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Debunking in a sentence

1. A fair amount of debunking is long overdue.
2. But there are already entire books debunking this nonsense.
3. He belongs to various scientific societies and regularly writes papers debunking the supernatural.
4. Popular Mechanics devoted an entire issue to debunking the bad science behind 9-11 Truthers nonsense.
5. What we are debunking here is not the body of knowledge which is science, but rather the smug narrow-mindedness of materialism.
6. All of the above evidence debunking the myth of the noble savage is so plentiful that only a hack historian or a scoundrel could ignore it.
7. Now all this is hearsay on steroids of course, and I sought to read around on the web to see if there was any debunking of this account from reputable sources.

8. Debunking the natural warrior stereotype as well as the assumption that Natives join the military as a refuge against extreme poverty and as assimilation, the reasons for enlistment are connected to the relative strengths of tribal warrior traditions within communities.

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