love, and occasionally marries there.

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Dangle that before her.
I dangle the keys in front of her.
On the roof of night, stars dangle umbilical.
Books grabbed the hood and let the rest dangle.
His chunky legs dangle over the edge of the bed.
Leaving her feet to dangle a good foot of the ground.
She lowered her goggles and let it dangle around her neck.
And I found some confounded ones that dangle in midair!.
And I found some confounded ones that dangle in midair!’.
Answer: The angle of the dangle depends upon the heat of the meat.
You climb a stony lithe and sit, your feet dangle high over the ripples.
He considered that she would have been glorious to dangle in front of Duval.
More likely, she wants to dangle me in front of Theoton, then catch him in the act.
She was seated on the edge of the hot tub and only allowed her calves to dangle inside.
Regardless of whether reproductive organs lie safely hidden or dangle exposed and at risk.
The old woman swept back her wide brimmed hat to let it dangle by the cord around her neck.
Crumley sat on the other, all of us letting our feet dangle over almost into the dark water.
We stand in the Amity orchards, where the apples are ripe and dangle just inches above our heads.
Then she tied the top of the stocking to the bucket handle so that her deodorizer would dangle inside.
This is a French five-franc piece, quite an old one, he told me, letting the coin dangle between us.
The last thing he and Star needed was the slithering corpse to dangle from the crate, in front of the man.
Bored out of their wits, the local servicemen would tie garbage to long sticks and dangle them over the lagoon.
Possibly the worse thing he could do with a strained shoulder was dangle over a cliff some ten metres above rocks.
The queen brushes a strand of her hair away from her face, and helps to arrange the princess' arms so they don't dangle.
And leave behind these cut-throats and small rag-tag that dangle at your tail! Good day!' He turned and left the balcony.
Wriggling along the branch (which made all the poor dwarves dance and dangle like ripe fruit) he reached the first bundle.
King Njal had tied a piece of string through the skull's eye-holes, to dangle it from his horse's saddle as a foul trophy.
Therese leads us through the maze of metal to the back of the room, where several bulbs dangle from the ceiling over a table.
As I grab the canister, I drop the camera from my hands, letting it dangle around my breasts, held by its leather cord around my neck.
Wolfe let him dangle in silence for a moment, then crossed to stare out the window at the Iron Tower with his hands clasped behind his back.
She borrowed an antiaircraft balloon from the Luftwaffe and tethered it near the finish so a cameraman could dangle from it for aerial shots.
He dropped the wet blade into his lap and let his hands dangle in the pool that slowly filled his lap and spewed onto the floor towards the doorway.
So, when you dangle salmon eggs in the water after the salmon have spawned, they will see the eggs and assume that some have floated out of the nest.
I imagine his hands on me, wrestling me toward the tray, shoving me against the metal, pulling the straps that dangle from the tray across my body, too tightly.
Its weather is pleasant and clement, and the houses therein are surrounded by thickets and trees from which ripe fruit and refreshing, enchanting flowers dangle.
His head barely rose above his office table; even as he stretched his little body frame to work on the files that litter his table, while the legs dangle beneath his office table.
It is not pain she feels, but terror, which dries her mouth to an almost unbearable hue, and when she tries to make spit and swallow it her tonsils burn and dangle at the back of her throat.
One of the monsters held Austin’s throat with his two hands while baring his teeth, apparently attempting to snuff life out of him, even as Austin’s two legs dangle in struggle as if he was kicking the air.
But studying the application form, Joe had noticed that there were higher pay grades for certain jobs—especially for the men whose job it was to dangle from cliff faces in harnesses and pound away at the reluctant rock with jackhammers.
Hilderich was making good speed having noticed that going down was much easier because one could easily slide across the surface of the steps with his bottom and then dangle his feet before making a little jump onto the step below, and so on.

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