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Decelerate in a sentence

After forty-five minutes they swung around and began to decelerate.
Very soon the Black Swan would decelerate and all the loose cargo would.
They would continue to decelerate and by the time they arrived, the asteroid would have already impacted.
On their current Earth-intercept course, they have to decelerate for the next month just to slow down to Earth’s speed.
When the missiles got closer to the strange craft, the missiles began to decelerate as if time was slowing down; each and every.
He clearly saw his hand tug the drag chute handle, and from the outside he saw the chute deploy and decelerate the sleek fighter.
It's hard to tell how long my fall had lasted; suddenly, the spaceship seemed to decelerate and I realized I was arriving somewhere.

The driver of the SUV undoubtedly could sense what Puller was doing, because he heard the SUV’s engine slow and he felt the truck decelerate.
Robert Busson did not reply to that, instead making his interceptor decelerate brutally before diving at a steep angle inside Earth’s atmosphere.
If he had a 40mi round trip commute to work, I’d have him start out in the mild hybrid mode allowing the electric motors to bring the car up to speed for the gas engine and to help it decelerate for stops.
If earnings decelerate compared to the cost of capital,.
We are decelerating.
Vocals decelerating to the.
The intruder will be decelerating.
The elevator suddenly eased up and began decelerating.
However, if it only increases by 40 points, it is decelerating.
Yes, they have shut down their drive, they are not decelerating.
Now it was decelerating with metal efficiency in the upper Martian atmospheres.
Crouching low on the bike, decelerating hard as he reached the end of the straight, Frank hit the bend.
Next year will be heavily affected by the perceived impact of decelerating acceleration of money, but the world will do just fine without it.
Oracle was one of these, and while the earnings growth was decelerating the company was still a very profitable enterprise showing a very high return on equity of 38.
The interceptor crossed the French coast twenty minutes later, with Robert decelerating at once to low subsonic speed and going down to an altitude of a thousand meters.
While I saw ORCL break out at the time, I took no action since I was negatively fixated on ORCL’s quarterly earnings numbers, which showed that earnings growth was actually decelerating.
Since the cargo ships did not “float” in space, but were constantly accelerating or decelerating, by building them in the presence of gravity, “down” was always “down” and toward the aft of the ship.
Snick into third, smooth power up to fourth, minimum brake, flowing, perfect entry speed into the next bend, decelerating, snick, slide her back down to third, smooth power through the bend, finely balanced near the edge of adhesion of the sticky Pirellis.
However, even if they had not been fraudulent, the aggressive acceleration in property, plant, and equipment growth (up from about $5 billion in 1999) in the face of decelerating revenue growth should have raised questions about the management’s judgment.
After four months of deep space travel, most of it spent coasting along their calculated trajectory, they were finally getting close to the dwarf planet, decelerating on gravity sail power while a small army of astronomers, astrophysicists and planetologists studied Eris via the long range telescopes and sensors of the ship.
He slowly decelerated his.
His car decelerated on reaching the city.
Or rather, everything around him had decelerated.
The patrol accelerated and decelerated in perfect synchronisation.
The spinning water decelerated, the lightning trapped within fading.
Or they could have decelerated in transit, before exiting the Matrix.
But then, in the space of a few seconds, we decelerated to a dead stop.
He decelerated, still swerving across the road, trying to throw off their aim.
When in time, it decelerated into the station; their spirits soared to the skies.
Since they were still being decelerated, his body and his eyes disagreed on which direction was down.
But some weren’t convinced, nervous murmurs arose (so too did flaming halos) as the ship decelerated and prepared to enter the shield wall.
Under the mesmerized eyes of the civilians watching it, the craft then decelerated quickly, with the nose rocket shutting down when the plane was nearly stopped.
As they decelerated during the second half of the journey, Trevor’s body swung around so his feet pointed towards the insect sphere and his arms threatened to pop out of their sockets.
This room had been in zero gee during the years they were being duped at the study planet, it was now at one percent gravity with Sol directly below them as they decelerated into its orbit.
The truck decelerated gradually before coming to a stop only thirty meters from the nearest helicopter, while the soldiers in the back of vehicle were being peppered by hundreds of bullets.
All the while Al-Harron decelerated ever closer to the rendezvous with that asteroid and the re-convening of the Haadij's assembly when the Council of Faith and Dogma would announce their decision.
The word ‘bubble’ was not as precise as Roidon would’ve liked: The zero point field had extended not to some exact cut-off point, but rather only faded into the ‘penumbra’ of decelerated time.
Her dive flaps nearly gave way, making her P-38 shake violently for a few seconds, but her plane decelerated sharply as a result and she was able to turn inside one of the Migs attempting to come back at the bombers.
There is only a small puff of steam, but it decelerates and rolls to a stop in the emergency lane.
And another study at Louisiana State University found that gut microbes in our stomach ferment chocolate and boost our body’s production of heart-healthy polyphenolic compounds, including butyrate, a fatty acid that decelerates the behavior of genes linked to insulin resistance and inflammation.

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