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Repudiation in a sentence

1. Their total repudiation of Christ.
2. Sam stared in repudiation, as the demon conjured yet another hammer from thin air.
3. Combining our forces with theirs would be a repudiation of everything we believe.
4. She is a commanding repudiation of those who betray the liberty to which she beckons with.
5. He was amusing, biting, sarcastic, ferocious, and bitter in his repudiation of nearly everything and everyone.
6. Men repudiate every science, the very substance of science,—the definition of the destiny and the welfare of men,—and this repudiation they designate as science.
7. Since he urged the plain and natural sense of scripture, we would expect him to practice it himself; and if he does not, his plea for others to do so, leaving the impression that he does, is worthy of repudiation.

8. Does that not represent an overwhelming majority against the one million demonstrators? Europeans should not confuse the public discussions that take place in this country as a repudiation of the president’s policies.
9. The external life of Christian nations remains pagan, but they are already penetrated by the Christian life-conception—The issue from this contradiction is in the acceptance of the Christian life-conception—In it alone is every man free, and it alone frees him from all human authority—This deliverance is brought about, not by a change of external conditions, but only by a change in the conception of one's life—The Christian life-conception demands the renunciation of violence, and, in delivering the man who accepts it, it frees the world from all external authority—The issue from the present apparently hopeless position consists in every man accepting the Christian life-conception and living accordingly—But men consider this method too slow, and see their salvation in change of the material conditions of life made with the aid of the authority of the State—This method will have no issue, because men themselves cause the evil from which they suffer—This is especially evident in regard to the submissive acceptance of military duty, for it is more advantageous for a man to refuse than accept—Human freedom will be brought about only through the liberation of each individual man, and already there are signs of this liberation, which threatens to destroy State organization—The repudiation of the un-Christian demands of governments undermines their authority and makes men free—Therefore instances of such refusals are feared by governments more than conspiracies or violence—Instances, in Russia, of refusals to take the oath of allegiance, to pay taxes, to accept passports or positions in the police, to take part in courts of law, or to be drafted as soldiers—Similar instances in other countries—Governments know not how to dispose of men who refuse to obey their requirements because of the Christian doctrine—These men destroy without a struggle the foundations of governments from the inside—To punish them would mean for governments to deny Christianity themselves, and to contribute to the diffusion of that consciousness from which such refusals spring—Hence the position of governments is a desperate one, and men who preach the uselessness of personal deliverance only arrest the destruction of the existing system of government founded on violence.

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